WEST LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A big rig driver fatally struck a woman at a freeway onramp in West Los Angeles Wednesday.

The woman, identified Wednesday evening as 63-year-old Kelly Shimizu, was struck by a double trailer, at a marked crosswalk at Santa Monica Boulvard at Cotner Ave., according to police and broadcast reports.

The accident occurred about 10:40 a.m.

Los Angeles police said the trucker may have not realized he hit a person at first. The 64-year-old driver is a Whittier resident.

There was no evidence of alcohol or drug intoxication and “the collision appeared to be a tragic accident,” said police.

Shimizu was declared dead at the scene.

Anyone with information about the accident was asked to call the LAPD’s West Traffic Division at (213) 473-0222.

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Comments (22)
  1. deen says:

    find that pos truck driver and charge him with murder….

  2. AMC says:

    My prayers are with her family. Hopefully the Driver do whats right and turn himself in.

    1. What a Dork says:

      I think the fact that your prayers are with her family makes everything okay.


  3. Den says:

    very sad, santa monica blvd is becoming more and more dangerous for pedestrians. 3 killed only a few weeks ago a few blocks further west.

  4. Greg the Jedi says:

    it is the most dangerous crosswalk in the city…hands down

    1. SG says:


      1. SG says:


  5. SG says:

    This sickens and disgusts me…my daughter was hit in that same cross walk just over 3 years ago, and her’s was a hit and run, too! They never caught the driver. But I know GOD WILL … they won’t get away with what they did. It’ll eat them alive! I was blessed by the Lord that my daughter survived, but she did suffer a head injury and was left lying unconscious at the scene, but the slime ball that did it. My deepest heartfelt sympathy and prayers go out to her family.

    Something needs to be done about that location – it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, this has happened way to many times!

  6. #1450 says:

    This intersection and also the intersection at Santa Monica and Sepulveda has become very tricky if not scary to cross. With so much construction going on, the drivers around this area of the 405 fwy off Santa Monica Blvd. are very aggresive. They make their own lanes to get on to the 405 north bound and block the entire intersection. They go against their red light and really could give a damn who they take with them, as long as they don’t have to wait on another signal light. This should never had to have happened. One of my co-workers has called the police in this area to complain and to see what can be done in order to be safe. She was told, nothing can be done. Now this poor lady dies and her family is left to grieve. Yes, I went down to see. And yes I did see her covered body. But as I stood there looking it struck me that I knew what happend to her but her family most likely haven’t been told what has happend to her. I said a prayer for her but mostly for her family at that moment.

    1. SG says:

      When I was called and told my daughter had been hit…I had no idea what her condition was…I was fortunate in that the young women who stayed with her until the paramedics came…called my older daughter shortly after the her accident to let her know what had happened, I then got on the phone and started calling around to see where she was being taken, and was blessed to arrive at the hospital just as the ambulance was pulling in. Praise God my daughter is alive and well…but I feel horrible for this person’s family!

      1. Shut your pie hole says:

        No one cares, but thanks for playing.

    2. Karen says:

      Is 1450 the building number? That was very nice that you said a prayer for her and her family. I suggest that you and your co-workers call Mayor Tony. Something does need to be done. I don’t even like getting on the 405 at that spot – in a car.

      In fact, I knew from the headline, which intersection it was before reading the article.

  7. Karen says:

    There SHOULD NOT BE a crosswalk there. PERIOD.

    I am very sad about this woman being killed and the other daughter being hurt. I agree with everyone that something must be done.

    How about getting rid of that crosswalk and people have to cross the street on the other side of the street where the visibility is better.

    Honestly, I do not totally blame the driver of the truck. It’s a tricky location and in a big truck, it’s not so easy to see pedestrians.

  8. BJ & The Bear says:

    Truck drivers need to be more aware of whats around them, especially since the trucks have a higher profile. I’ve seen a big rig hit a small car at a stop light and didn’t realize he hit a car.

  9. jau says:

    I’m so sorry for her family, god bless them. I just went to the accident site and saw several police cars surrounded the covered body of the victim.. no doubt this is a dangerous crosswalk in westwood/santa monica area.

  10. LAN8 says:

    I hope this isn’t a case of texting while driving, or crossing the street while distracted by a cell phone or other device. I see that a lot.

  11. homel Heeb says:

    Politicians do not do squat about these problems
    They all have no balls!

  12. SG says:

    RE: Comment …

    Shut your pie hole

    No one cares, but thanks for playing.

    March 30, 2011 at 4:03 pm …

    Was going to respond to your ignorant comment, but not going to lower myself to your level, so instead, I’m going to pray for you. Maybe you should learn to pray in case this were ever to happen to someone you love and care about.

    You’d better pray this never happens to anyon

  13. SG says:

    Hey “shut up” what’s your problem?

    Not wasting my time with you…instead of having some sympathy for the person and the family that this happened to…you really had to be a jerk…that’s sad! Is your life that miserable? I’m done here. Not wasting any more time with you. Just going to pray for you…again!

  14. Look both ways says:

    Let this article serve as a warning to pedestrians to look both ways before crossing a street. Responsibility starts with you for your own safety.
    No doubt the intersection is dangerous; it’s near the interstate.
    In reading most of the comments above, it would seem that most of you would grab the torches and pitchforks and hang the driver of the truck. While the possibility of a conscious hit-and-run is there, it may also be simply an accident. So before you leap to judgement, let’s see if they find the driver and investigate.

    I have seen all sorts of irresponsible and extraordinarily dangerous behavior in crosswalks. I count myself as a safe and courteous driver but have had to make some sudden changes to avoid hitting a distracted pedestrian. Even as a pedestrian I’ve seen people just walk directly out against the green while on the phone. The cars stopped and she never looked up. I caught up to her a block later and interrupted her phone conversation to tell her and she cussed at me. Perhaps her attitude will catch up to her one day.

    And by the way, SG: one post is enough, I’m glad your daughter is ok, but come on.

  15. Big John Culver City says:

    I drive my wife to work and back to Westwood. I couldn’t imagine her walking the streets of L.A. to a bus stop or something. People are so inconsiderate to other drivers and just as bad to pedestrians. Everyone is in such a hurry to get “no where”. Not a day goes by that someone does something stupid while they are driving. Driving in L.A. just makes you age years in one day. L.A. needs more traffic control with live personnel in the a.m., lunchtime, and during rush hours in the evening. Fat chance of that happening; L.A.’s BROKE in more ways than one!

  16. Michael J. McDermott says:

    Does anyone else see anything wrong? I am from back east but only in Los Angeles have I seen this concept of “Marked Crosswalks”. The victim obviously didn’t just walk in front of a moving truck. She had every reason to believe the driver saw her and erroneously expected the truck to stop, all the while having her mind on something else besides the 30 or more tons of steel and iron headed straight for her.

    Sorry but, in my 20 years in L.A. I have all too often observed this constant battle between, pedestrians, cars, and crosswalks, only resulting in injury and death. Just count the pedestrian accidents this year, this month, or this week.

    C’mon, there are more of you out there beside myself who understand that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for trucks, not to mention cars, to simply stop on a dime, or rather, two painted lines in the street. Can a TRAIN stop at a “Marked Crosswalk” because a pedestrian wants to cross?

    Another peeve I have is that people, especially children are taught to “WALK IN FRONT OF MOVING CARS” at crosswalks in Los Angeles. THIS IS SUICIDE!

    Traffic rules and regs are designed to enhance public safety. They are not about how many Jay-walking tickets a cop can issue in a month. Not to bash the police however, and in fact I certainly commend the LAPD for everything that they do and have done (Uh, talk about job stress).

    C’mon, lets get some brains working on this, get a petition going, and change this regulation regarding “two painted lines in the street”. Who is going to die next because of this stupid law?

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