LAKE ELSINORE (AP) — The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department says a narcotics task force shot and killed a man who brandished a shotgun as they served a search warrant at a mobile home.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Joe Borja said in a statement Saturday that paramedics tried to revive the man, but declared him dead at the scene in the Lakeland Village area.

The coroner’s office said in a statement that the dead man was a 58-year-old from Lake Elsinore.

Borja says task force members were serving the warrant Friday morning when the man pointed the shotgun at one of them.

The statement says a 10-year department veteran pulled his gun, shot and killed the man. He is on administrative leave as required, pending an investigation by homicide detectives.

No names have been released.

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Comments (9)
  1. drozone69 says:

    Pigs dont shoot to injure or maim.No leg,shoulder,lower torso shots for our killers.They are trained experts at heart and brain shots.Poor 60 year old man just got startled out of bed with an unloaded 22 rifle.I have learned that men become police officers to fulfill an insatiable desire to shoot someone.

    1. Joe says:

      The victim was not sleeping, he was wide awake and came out on the porch and aimed a fully loaded shotgun at the Deputy. The Deputy then took cover and shot him, once. You should get your facts from a different source.

      I am grateful that the Deputy wasn’t injured.

      1. Chris Blair says:


        What is your source of information?

    2. Idiot says:

      Haha, you’re and idoit. Nothing further.

  2. ducksoup says:

    drozone 60 The police don’t shoot inncoent people. I suspect an idiot like you will be next.

  3. Ed R. says:

    Drozone, obviously you have never handled a weapon in the past. If you had, you would know that leg, arm, shoulder or lower torso shots as you have stated only happen in Hollywood movie theaters. When you have a moving target and only 1.5 seconds to react, you go for the upper torso because its the largest target. The likelyhood of not killing a person by shooting them in the upper torso are greater than those you suggested, since those areas you so wisely identified, have larger arteries which would cause a person to bleed out quicker.
    Dont believe me, visit your library on the way to your next visit to the medicinal marijuana dispensary, and check out a book on human anadomy, you will see Im right.

  4. Chris Blair says:

    To ducksoup

    You are incorrect when you stated the police don’t shoot innocent people.

    The article above is seriously lacking any critical information regarding this incident such as what time this raid was instigated, was it a knock and announce or a no-knock raid? The article just stated it was conducted on “Friday morning.”

    My best guess is the police busted into this man’s trailer at 3 or 4 am, the man, startled out of a deep sleep and thinking he is being home-invaded, reaches for his gun TO PROTECT HIMSELF and is then shot dead by a police officer.

    This extremely dangerous situation WAS THE SOLE CREATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT. This drug war scenario is repeated continually throughout the USSA everyday.

    So in closing I would like to add that if anyone is a suspected idiot, it is clearly you.

  5. drozone69 says:

    They raided a small diapidated one bedroom trailor at 5 A.M.All six of them knew a frail ill healthed 58 year old man was sleeping alone inside.They also knew of the old rusted 22. rifle to be the only home protection firearm inside.They garner this information from paid rats and snitches.They then convince a judge that this guy is an up and coming Tony Montana and get permission to go in with guns ablazing.This is in all actuallity a cold blooded ambush of an American and a veteran in his own home.No illegal guns or drugs were found other than a dead body.This man is poor and this will be swept under the rug.Sad but true.

  6. Cruiser says:

    Another shooting that should of been avoided. Shootings like this continues to give law enforcement a bad image. The police should of backed off and then talked him out till he surrendered.

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