LOS ANGELES (AP) — Three weeks after a huge fish die-off in Southern California, officials have a fish count but still can’t say what drove 175 tons of sardines into a marina.

Dave Caron, professor of biological sciences at the University of Southern California, said Thursday that as many as 2.5 million sardines blanketed the surface and floor of King Harbor Marina.

After the fish surfaced on March 8, about 700 volunteers and city workers scrambled to remove the remains to ease the threat to other sea life.

Redondo Beach City Manager Bill Workman says crews may have gotten some unexpected help from the tsunami in Japan, which caused tidal surges and flushed fish out of rocks and crevices.

Workman estimates the cleanup will cost at least $300,000.

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Comments (5)
  1. Juan Ferchulo says:

    Los pescados son muertos para el Tribulacion. Repento a Jesus Christo.

  2. Josh says:

    These fish died just days before Japans huge earthquake. It has been known that animal and mammals can sense when an earthquake would happen and they start going crazy. My theory is that these fish sensed that something big was going to happen and they all rushed as far as they could to get away from it. As far as they could meaning right up to the docks. Dogs act strange just a few seconds before an earthquake. Maybe these fish sensed an earthquake a few days before. How did the fish die? Deprived of oxygen because there were too many in one area. On other words Japans biggest earthquake and a whole bunch of dead fish mysteriously appear I don’t think is coincidence.

    1. sleep1iopen says:

      Josh is right!

  3. Joshie's Mommy says:

    Take your medicine, honey. You’re rambling incoherently again.

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