AZUSA (CBS) — Fire officials are searching for a missing person believed to have fallen into the San Gabriel River, north of Azusa.

According to Los Angeles County Fire, a witness reported that they saw a person with a red backpack in the river along East Fork Road. Officials say someone was originally reported missing near the Camp Williams Resort around 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Swift water rescue teams and helicopters are searching the area, but the person has not been found.

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  1. Hex the Italian says:

    That’s right Rita, deport the river… It took an innocent child

  2. abbygirl says:

    Lol…. Wow.. No concern for that persons life…. You are special! I hope that individual is ok.

  3. abbygirl says:

    People never cease to amaze me how indifferent they are to others. Where is the love?

  4. We Were There says:

    The report is close, but not quite right. This incident took place beyond the end of the East Fork Road, approximately 3/4 mile beyond the parking lot at road end. The young man, just 21 years old, resides in Anaheim. He was hiking with a friend along the upper east fork of the San Gabriel river. They attempted to cross the river by holding on to a rope stretched across it. Sadly, he lost his grip and was swept awayi in the unusually swift river as his friend watched in horror.
    Six of us were gold panning further downstream when someone shouted, alerting us to the situation. We gave chase, but he was quickly swept from view a hundred yards downstream.
    We pray for his safe return. Rita….you are very cruel, beyond words.

  5. Sandrah Hdz says:

    We were there as well… In fact we had just turned around because the current was too strong and witnessed another hiker fall into the water and almost drown…

    We were hiking back when we ran into the missing hiker. He greeted us and went on his way. Minutes later we see him in the water (unconscious) . EVERYONE who was there tried to help…but the current was too strong. It was going so fast that no one was able to catch up to him.

    This is such a tragedy. I can’t believe Rita finds it amusing to joke about this. Shame on you Rita.

  6. charity says:

    actually its my friend. thank you for making a racist joke.

  7. PaulHD says:

    For such a comment to even arise.. what does it matter when a person’s life is at hand?!

  8. Heather Murphy says:

    Does anyone have the details on the search tomorrow? I think the family is looking for volunteers. Is there a meeting place and time?

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