SANTA ANA (AP) —  Prosecutors in California have filed four felony counts against a professional clown charged with raping a 12-year-old girl nine years ago.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa Reports

Jose Guadalupe Jimenez is charged with two counts of lewd acts upon a child, a count of aggravated sexual assault of a child and a count of forcible lewd act on a child. The 41-year-old Anaheim man, who is expected to be arraigned Monday, faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

Orange County prosecutors say Jimenez was dressed as a clown when he grabbed a girl at a fast-food stand just before midnight in January 2002, drove to a school parking lot and raped the girl.

Investigators say a DNA sample after his child abuse arrest in an Anaheim case last year linked him to the rape.

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Comments (28)
  1. FranMc says:

    What the hell took them so long to charge this clown??? He’s been free all this time to do more damage to children..

  2. Rick says:

    Save the litigation. Save our Tax $$$$$. Save the girl the pain of a lengthy trial. DNA doesn’t lie. He should be issued a GO TO JAIL card wearing the makeup, not on his face, they should paint his backside with a white and red Bullseye.

    1. Steve says:

      “DNA doesn’t lie.”

      I’m not defending this clown. DNA may not lie, but the crime lab sure does. The crime lab for the Houston Police department was shut down by the feds for faking DNA test results. Lots of bad guys went free because of it.

  3. Homie the Clown says:

    Do all rapist and molesters come from the OC? Seems like everytime I read an article like this it comes from Orange County.

    1. Noo Yawkah says:

      Of course not. They come from Mexico. They just relocated to OC.

  4. jim says:

    Sad enough that it took so long to catch him. But I have to wonder, what is a 12 year old girl doing out by herself at midnite? Looks to me like some parents don’t know the meaning of the word “parent”.

  5. not funny? says:

    oooo my daughters party is coming up…I wonder if he will do a discounted rate now….

    1. MARY says:


      1. Calgal says:

        Mary, this person is a troll. Ignore him.

      2. ang says:

        I think he was kidding. Have some class “not funny”

  6. Ed Rooney says:

    Nice quick police work, boys.

    Dude , they gonna LOVE yo ass in prison.

  7. Calgal says:

    This creep looks like some deranged psycho from hell. Lock him up and NEVER let him see the light of day again!

  8. socalmal says:

    Along with prison, since we all know he won’t get castrated or hung, how about permanent clown make-up tattooing? A bullet is still cheaper…

  9. ILLEGALS says:

    da plane da plane..

  10. What the f...k says:

    They need to beat this piece of sh.t. And throw him to the aligators….

  11. Greg says:

    In jail they put him in protective custody to keep him safe!! what a joke, put in in General population and announce what he did, if he can do the crime he should do the time and NOT be protected. What protection does the young lady have? The criminals have more rights than the victims.

    1. Anne says:

      Especially if they’re from MeHiCo.

  12. EX-trouble Maker says:

    Please do NOT waste our tax money by appointing a public defender for this trash. Please do not feed him or clothe him in our jails. Please inform his cell mates promptly of his crimes. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

  13. Marando Damanto says:

    Another illegal immiggrant…just doing what they do south of the border. 12 year old girls a play things for thesse thugs to rappe and use.

  14. Sheldonrs says:

    Bottom line, if you deliberately harm a child, you die.

  15. Buck O'Fama says:

    A twelve year old out at midnight? She was heard to yell, get off me clown, you’re crushing my marlboro’s.

  16. Young says:

    Buck: What, did you have a few drinks this morning? Huh? Yeah, I think you did.
    Pooter-the-Clown: What are you? Mother Cabrini? You never touch the stuff?
    Buck: No, no. It’s just that I wouldn’t be drinking if I was going to entertain some kids. You know?

  17. Phyllis says:

    why wasn’t he already in jail for what he did last year?

  18. DAX says:

    So is that picture of him with or without his Clown makeup?

  19. Jessy blonde says:

    Mexican likes to rape woman. Period. What’s new?

  20. swp says:

    just another reason why I hate clowns.

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