The Newest Extreme Sport: Just Say ‘Neigh’

But what does the horse have to say?

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The above picture says it all; all-terrain skateboard +  rope + plus a horsey = horseboarding.  It’s the brainchild of  a stuntman in England, who tells   –at 35 mph“…a lot of skill is involved.” He’s now organizing the first horseboarding championships. If you like British names (And who doesn’t? -Ed.). you’ll like this: Daniel Fowler-Prime will hold the competition at the Horse Training Centre, at Seisdon, close to Wolverhampton.

Horse-boarding involves being pulled on a board at up to 56kph (35mph). It has become so popular that a training centre has opened and Britain’s first championships are to be held this year.

In high school, when it snowed, my dad would tie a rope to the back bumper of our car, and a sled, then drive us around the streets. Sure, we’d wipe out on curbs, but by then, we’d sucked in so many exhaust fumes from our car’s tailpipe, we didn’t care. Good thing horses don’t have … oh nevermind. (Photo source: Masons)


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