LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has begun termination proceedings against six deputies who were involved in an attack on two fellow deputies at a Christmas party last year, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore, who declined to name the deputies citing personnel constraints, said a seventh deputy who was placed on leave after the incident was not fired because of insufficient evidence.

The deputies worked on the third floor of Men’s Central Jail, where they allegedly were part of an aggressive group that used gang-like signals to identify themselves.

Michael Gennaco, who heads up the sheriff’s watchdog agency, said the firing of six deputies marks one of the largest disciplinary actions in the department’s history.

“We have never seen this many deputies disciplined so severely in the 10 years we’ve been here over one incident. It’s unprecedented,” said Gennaco.

The investigation stemmed from a fight that broke out last December outside a Montebello banquet hall where a Christmas party for jail employees was being hosted.

Sheriff’s officials told the Times that reforms to jail assignments, such as more regular rotations to keep deputies from forming similar cliques, were being considered. Investigators were also probing whether sheriff’s supervisors knew about the clique before the Christmas party melee.

Gennaco said prosecutors were reviewing possible criminal charges in connection with the incident.

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Comments (14)
  1. ILLEGALS says:

    Are they going to Jail too? The Captain at the door should be fire too for refusing outside law enforcement entrance to do the investigation.

    1. Robert says:

      Dude you’re just jealous because you can’t Find your self a job. And stop depending on your wellfare check. most people on welfare are white. You racist piece of s**t

      1. Jeff says:

        you’re a moron. Most people on welfare are white because most people in America are white. Why don’t you talk about the fact that blacks only make up 12% of the population, yet they’re responsible for 40% of violent crime in the US. Yeh, exactly, i thought so.

  2. Girly Man says:

    Too much ego. That’s what happens when men drinks too much and are surrounded by a bunch of ladies. They’re trying to do too much to prove their machismo image.

    Good luck finding another high paying job.


  3. scott says:

    Let them use their gang signs now! Punks, never deserved the badge in the first place. I worked hard for mine and have always treated it as a privilege to wear, not a right!

  4. LOU says:

    Affirmative action has been devistating on police departments, hirei 5 ft inch . women, cannor see over a steering wheel, cholos;, in dayton ohio Gov. made PD to pass applicants with a failing grade so blacks could pass!

    1. Kiki walker says:

      Lou darling, do you have more than a 3rd grade education? you from your rambling, incomprehensible diatribe and bigotry show what truly is wrong with “white” America. Grow up little boy, get an adequate education and maybe there will be a better place for you.

  5. James says:

    Now days, there are a lot of law enforcement officers abusing their power. Training has to be updated/changed to remind them of their duty to serve the people, not people scared of them.

  6. Joe says:

    Well I guess the party’s over.
    How tough do you feel now?

  7. Latino 4 life!!! says:

    I could use some PIGS in my farm!!!!!!

  8. Barbara Rodriguez says:

    whats your sign now idiots…..whats the sign for unemployed losers?? Ha thats what they get!

  9. Barbara Rodriguez says:

    Whats your sign now? Whats the sign for unemployed losers? That what they get!

  10. maneul ramos says:

    the sad part is that these r just a few.that .got cot…u know wat i mean theres alot more on the force with the same attitude….and behaviors hopefully they will get the message wats right is right …nomatter wat side of the isle u r on…you do wrong and it will catch up to u sooner or later

  11. Cdwret831 says:

    I applaud the Sheriff for taking swift and decisive action against these staff. This is very similar to a group that formed back in 1998 at Salinas Valley State Prison. Same behaviors were seen there with tattoos, flashing gang like signs, and engaging in very unprofessional conduct. Unfortunately, CDCR allowed it to continue for years despite internal affairs investigations and an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General that confirmed the existence of the “Green Wall” group at the prison. It was only after a Senate hearing in January 2004 that CDCR finally took some action and had the warden go out in sick leave. After the wardens departure things changed. The newly appointed acting warden spearheaded ethics training and a clear message that illegal and unprofessional conduct among staff will not be tolerated. After the training was completed, some honest staff came forward and revealed that an incident where peace officers, including a supervisor, had beaten an inmate after turning off video cameras. After this incident finally was reported and confirmed by Internal Affairs, the largest mass termination occurred. The CDCR management response was get rid of the acting warden.

    Kudos to Sheriff Baca for being upfront and taking swift and decisive action. The public can have confidence in a law enforcement agency that holds it’s staff accountable to uphold their oath of office. The peace officers in the agency can also feel confident that their agency supports professionalism.

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