CARSON (AP) — A California company is voluntarily recalling its seafood salad products because they could possibly be contaminated with Listeria.

Carson, Calif.-based Frankly Fresh, Inc. says the products are packed under the Frankly Fresh label in a variety of sizes in plastic containers with affected code dates between March 19 and April 23, 2011.

The products were distributed through retail supermarket stores in California and Nevada.

Listeria monocytogenes can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people and others with weakened immune systems.

The company says the bacterium was discovered during a routine sampling program by the FDA and Frankly Fresh.

Anyone who purchased the product is urged to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

So far, no illnesses have been reported.

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Comments (6)
  1. Krissy says:

    geeze! why has there been so many food products being recalled lately? I’m almost afraid to eat!

    1. ernestokaputenik says:

      P.S.: As of Monday (3/28/11), the USDA has stepped up it’s inspections and enforcement of code compliance. This means that the USDA is now looking very hard, and very closely at certain food producers who have less than perfect operations (Read: Small, Mom & Pop operations who are notorious for hiring cutting corners and saving costs by any means necessary. i.e.: Ilegal Alien Laborers.)

  2. ernestokaputenik says:


    “Why has there been so many food products being recalled lately? I’m almost afraid to eat!”

    Well, let me set you straight, Krissy. You should be afraid of what you eat. Every piece of meat, fish, poutry, pork, vegetable, or fruit you consume in southern California is picked, slaughtered, shipped, processed and packaged by a vast army of illegal alien labor. Most of them don’t even know that they need to wash their hands after using the toilet. Why do you think every fast-food restaurant has a sign that says “Llave sus manos”? (Check it out next time you go to Jack-in-the-Box, McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., etc. The sign isn’t there for the customers; The sign is there to remind these unholy illegal alien invaders to wash THEIR hands before handling our food. Most just ignore the sign and end-up putting fecal matter on your Jumbo Jack.

    So, again, you should be scared. I know what I’m talking about because I am a plant manager for a food producer in Montebello.

    1. la82 says:

      First, if you are supervising individuals in a food processing plant and knowingly allow unsanitary conditions to go on. Then, YOU SHOULD BE FIRED!!! This part of your argument discredits your entire thesis.

      You obviously are are a poor manager, are racist, and prejudice. Can you provide me with the name of the food producer you work for? I want to file a complaint with them and against you for letting this go on.

      What a naive and ignorant little man you are.

  3. AL says:

    @ernestokaputenik. Since yo know what you are talking..Do you even know what listeria is? Sounds like you just have another excuse against illegal aliens. You also know that most of them don’t wash their hands. Do you just stay in the restroom keeping an eye out, by the way the sign is also in english so I think it includes lots of people. Since you know what you are talking about how about you do something and not just talk about.

  4. Richard Simmons says:

    I’m afraid to eat as well. I’m worried about the calorie count.

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