RIVERSIDE (AP) — A rehab worker is heard on a newly released recording telling a 911 operator that Lindsay Lohan hit her and telling the actress to pack her bags to leave rehab during a December argument.

The worker, Dawn Holland, told the dispatcher that Lohan was among three girls caught leaving the rehab center improperly.

Authorities released the call Friday, three days after prosecutors announced they had decided not to charge Lohan with misdemeanor battery, citing insufficient evidence.

KNX 1070’s Kim Marriner Reports

Police responded to a Betty Ford Center facility in Palm Desert, east of Los Angeles, early Dec. 12 to investigate Holland’s claims.

Lohan is also heard on the call, saying Holland is “freaking me out.”

She and Holland are heard yelling at each other throughout the six-minute call.

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Comments (13)
  1. bdj says:

    It’s unfortunate that they have dropped the charges. This person, I did not use the term “young lady” for she is not, needs some serious time behind bars to think about her life.

  2. Michael Lohan says:

    No LIndsay no…you’re freaking ME out!

  3. Sanityforus says:

    How much do ANY of you want to ‘bet’ that ms holland ( not to mention the facility) are being ‘paid off’ by the lohan camp ( daddy ) NOT to press ‘charges’ !!!!

  4. American 1776 says:

    We treat these actors and actress as if they are some how god’s gift from heaven and we wonder why they think and act as if they are.

  5. Radiation says:

    LiLo please do yourself in ! Instead of jail maybe the judge could sentence her to clean up the nuclear mess in Japan.

  6. Chester says:

    Lindsay is hot!!!!

  7. Lindsay Lohan says:

    I am a gift from God and then some…b*tches!!!

  8. Kim Kardashian says:

    No you’re not b*tch…I am!!!

  9. Paris Hilton says:

    F U Kim…I’m the original.

  10. Thomas Forcade says:

    Who cares anymore.Show them no attention and then see how it goes.NOT winning.Some jail time will do her some good.Make some new friends,maybe a new girlfriend.’Scuse me while i go puke now.

  11. swhitS says:

    Okay, we all know Lohan is a bit whacked but read/hear what she says and try not to be judgmental.
    Sounds to me like this worker did not like Lindsay and was going to exploit her. There is no proof of a mark left by the alleged hit and this gal should not be working with rehab losing her cool like that and threatening her. Lohan sounds for real. that’s hard to fake. Btw, they all try to sneak out and shame on the person supposed to making sure they didn’t.

  12. tom s. says:

    I’ve been involved with alcoholics and treatment workers for 20 yrs and know just what goes on in those places, (I used to cause a lot of it), the worker was out of line and “very” unprofessional especially at Betty Ford clinic where celebs are the norm and if they are going to be harrased because someone doesn’t like them the clinic will suffer long term effects. When you are in rehab it qualifies as a church retreat “what ever is said is confidential and can’t be used in a court of law, period. Its the same as if she was in a confessional at a catholic church. Leave her alone, sobriety takes time and “people” deserve a couple of mistakes in their lifes. Unlike some who spew hate around here.

  13. Beach Stinks says:

    This worker deserved to be fired. No matter celebrity or no celebrity, she violated the rules and got what she deserved. She does not belong working there in the first place. Two wrongs DO NOT make a right.

    Lohan is wrong and Holland is wrong for shooting off her mouth.

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