LAGUNA BEACH (CBS) — The Laguna Beach City Council is taking aim at downhill daredevils.

Lawmakers on Tuesday will vote on a proposed speed limit to curb skateboarders in a town where many say the sport was born.

Laguna Beach is the latest California city to consider severe restrictions on high-speed skateboarding what the kids sometimes call “bombing hills” after other coastal towns like Newport Beach and Malibu enacted similar measures.

The practice involves primarily teenage boarders barreling downhill at speeds of upwards of 60 miles per hour, sometimes as neighboring cars take the windy turns at much more conservative speeds.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports the dangers of the sport and any resulting laws may not be enough to slow down most local enthusiasts.

Eight canyon roads are likely to be off-limits to skaters after Tuesday’s vote, while several others could stay open on a six-month trial basis.

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Comments (9)
  1. Mozlover says:

    This is stupid

  2. Teufel Wolf says:

    As long as they have their own privately funded health insurance I don’t see what the problem is.

  3. Matt Anderson says:

    way stupid. why don’t they focus more on outlawing drugs that hurt people…

  4. citizen says:

    How are you going to tell how fast you are going with no speed indicator on the skate board?? Dumb idea.

    1. Duh! says:

      Duh….that is easy. Install a speedometer. Do I have to think of everything for you?

  5. BikeRider says:

    Haven’t you guys ever heard the term “Thinning the herd”?? The weakest and dumbest are the first to fall off the pack and get eaten. Downhill skateboarding, much like doing hardcore drugs, is just another way of thinning the herd. Let the dumbest and (mentally) slowest fall off. It will improve the human race as a whole. In fact, I say UP the speed limit for skateboarder to 75 MPH!

    1. Duh! says:

      This is also known as the Darwin effect.

      They should also allow them to ride without safety gear to help further thin out the herd.

  6. alan hart says:

    Now we know these “lawmakers” have too much time on their hands. How about running the city on a real budget?

    1. Duh! says:

      How do you know that this isn’t a move to “pad” the budget with the fees collected for ticketing skateboarders?

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