Middle School Students Make Styrofoam Tree To Raise Environmental Awareness

HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — It’s a tree that keeps on growing but the kids at Thomas Starr King Middle School don’t have to water it.

They’ve begun making a tree out of Styrofoam…made up from cafeteria trays that get discarded every day.

This art installation project was created by an environmental class run by volunteers in the school garden.

As KCAL 9’s Stephanie Abrams reports, this project is not only a fun project but a learning tool as well.

The students learn that as we put more pollutants in the food chain, that we ingest those chemicals in turn.

The students haven’t just learned important lessons. They’re helping spread the word and cause of the environment on a blog.

How did this all start? In a science class, natch. Students at the school were dissecting an albatross stomach when bottle caps came tumbling out.

Hard work and dedication have paid off…for the students and the water and air supply. That’s right…this class has begun using re-usable trays in the lunchroom and they’re hoping the rest of their classmates will follow suit.

  • Steve

    “In a science class, natch” Really, “natch’? What are you, 16 years old? How does your editor let this get published? How embarrassing. Is your desired demographic 16 year old females? How about a little quality control on the writing?

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