Serial Killer Sentenced To 7 Life Terms In Prison

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A 74-year-old man pleaded guilty Friday to the killings of seven women in the Southland in the 1970s and 1980s and was immediately sentenced to seven life prison terms, one without the possibility of parole.

John Floyd Thomas Jr. pleaded guilty to seven counts of first-degree murder. His victims ranged in age from 56 to 80 years old. Los Angeles police also believe Thomas is responsible for two dozen or so sexual assaults.

Thomas was initially charged April 2, 2009, with murdering Ethe Sokoloff, 68, on Nov. 25, 1972, in her Mid-Wilshire home, and Elizabeth McKeown, 67, in Westchester some time between Feb. 15-18, 1976.

Los Angeles police said then that he had been linked to the two killings through DNA evidence, but were looking into as many as two dozen other murders and rapes that occurred between 1955 and 1978.

Later in 2009, Thomas was charged with five additional killings involving three women who lived in Inglewood, one who lived in the Lennox area and one who resided in Claremont — killed between September 1975 and June 1986, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Thomas was arrested March 31, 2009.

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  • Duh!

    So after he serves his first life sentence, how will he serve the other six? Which victim is he serving the first life sentence for? How will justice be served for the other six victims?

    • ghostie

      The reason for multiple life sentences is in case he wins an appeal on one. It’s simply to make sure he NEVER gets out.

    • RWall

      Are you seriously that stupid?

    • Jennifer Coulter


  • Ed Rooney

    So let’s see let me do my math here…when he gets out he’ll be …….carry the two…..DEAD.

  • John Mcdermitt

    The Cost of keeping him “Alive” ?

    • Cynthia

      Less than killing him by tens of thousands. FACT

  • Lynne Le

    He had killed 7 people , he should get the death penalty.
    he have to be execute 7 times over for his crime.

    • Saber 1

      The families should enter a lottery that would offer first shot, then second shot and so on. Efferdent and BenGay is his only things he will buy from the prison store.

  • junior

    He pleaded guilty and those nutjobs in California keep him alive. And they wonder why they are broke. Should have had the needle already.

    • Cynthia

      junior: It costs a h*ck of a lot more to sentence someone to death, the due process gtd to everyone means his appeals would cost taxpayers for attorney fees, etc. Its cheaper and harsher to lock someone up in a small cell. Until we have a fool-proof method of determining everyone’s guilt who has been convicted (there have been people released from death row after being proven innocent, its naive to assume we haven’t executed someone who is innocent – not saying HE is, just too risky to have death penalty at all) there should be no more executions. Or do people who think like you think that is an acceptable risk????

  • Steve

    Locked down for life in prison, locked down in hell forever.

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  • Hillbilly Foo

    Let him go, he was just cleaning up a few undesirables.

    • holy cuppincakess

      I’d love to start a huge argument on something as horrible as that, but frankly I just don’t have time to waste right now.

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  • holy cuppincakess

    I say they should bring back punishment Roman style and allow the forty lashes! It’ll be cheaper, painful, and a better way for the family to get revenge for losing a loved one.

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