‘400 Death Threats’ Follow Koran-Burning Preacher To OC

SANTA ANA (CBS) — A Florida pastor blamed for inciting unrest in Afghanistan by burning a Koran was in town on Wednesday to appear on Truth TV, an Arabic language Christian network.

Rev. Terry Jones told reporters he had no plans to burn any more Korans upon his arrival at LAX on Tuesday night, but that he may hold another mock trial for the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

“We’ve had about 400 death threats,” he said, adding that Hezbolla, the Shia Muslim militant group, had put out a “reward out on my head for $2.4 million.”

Santa Ana police say they were warned that Jones was in town.

It was unclear if he has scheduled any public appearances.

Jones of Gainesville, Fla., said he planned to go to Dearborn, Mich., for a demonstration outside the nation’s largest mosque.

He has been widely criticized for burning a Koran following a mock trial March 20 at his church, saying he did it to draw attention to radical Islam.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned the act. About 20 people, including seven United Nations workers, have been killed in rioting in Afghanistan.

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  • rjsmitty

    Muslim countries burn thousands of Bibles every year.

    • Chris Pedersen

      Dan, again, Muslims burn thousands of Bibles every year.

      “I think he does have a constitutional right to burn the Koran, but I think he should also have the human decency to respect something that is sacred to so many people.” -Dan Vesper

      ??? My response to this is: “I think they do have a constitutional right to burn the Bible, but I think they should also have the human decency to respect something that is sacred to so many people.”

      My arguement is as valid as yours. The only difference between Bible-burners and Koran-burners is that the Bible-burners flat-out murdered 20 people because of one guy burning one book. But, there are no cases I know of where a Koran-burner murdered someone to protest the actions of a Bible-burner [But, I’m sure that Bible-following soldiers used this knowledge of Bible-burners as fuel to become extra effiecient and brutal at killing their enemies]. That’s what we call a ‘double-edged sword’.

    • DSTroy77

      Dan, the true Factoid is. Any Book that by its mere burning could evoke people to murder innocent people, is pure evil!

    • http://GaryFales.com who is gary fales?

      why so many wars?

    • Joe Melnick

      It’s not a wrong if it’s a right – the constitutionally protected kind.

      • Openyoureyes

        PCP…politically correct pu$$ies

    • Dan Vesper

      I think he does have a constitutional right to burn the Koran, but I think he should also have the human decency to respect something that is sacred to so many people. Especially when Gates informed him that if he burned the Koran that there would likely be adverse consequences in Afghanistan.

    • Dredd

      Muslims are hacking innocent peoples’ heads off and Danny has to start whining about “human decency”?

      Good luck with that.

    • factoid

      We didn’t put a bounty on anyone when the Bibles were burned – which was right. They killed 20 people. I’m counting only one wrong…

    • Dueling Fools

      Dan, could you provide a link to any post or comments you made concerning the author of the Pedophiles Guide, Philip Greaves. Surely, you were one of the people saying it was his right, but he shouldn’t do it.

    • Dan Vesper's best friend

      Human decency = murder. GG logic there Dan. Now go jump into a river because Submerged in water = Air.

    • Gregor

      The intolerant preacher protests the intolerant muslims. Sounds to me like they are not that much different.

      • Jenny

        Sad that these people on BOTH sides are giving us all bad names… God would not condone any of this and yet once again ignorant people are waging hate in His name.

      • Dusty209

        Western culture under attack

    • Jenny

      Christian values 101: love thy neighbor.

    • Greg Branch

      I wonder what the “God of The Bilble” thinks of the Koran in light of John 14:6 and Psalm 97:7-9. I believe that Islam and Christianity are mutually exclusive but I won’t murder anyone just because they are an infidel.

      • Dusty209

        “but I won’t murder anyone just because they are an infidel” All muslims are required to do just that! You are an uneducated fool “I believe that Islam and Christianity are mutually exclusive” you are wrong and again you can” believe” in the tooth fairy if you like but islam considers you an infidel and they want your head on a plate and they will be happy to rape your children I on the other hand am a Christian and I simply tolerate you.

      • Greg Branch

        An infidel is someone who doesn’t believe in God. I believe in the “Living God”of the Bible who is the only true God. I would rather be uneducated than to be a fool. Read Psalm 53:1. I won’t murder someone for being a fool.

    • Dusty209

      Jenny being a Christian does not mean accepting death by the sword. Islam wants to be with their virgins they want to be reunited with allah we MUST accommodate them and give them tough love, they want war lets get it on.

    • Saber 1

      My values, eliminate every towel head terrorist and deport all the stinking no deodorant wearing beane r s while your at it.

    • Dusty209

      Wake up American God Bless Terry

  • Truth

    Yeah, because us Christians never start any wars, right?

    • http://GaryFales.com who is gary fales?

      yes, we do.

    • Rich

      When was the last war in the name of Jesus? How many people were murdered this year in the name of Jesus or for offending Jesus or for burning a bible or drawing a cartoon of Jesus?

      • Concerned

        Um the Crusades (take that the way you want, it was a long time ago but….) all the abortion doctors that have been killed or hurt or threatened in the name of jesus. extremism is the problem, tolerance is the only solution not awesome disrespect like burning holy books. as far as the cartoon or bible burning i cant think of any thing now. but no religion that is massively taking up space on social grounds today got there without blood on their hands through history. including the big three.

      • MMM

        Please take a look at http://www.thereligionofpeace.com They track deadly attacks carried out in the name of Allah and entirely according to his teachings. There have been over 17,000 since 9/11– not 17,000 dead, 17,000 deadly attacks. And yet I hear “George Tiller, George Tiller! See? Christians do it, too!” all the time. Um… that’s one guy, clearly acting against the direct instructions of Christ, not fulfilling them. And then people talk about the Crusades, over 500 years ago. And then the really desperate and uninformed throw out Timothy McVeigh as an example of “Christian” terrorism. Except that Timothy M. never claimed to be a Christian, let alone gave Christ as His reason for his horrible acts. Ah, yes, every day people are yelling, “Praise Jesus Christ!” as they spray innocent civilians with bullets, strap bombs to their bodies, behead… Right. Please. This equivalency narrative is so stretched and strained…

      • Charles

        This is to “Enlighten” Concerned. The Crusades were a response by Europe because the Holy Roman Empire was under attack by Muslims. The Emperor requested help from the Pope to stop the Muslims from concurring Constantinople. It didn’t work in the end because the Muslims kept coming. But don’t call the Crusades an attack on Muslims; the Crusades were in defense of MUSLIM AGGRESSION!! Learn a little history.

      • Toady


        The Crusades occurred over 500 years ago. Get a grip. The abortion doctor killers were all isolated losers whose victims numbered less than 5. They had no support from anyone and were condemned by everyone – unlike the public celebrations and smiling that occurred in the middle-east on 9-11.

        Almost all religions stopped killing people in the name of their god along time ago, except Islam.

      • CallingForCalm

        Hitler believed himself to be a good Christian, doing God’s work. So does the Ku Klux Klan. As for Terry Jones, he’s nuttier than squirrel turds.

      • Dan

        I think the 50 million abortions that have been done in the US is extremism. What is even worse is that our nations expects us to pay for the murder of the unborn. We live in a culture that embraces the murder of the weakest members of society, but that does not come from Christianity. The Crusades are an unfortunate scar on Christianity’s past, but all I can say is that it was clearly wrong. I can only say that the Crusades were wrong because I read my Bible which is objective truth. In our society it is said that there is no such thing as objective truth, so how can an atheist or an agnostic say that the Crusades were wrong? Why is it wrong to burn a Koran? Why is it wrong to abort a baby or punch a woman in the stomach and cause here to loose here baby?

      • plug199

        Crusades were long ago, but you have many other examples such as Northern Ireland, where two different sects of Christians were killing eachother.
        God indeed must be weeping when He sees this wherever it happens.
        And whilst we condemn the radical islamists for their actions we should think what Christianity was doing at this time in its history. Think of the wholesale slaughter of South Americans in Mexic and Peru and Africa. And of course there are wonderful episodes like the Spanish Inquisition or the battles in England and Europe over religious differences which ultimately led to the Pilgrim Fathers. That’s not to diminish the intolerance and hatred today, but to remember that it has been going on all the time.

    • Jack Wibby

      It never fails that the America hating left justifies current muslim atrocities because “Christianity” started wars in the past. Sorry, that dog don’t hunt.

      • Dusty209

        plug199 diminished comes from the root word dimi it’s muslim learn it and the rules and if you want to be subject to the laws of dimi and sharia law then you go ahead but STOP blaming Christians it’s WRONG you need to study the history of the world

    • benny

      And thats the morally equivocating nonsense (I mean you LIBs make no sense) the left teaches youth today in the west. Research for yourself what they teach their kids in the Mohammaden countries. I could put up with killer and killing but thought police too these folks have got to go! No BODY CARE ABOUT JESUS OR CHRISTIANS if you don’t I don’t!

    • Dusty209

      The video the muslims don’t want you to see

  • free thinker

    all christians are the same

    • Flatlander

      its funny you call yourself “free thinker” and make a comment like that…

      • free thinker

        no name just means I dont have a dope on sunday telling me what to think

      • lol

        Yeah, no one tells you what to think. Except scientists and their proven and unproven theories. And your parents. And your military. Nope, you are a freeeeeee thinker.

    • SonnyJIM

      I know a lot of them, and I would say that you obviously don’t know any to make such a comment. But, like this guy or not, you must understand – he knew this would happen and he wanted you to see the reality of this situation. Pastor Terry is just trying to wake you up, Neo.

      • free thinker

        to what christian hatred and bigotry?

      • Jmcaul

        @ “free thinker” So a guy burns a single copy of a book: (pieces of paper with ink on them) to prove that a bunch of insane nutjobs in different places of the world would become entirely unglued and react WAAAYYYY out of proportion in response to his action. You want to condemn the guy that destroyed ONE copy of ONE book and ignore the bloodthirsty defenders of said book. Fine. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking you really ARE a free thinker. You are as p-owned as any of them.

    • Cincinnatus

      And “The Godfather” is even more violent than those. Why not throw that on the pyre as well? Because we live in fear that a “small minority” of violent Mario Puzo fans will riot, maim and kill? Because we fear that a “small minority” of Mario Puzo fans in New York will kidnap UN workers and behead them?

      Get real! You know the issue, it’s the people following the book, not the book itself. No one can be as daft as to miss that point.

      • JT

        You could not be more wrong. The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

        Unlike nearly all of the Old Testament verses of violence, most of the verses of violence in the Quran are open-ended, meaning that the historical context is not embedded within the surrounding text. They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subjective as anything else in the Quran.

        IT is the book. The “problem people” are just the ones following it precisely.

    • steamboat

      Stupid statement. The whole idea is that God has given us free will to do and think as we will. Of course we pay the consequences for bad actions. Sounds like a good idea to me.

    • Dan

      You clearly dont understand preaching. The dope is attempting to tell what God thinks by telling you what God says. As a free thinker I have to think about whether the Bible is God’s Word or not…and if the dope actually understands it and has explained it right. Then if the Bible is God’s Word, and the dope has explained it properly, I get to think freely about the ramifications for my life. How do I talk to people, how do I do my taxes, do I work 65-80 hours per week and neglect my wife and kids? Oh yeah…by the way, psychologists have effectlively rejected the concept that you are a free thinker. Interesting phenomenon called biological and psychological determinism. Which basically means that our thoughts and actions are determined by our cultural context and biology. This is interesting because a dope named John Calvin noticed about 500 years ago that the Bible teaches the same thing.

    • Dusty209

      NO ONE of them wants to cut your head off, guess which one

      • Mudplanet

        I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank the Gideons and all the motels and hotels they work with for all the free toilet and fire starting paper they’ve been providing me over the years.

        Once I actually read some of the stuff printed on it and I was shocked – apparently god says it’s ok for Jews to rape the children of non-Jews, and even massacre entire populations of non-Jews. And that he hates people who wear clothing made of more than one fiber and who don’t practice monoculture. It made absolutely no sense to me why he would be concerned about things like that but, what the hell, free toilet paper is hard to turn down. There’s even a story in there about god deliberately torturing some guy by killing his family just to prove a point to some bully. Now there’s a god of tolerance I can worship. Nothing like that judgmental and capricious god described in the Koran.

      • Dusty209

        To bad you didn’t read the New Testament and clearly you have completely ignored the reformation. Oh since Christianity is SEPARATE from the state we have LAWS against rape but islam requires that the state and the koran and suris and hadiths are one in the same so you’ll be forced to follow it. The old testament is not the LAW of the land but a choice. Please educate yourself prior to blagging.

      • Dusty209

        to mudplanet

  • free thinker

    so that makes it right? turn the other cheek…ops only when its covienent

    • Folsom George

      and covert ops when necessary

      • Jmcaul

        @Folsom George: Yay for covert ops..!

    • free'er thinker'est

      beheading, suicide bombing, death threats! only when its convinent to our religion… yeah gosh darn those christians… wait what? They didnt do that? Oops.

    • Dan

      I find it humorous when someone attempts to win a moral argument with a Christian by quoting a Scripture out of context. If you are ignorant of the Bible why do you pretend to understand it? Heres a challenge for fee thinker, instead of just listening to what your college professors told you about the Bible, why dont you study it for your self? Maybe they were wrong. Maybe you were wrong.

  • Everyday Guy

    When Palestinian terrorists took over the Church of the Nativity a few years back, this was ok in the eyes of islam, and Christians didn’t call for anyone’s murder.

  • meme

    The muslims can try it but they’re going down for murder 1, if anything. This is America. We have freedom to protest.

    • oh well

      It doesn’t have to be a muslim! I’m not muslim but sure could use 2.4 million!!!!

  • David N

    Last time I checked there was such a thing as Freedom of Religion in the US. Inciting hatred and intolerance was the bad thing. But you fascists think the opposite. People should be forced to think just like you do, and be free to hate and spread violence. You people commenting who hate Islam with all your soul are like the Taliban. You both need each other to hate each other. I feel sorry for you and as a Christian I pray that God changes the hate in your heart to love.

    • Everyday Guy

      You sir, are an idiot.

      • BruinDebate

        Give this man a Pulitzer! You’re so witty Everyday Guy. How about a debatable response?

        David N, good point. Combating fascism with fascist statements is hypocrisy at best. I see many posts that hate Muslims, but are living in a country that celebrates freedom. These may be the same people that preach about the negative affects of government intrusion, but not for people that think differently.

        I do believe that during a time of war, citizens need to be held accountable if their actions insight danger to our soldiers/workers. This Christian fanatic should be held accountable for the very same reason one can’t yell fire in a movie theater…people might be physically harmed or killed.

      • Dredd

        Bruin, please try to learn how to write before you whine about others’ Pulitzer prizes.

        It’s “INCITE”, not “insight”.

        BTW, I’ll be burning a Koran with a Bruin logo on it just for YOU.

      • sigh

        These people want to kill anyone who is not them. And if they don’t, they won’t speak out against the ones who do. There is a fine line between acceptance and opening up yourself for an invasion.

    • SonnyJIM

      David, the fascists are the guys calling out death threats, rioting and burning buildings. Get a clue, dude.

      • Andrew P.

        I probably agree with you on everything else, except inciting and/or participating in violence doesn’t make one a fascist.

    • joej

      Whoa, time out. Fire in a movie theater? What you are actually saying is that we only have to be nice to the violent religions, and we can be disrespectful to the peaceful religions. You are playing the polite coward. You really have not thought this through. The more you bow down to the fanatics, the closer they are to winning. As much as i disagree with this pastor, he is right.

      • Christopher John Franzen

        Nobody said anything like that. You literally just put words in someones mouth. If you are a so called christian, then just keep your mouth shut.

    • bilal

      good on ya david n well done mate a peron with peace in his heart these people arent facists there evil and they say evil preveils.

    • Dusty209


  • BruinDebate

    Ignoramus, get out of your cave of impotence and check out reality. It is so easy to criticize illogically, but hey, you seemed to master ignorant bliss. Obama sits around? Let’s see: He doubled the troop count in Afghanistan (vs. Bush), we are also at war in a country called Iraq, and he sent cruise missles to Libya to help control their dictator. Nothing? What have you done Einstein? Sign up for the war? Nope…just like all the other citizens that don’t respect our troops and commander and chief.

    • Duh!

      BruinDebate, what rock have you been living under? We are at war in a country called Iraq, so Obama removes the troops from the war. Obama sends in our planes and cruise missiles into Libya in support of Al Qaida troops on the ground. Aren’t we at war with Al Qaida?

      I definitely have respect for our military personnel putting their lives on the line for us. The current commander in chief, not so much. He definitely sat around and did nothing until it was too late during the gulf oil spill. The oil booms should have been sent out immediately to surround the well when it blew.

    • Liberalh8r

      Just another liberal academia ucla student spouting for his messiah Oblabla..I am absolutely sure he would lick Oblablas shoes huh? shine em up real good with your tongue that has no better use than to taste your little veggie platter. Liberalism is a mental disorder I am glad I will never have. Instead I have common sense and pride in myself to not tow a party line just for the sake of being accepted by your other worthless friends who think like you. Pitiful. Now go drive your prius off mulholland drive.

      • Wilder Napalm

        Are you a ware they have discovered the liberal gene? Maybe with a little gene therapy we can find a cure for stupid.

    • Liberalh8risanidiot

      Liberalh8r: No, your mental disorder is far different. You’re probably just in a bad mood because your boy Beck was canned from Fox News. It’ll be OK.

      • Dusty209

        Try to stay on topic

    • Ralph

      Who could have forgotten about Obama’s War? The Obama Tomahawk Cruise Missiles for Humanitarianism Tour

  • William Jarvis

    Its a good idea not to anger irrational people.

    • Bluff City Iron

      If you could get religious people to think rationally, there would be no religion.

      • George Payne

        I am religious and I think rationally and there will always be religion whether it is called Christianity, Judaism, Islam or Environmentalism.

      • joej


      • Dan

        If I could non religious people to think rationally they would see that the Big Bang requires a God to exist. Prior to the big bang there was nothing, no time, not matter, no laws of science such as the laws of thermodynamics. How then does one have matter, time, and scientific laws that are created out of nothing, by nothing, for nothing, etc.? That is an irrational line of reasoning. Therefore, if the atheist actually though rationally they would see: 1. Everything that exists has a cause. 2. The universe exists 3. Therefore something caused it. My postulation is that someone, God, caused the Big Bang. The atheist postulates that nothing caused the big bang, that is irrational.

  • muslimsukkdidix

    why would any muslim even want to come to a country founded on everything non muslim? even our currency says “in God we trust”
    especially when you’re using american currency to purchase a koran…makes no sense.

    • SonnyJIM

      Islam has one goal: worldwide domination.

    • Dan Vesper

      Dear Muslimsukkdidix,

      First of all your name is, wow, incredible. Second, did you know that muslims believe in jesus? Cuz they do.

      Don’t believe me, here is the wiki link:


      • briank

        Wikipedia? That’s your source? They also are big into pedophilia. You have no problem with that I suppose.


      • TrollBallBuster

        Try not to be a complete moron and actually READ what both religions believe in before trying to give superficial proof to a lost cause.

        Islam believes Jesus = prophet
        Christianity believes Jesus = Savior

        Big different Dan the Moran [sic].

  • joe blow

    not all muslims are terrorist, but all terrorists are muslim

    • Karen S

      Wrong, Tim McVey. The Unibomber.

      • Clark Nova

        McVeigh was NOT the Unibomber. Get a clue before posting.

      • Facts R US

        You mean Ted Bundy? No relation to Al Bundy from Love and Marriage…

    • KRH

      Timothy McVeigh is at least one notable exception

      • Smedley Butler

        Timothy McVeigh was a drugged up patsy, not a ideologically driven terrorist.

      • benny

        No one care about Old Tim, hes’ dead like the ppl he killed! Justice served? I didn’t even get a T-shirt. The rest of the worlds has been on fire because of the likes of these ppl and all the left can think of are excuses. This is not a religion, its been for some time a death cult.

    • Stuart

      Really Joe Blow? Tim McVeigh was a closet Muslim? How about Scott Roeder, the abortion Doctor killer? Those were good Christians weren’t they?

      • Dfowler

        @ Stewart interesting points about those individuals and I think the underlying theme there is how FEW Christians have been involved in murders. (McVeigh was not a Christian, he was very anti-government however). By my count, there have been eight total murders of abortion doctors in America’s history since abortion became legal. Does that make it right or acceptable? Of course not. However, considering we have 300,000,000 + people in the U.S., these numbers are phenomenally low, and do paint a good picture as to the nature of Christianity. But hey, don’t let the facts interfere with your ideology.

      • Mark Matis

        So you have no problems with Josef Mengele either? After all, he ALSO was a doctor, and performed significant research.

        Tiller and Mengele are now together for eternity, debating which of them did more to advance “medicine”. And Teddy, Robert, and John are moderating that debate.

      • JO

        Timothy McVeigh WAS NOT a Christian!!!!

      • Stuart

        So you’re advocating the murder of anyone who would perform an abortion? Interesting. By extension, you’d obviously also advocate the murder of any woman who undergoes an abortion. You probably call yourself a “good Christian” as well. I rest my case.

      • Stuart

        @Dfowler — you have no idea what my ideology is. ALL religion is poison and corrupt. It is false. To Islam just happens to be slightly more primitive than Christianity. Both are founded on magic and BS. The abortion Doctor killers are just as much true believers as are the Muslim psychopaths. Most of the back woods anti-government pinheads like McVeigh are bible-reading, cross-wearing waste of DNA terrorists. No difference.

    • Dan Vesper

      not all people named joe are idiots, but all of you is.


    Our flags and bibles have been burned and we have not rioted. the church was pretty stupid burning their holy book knowing it would cause havoc.

    • MayorCurley

      Look up more info on the OKC Bombing. There’s more to the story than meets the eye.

      Dr. Jolly West was Timothy McVeigh’s psychiatrist. Look up that name and be amazed what Dr. West was in to.

  • tom adkins

    We are a nation of freedom of religon. Do not know why one would burn the quran but he did it. What I dont understand is that how is he in the spotlight still receving negative attention and the people who actually KILLED innocent people are not receving any. JUST BECAUSE THE QURAN WAS BURNT DOES NOT JUSTIFY PEOPLE TO DIE ESPECIALLY INNOCENT ONES. Should Terry Jones have burned the Quran, no he should not. I tell you one thing though, how can Islam proclaim to be a peaceful religion when they kill innocent people over one mans stupid actions.

    • Andrew P.

      Burning the Koran isn’t the only thing that angers Muslims. They also hate a picture/cartoon of their prophet, Mohammed. Just ask the creators of South Park.

      • Amy

        Yes, and South Park caved. So a young cartoonist proposed ‘Draw Mohammed Day’ in protest against this censorship against free speech. And now the poor girl is in hiding because a cleric ordered her killed for insulting their prophet! Scary, huh? That radical Islamist leaders can stifle the actions of individual American citizens should concern all of us!!!!

  • Dean

    Correction: ALL religions are a fraud.

    • RogerCfromSD

      Logic dictates that you are also including atheism; which is nothing more than faith that there is no God.

      • SinCristo

        You need to think that one through a bit, Roger. Get back to me when you have.

    • Dusty209

      Most especially Atheism, Darwinism, and Global warming….uh…er ….climate change

    • Dusty209

      But only Islam wants your head on a plate

  • Candace

    He burns a book, they murder dozens of innocent an uninvolved people, burn things down, riot, and now make death threats.
    Yep, the “religion of peace” is batting 1000 for their B.S. and hypocrisy.

    This is 100% correct. This “religion” is a threat to human existence and needs to be snuffed out.

  • SonnyJIM

    Jesus rode in on a colt of a donkey, speaking words of peace. Muhammad rode in on a warhorse with a sword, raping and pillaging as he went.

  • Dan Vesper

    Can we all just agree that someone needs to burn that moustache?

    • Repsev Nad much?

      I’m sure a vast majority of us can agree to burn your ideas like the Hindenburg. How’s it feel to have ignorance. Oh wait by definition I guess you don’t realize it yet. My bad.

  • Linden Groves

    Looks like the good Reverend is going to get to go live with Jesus forever a little sooner than he had thought.

    • LTCB

      If you don’t understand it yet Mr. Infedel, you’re next on their list unless you “convert” and even that does not guarantee you get to live.
      I would advise you not to rejoice at any harm that comes this man’s way. They think less of you than they do of him.

      • Andrew P.

        If you convert, you only get to die a quick death.

  • Dan Vesper

    You seem like a really articulate guy, wabbles. Maybe you can explain why you’ve denounced an entire religion based on the actions of a few hundred people.

    • Duff

      Science flies people to the moon. Religious faith flies airplanes into buildings.

    • Joe Melnick

      Your right Dan, the chorus of support he received from moderate muslim groups supporting his free speech rights as an American more than proves your point. What, there weren’t any. Never mind.

    • Mr. Bob

      Becuase it is a religion based on lies Vesper. How many truths are there? Only one.

    • Elpablo


      Try actually reading the Koran and see what it actually says before you leave wannabe politically correct comments. Islam is by no means a peaceful religion. These people are doing just exactly what the book tells them to do.

      • SinCristo

        Since we’re talking about peaceful religions, perhaps you can try reading the Bible through with the same thing in mind.

        Start with Numbers 31, it’s one of my favorites.

    • Alex Thorstein

      Danny my boy, your side does this all the time 24/7. wise up

    • Black Betty

      Few hundred, LOL! Read the article, kid. There were 2000 alone at the Afghanistan riot where they beheaded the UN workers Friday.

    • Aiden

      Hey SinCristo or without Christ…which is obvious…you cited the Old Testament, try reading the entire Bible and you might be ConCristo.

    • Anna Trotta Githens

      A few hundred people? Where have you been learning history? Why don’t you try to count how many Christians have been brutally tortured and murdered by Muslims throughout history and start with the birth of Mohammed in the 7th century and go all the way up to the present day. The number is in the millions. More Christians were martyred in the 20th century than throughout all of history.

    • Matthew Charters MacLean

      1-10% conservatively are “extreme” muslims…1 billion people @ 1% of those is a far cry from a few hundred people.

    • GFR

      You’re an idiot – something like 80% of “moderate” muslims support the imposition of sharia law in the west and don’t have a problem with beating 14 year old girls to death for the “crime” of being raped.

      The problem isn’t isolated to a few “hundred” people. islam is a violent and reactionary political movement – it’s practicioners should be hunted down like dogs.

      Nazism was banned in Germany after world war two – since then the Germans have been peaceful. Former Nazis were NOT allowed to emigrate to the United States. Any muslim who wants to emigrate to the US should be required to renounce their religion by personally burning a koran.

    • Friend of Malcolm X

      Dan Vesper, it may be because of the many who were killed in the two bombings in Bali. Or the many killed in the attacks on the Embassy in Kenya. Perhaps it was because of the murder of Anwar Sadat, or the train bombings in Spain, or the bombings of the buses in London.

      Could it be because of the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen?

      Perhaps because Kalid Sheik Mohammed claimed the cut off the head of Daniel Pearl with his “blessed right hand”? Have YOU viewed ANY of the beheading videos Dan Vesper? I will bet you put your head in the sand rather than see those!

      Perhaps it was because of the beheading of three young girls as they walked to school in Indonesia in 2005?

      Maybe because of the two attempts on the Twin Towers in New York, and the minimum 3000 killed?
      Could it be because of the stoning of women for “adultery”, while the men receive NO punishment?
      Could it be because of the female rape victims who have been whipped to death?

      Could it be because of the stone age “honor killings”, given to girls….and ONLY girls in America and Canada who dared to go out with, or dress like non Muslims?

      What do YOU think, Vesper…you seem like a really articulate guy.

    • jerry

      Yeah this is just one isolated incident read the news this religeion of peace is a Lib talking point that has long been proved a myth you can live in fantasy land but dont try to drag rational people into your fantasy.

    • Brad Skidmore

      @ Mr. Bob

      Truth depends upon perspective…

      For example, if you fill a glass of water to 50% capacity… one could logically say the glass is half full, and another could logically say it is half empty…

      But none of that is the truth… Mr. Bob..

      The truth?… The glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

    • James Palmer

      And dan vesper if you knew the evil the Koran taught you wouldn’t be so ignorant. To be a Koran following Muslim is to be a believer in every sort of evil……. “kill the infidels!”……is what the Koran teaches. read the book mr ignorant!

    • Chris

      Those of Islam Faith…where are they in making their voice known about condemning those horrible actions committed by those? It seems they support the violence.

    • sean

      you mean a few hundred million people don’t you?

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Dan

      hmmm… seems Dan is a muslem……. why else would he defend the murderers?

    • gfmucci

      Vesper: “A few hundred people?” Where have your been for the past 10 years. For those of us paying attention, the Qur’an and Haddith are Islam’s fascist manifestos that incite millions of Muslims to engage in psychotic acts of terror and uncontrolled frenzy in reaction to the slightest insult. Islam’s “holy” books foment far more violence and bloodshed than any “burning” ever did. The entire “religion” is worthy of denunciation!

    • Mary

      You really don’t know much about Islam, do you…..?? A few hundred….are you kidding?

    • jayne

      Try a few million! If you don’t know the subject matter-get informed! Survey in 2007,Pew Research Center states that 8% of American Muslims surveyed believe that suicide bombings can sometimes be justified in defense of Islam. So…….accepting a low estimate of 3 million Muslims in the US, 240,000 is NOT a few hundred. And that’s just the US. Wake up Dan!

    • Paul

      The Islamic Terrorists in the world are actually reading the Koran correctly. So called “moderate” Muslims are heretical to Islam. If you read it, you will find out Mohammed encouraged violence and deception towards all infidels, especially Jews.

      God used the pagan Babylonians to punish Israel for abandoning His ways. I think God will use Islam to teach us a lesson.

      Dan, if people don’t wake up soon, you might find yourself praying 5 times a day in the direction of Mecca or even headless.

      Few hundred my ass.

    • deborah samuel

      Not every Muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim. The moderate Muslims make excuses and are not outraged over their behavior

    • john Galt

      That was not the point. He burnt a book and dozens killed. What talking point do you want to distract from the issue? I hate Liberals.

    • porchhound

      It is not a RELIGION, it is a political doctrine which calls for the death of INFIDELS…that would be you DAN.

    • Francis LaMaina

      Dan,.,,, Tens of thousands and murders….no one has denounced the violence.

    • akrose

      It is multiples more than a few hundred. There’s death, destruction and mayhem around the world. Daily.

    • Khadijah

      Because he has the sense enough to realize it’s not “a few hundred people” and it needs reform?

    • Donnie

      A few hundred people? What delusional world do you live in? Where Islam exists, violence, tyranny and brutality exists. That said I’m not in favor of anyone burning someone elses religious symbols, it’s stooping to their level. However, the same people upset at this guy would defend him i bet if he burned an American flag…hypocrits. You don’t get to choose WHEN people have freedom fo speech.

    • dannyvabchva

      It could be because the entire religion has not stepped up and taken any action against the few hundred people.

    • Peter

      No worse than condemning a Preacher based on his beliefs. Every death, every death threat only confirms what the pastor believes.

    • Eric

      You are kidding aren’t you, no one can make that stupid of a statement.

    • Mitch Rapp

      Yeah Vesper, I hate to break it to you but its a lot more and a few hundred nutjobbers in that religion. All religions are based on lies.It the unrelenting desire of the majority of humans to be part of something bigger than ourselves while we are alive and the promise of a happy ending when we die. It just so happens, the Islam religion is a little kookier than most. However hardline Jews are not that far behind. At least they don’t kill you for making fun of them.

    • Jim

      I think it’s more than a few hundred Dan; it’s more like tens of thousands. Remember we’re talking about a big bunch of countries here.

    • Victor Velo

      Islam is obviously a “religion” that is intolerant of anything that their theocracy deems un-Islamic and insulting to Allah nad the prophet and therefore must be destroyed. Other then +hat, the Muslims are just regular people. Is that what you are saying Mr Vesper?

    • chigirl18

      Actually, it’s not a few hundred people. It’s more like a few thousand years that Islam has been waging war on the west. Battle of Vienna in the 17th century? The Turks? Go to youtube and check out how many videos there are of Bible burnings. Islam, in the traditional way it should be followed, is NOT peaceful, sorry.

    • Bloodaxe

      Permit me to answer for him. Islam has a very long unbroken record of of cruelty, savagery, brutality, intolerance and stupidity. It should be banned from this country and the vicious practitioners should all be deported. Just one man’s opinion. I hope that satisfies your curiosity, dumbkopf.

    • Jumpy Gathers

      A few hundred people Dan ? Wake up and read the news . Thousands of people are being murdered and mutilated annually in the name of Islam throughout the world. Can you say the same about Jews Dan ? Catholics, Lutherans,…no…hmmm ! Maybe , just maybe, this religion that you are so protective of, really believes what they’ve been taught snice they were born Dan … the infidels must die !!

    • Ted

      Its not a few hundred people. When 9/11 happened muslims all over the world celebrated in the streets. When 2 palastinians murdered a family of 5 in Israel the entire population of Gaza and the west bank celebrated in the streets and handed out candy to thier children. There are only 2 types of muslims ones who follow the prophets teachings and kill the infidels and the others who celebrate the killings.

    • sablegsd

      Maybe you could get your head out of your arse and WAKE UP!

      Read the stone age book of government. It’s NOT a religion and the hateful blueprint to evil is NOT holy.

    • Brian

      TRUE FACT!
      More people have been killed in the “name” of Christianity than in the “name” of Islam! Both are religious people who know not Gods will very well.

    • scott chester

      If ya had a brain ya’d be dangerous. You & dummies like you don’t realize yet that there’s no such thing as a moderate moslem, Wait til the call comes from their grand Itoldya to start killing the infidels & then tell me how moderately they murder the infidel. Wake up America or die being politically correct. Islam is just another name for Nazi. Do ya know that Hitler got Persia to change the name of their country to Iran, which in Pharsi means ARYAN? Read up, wise up & load up or you’re gonna get in the way.

    • roughman998

      A few hundred people? I wonder how many of the 1.3 billion Muslims approve of the acts of violence and depravity committed in the name of Islam.


      As far as I am concerned – they are all a bunch of stupid “BRAINWASHED” nuts!!! If you want to worship a stupid little book called the koran – then do in your OWN countries…. Don’t bring all your crazy ‘Sharia’ BS to the USA – because we will NOT tolerate it!!! Be forewarned – do NOT push America too far with this BS!!! Keep it in your own backyard – which is the desert!!

    • Sarge

      Can’t let a few million “bad apples” spoil the whole bunch.

    • Pastor Bob

      Dan Vesper, you cannot be that stupid. “Maybe you can explain why you’ve denounced an entire religion based on the actions of a few hundred people.” You cannot really be that stupid, unless of course you are a democrat.

    • B.E.Smith

      Duff writes:

      “Science flies people to the moon. Religious faith flies airplanes into buildings.”

      Well duff, science also makes nuclear weapons, and biological weapons of mass destruction, and chemical weapons of mass destruction, and abortions which killl millions every year. Gunpowder, invented by scientists. TNT invented by scientists. Plastic explosives, once again scientists. Science can be used for good, but quite often it’s used for death and destruction. The number of people who’ve died from “Science” far outpaces the numbers who’ve died from religion. Abortions in the USA alone have averaged more than 1 million a year since 1973. That’s 40,000,000 innocent children murdered because of “Medical Science” in 38 years in just our country. Misguided Science is more dangerous than Misguided Religion! Anything taken to extremes can be dangerous. Is there a dangerous extreme element in some religions? Obviously yes. The terrorist element of the islamic religion proves that, as well as some of the crazy people in the christian religion who think it’s ok to blow up innocent people at abortion clinics. I say innocent because they are working within the laws of the land, not within the laws of God. These people who work at the clinics obviously don’t believe in God, or they wouldn’t do what they do. God will be their judge and they will pay the price upon his return. It is not mans place to make that judgement and carry out the sentence of God. The Bible is quite clear, Jesus said when reaffirming the ten commandments “Thou shalt not commit murder” Just doesn’t get any clearer than that.
      Science on the other hand, has no moral code other than government regulation. When the government wants some kind of new weapon to kill with, some scientist somewhere will be more than happy to oblige them, for the right price. Make abortion legal, and look what happened with medical science. They now invent medicines to cause abortions. The science of killing babies, how modern and civilized!
      Yes science sent man to the moon, but it’s sent a whole lot more people to their graves….

  • Mark Matis

    Sounds like it’s time to do “100 heads” if they kill him. Take out 100 of them in return.

  • Dan Vesper

    Dear Joed,

    It’s hard to believe you are an expert on muslims when you can’t spell “Alah”. .

    • SinCristo

      Do you perhaps mean “Allah”?

    • Dan Vesper

      Glad the joke wasn’t lost on you SinCristo

  • SinCristo

    Let’s burn ALL the magic books, starting with the Bible.

    Then people will have to think for themselves.

    • Dfowler

      Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. History is not on the side of ‘book burners’ (see the Nazi’s) or those who have shut down religion (see communist Russia, Cuba, North Korea, and currently Venezuela) I think you will find an interesting correlation between the lack of religion and lack of human rights.

      • KRH

        Or perhaps the historical correlation between religion (you pick the brand) and those concurred, repressed, tortured, and killed in the name of that religion

      • Dusty209

        I pick islam that’s the brand know for what you say here but I fail to recall the lst time the Pope called for a death warrant….oh yeah it was the crusades and the war was to remove islam from ITALY yes every time you drink your infidel juice (coffee ) and eat that crescent roll you are celebrating the removal of islam from Europe oh oh …OH wait THEIR BACK… oh s&^%

      • CitizenSane

        is history on the “side” of women mutilators and beaters, and beheaders of the innocent?…uneducators of the female race…continuous haters and rioters??…i mean, a book is just a book, to be read, it is not a human being with life, and cannot be remotely equated in value…

    • Dan Vesper

      But wait, if they’re magic won’t burning them get us us all totally high?

    • SinCristo

      That’s entirely possible Dan. I will investigate and report back.

    • steve

      You have every right to burn your copy of the Bible. I am a follower of Christ and I like my copy thank you. But if you want to burn yours, I will not try to kill you, harm you, or even curse at you. You have the right to make your choices, so do I. If there is a God, we will all answer to him. You seem to be afraid of the Bible. You seem to believe that the Bible prevents you from thinking for yourself. I’ve found just the opposite. When our country was being formed, the view was that you weren’t educated without a working knowledge of the Bible. But, if you want, burn away. H hope it makes you feel better.

    • Dusty209

      Like Athiest and Darwinists and Go Green nut jobs and then we can all smoke crack and make love with our same sex partners and pets.

  • Edward Genny

    “You’re a jerk just like all the Muslims” has to be my favorite idiotic internet comment of all time. Congratulations you horrible waste of humanity.

    • MayorCurley

      Yep, that’s one dumb comment. Imagine having such an empty mind that you hate 1+ billion people just because of their religion (which we really know nothing about).

      No wonder America is falling apart. People stop watching television. It’s making people really ignorant.

  • Michael Bardini

    Did they really need a bounty? They took out two buildings and 3200 people without one.

    • Inside Job

      I’m guessing you still believe the official story that cave dwelling muslims did this huh? Have you researched the evidence to the contrary at all or are sticking with what nist and fema said?

      • steve

        Wow, a reali live idiot who believes that 911 was an inside job. I’ve got a bridge and some swampland that I would love to sell you. Are you a birther too? By the way FDR knew the Japanese were coming. He wanted them to bomb Pearl Harbor so we could have fun in WWII with everyone else. Don’t forget the grassy knoll, but it doesn’t matter because JFK is still alive. Wow you made my day. I didn’t think there were any more like you around. I thought you’d been abducted by aliens.

      • MayorCurley

        How did Osama Bin Laded get Norad to stand down? How did cave dwelling men knock 3 buildings with 2 planes? How does a carbon fire get steel to melt uniformly throughout the whole building and have it fall like a controlled demolition at free fall speed?

        Christians for 911 Truth
        Buliding What dot Org
        WTC 7
        PatriotsQuestion911 dot com

    • MayorCurley

      Michael, they allegedly took out THREE buildings in New York. Research WTC 7 and Building What dot Org.

  • Joe Melnick

    Have you read the news lately? A bunch of them killed 20 people because some guy half a world away burned a koran. That’s a pretty lousy excuse for murder, or don’t you agree?

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