LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police are calling on residents in the western San Fernando Valley to use their laptops to keep tabs on neighborhood crime and to supply tips to police.

Capt. Tom Brascia of the Los Angeles Police Department is in charge of the Topanga patrol area and says the department is focused on improving community relations as well as cutting down on crime by using a free web-based service called “Nixle”.

“For example, the one that I like to use is: we had a robbery suspect, a fairly large individual, that’s committing some street robberies…on a girl’s pink bicycle. Well, our contention is that you know who that person is in your neighborhood. So we want to let you know, so you can tell us who that person is,” told the Police Commission.

Brascia wants to sign up at least 50,000 people in the patrol area, which has about 250,000 residents. About 35,000 people have subscribed so far, he said.

Sgt. Tom Mason, who heads the program, said he recently started sending a “Nixle per day” to alert residents to crimes, however small they might be.

He said he and patrol officers have daily “crime control” meetings and decide which crimes to alert residents to.

“We’ll come in and see if something happened over the weekend, because otherwise people wouldn’t know about it if it didn’t make the news,” he said.

The Topanga patrol area covers the extreme western San Fernando Valley, west of Corbin Avenue.

Property crimes, typically not covered by traditional news outlets, are the biggest problem in the area, Brascia said, and Nixle alerts residents to new types of crimes, such as people stealing third-row seats from sport utility vehicles.

Mason said his officers have gotten a few “quick responses” from citizens since starting the Nixle-per-day program, but he said he hoped the effort would increase cooperation between residents and police and lead to more arrests.

Residents just need to go to Nixle.com, sign up for the service and subscribe to the LAPD feed.

The LAPD’s web page for the Topanga station also has a link.

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Comments (41)
  1. daniela says:

    AM being as honest as I can not alot of people would want to do that..cause they would want problens..if they are cops and all that they should knows why put people that anit that they should do it theirseleves,,i know i wouldnt my safety is frist than.. that..and most no more likely every atleast knows people that do crimes..and if they dont say anything about them why would they about other

    1. jaided says:

      sorry daniela hard to understand your writing. u might be right whatever your saying.

    2. Daryl says:


    3. royrogers says:

      dan you need to go back to school and learn how to spell and do proper sentence structure before you worry about any crimes in the hood. Because it is a crime of what you are doing alone!

      1. daniela says:

        I still go to school and studying and it anit your busy i how write or not roy whatever your name is..and dary i know they are not i dont mind am just saying what i think

  2. daniela says:

    haha i meant the people that live around thoses areas wouldn’t want to have problems with the people that do crimes..and since they are police its there job to do it not to ask people to do it , i know i wouldn’t do it i care more about my safety than something happening to me just for helping cops..and that mostly every knows someone who has done a crime and has family members to and if they havent said anything to the cops about them why would they about other people

    1. 91306says says:

      That’s why you call the police as an anonymous person. I’m almost positive you are a renter and not a home owner. There are plenty of good cops out there. Unfortunately there are more criminals & idiotic youngsters than there are officers, which is all the more reasons to help keep your living area safe. Take pride and be proud of where you live and help keep it safe for you and the children.

  3. Mike Foster says:

    That’s why there is so much crime. Most residents are stupid like daniela. They claim to know nothing, but always figure out how to apply for freebies and welfare. Let the gangsters kill each other, who cares???

    1. daniela says:

      that why i rather have gangsters and all them like friends than enemies dont get me wrong you know everyone has there haters…but i rather keep my mouth closed if i saw anything..and i agree wid u MIke on the residents part lol

    2. Troy Bone says:

      Why you be hatin on Daniela? Racist.

      1. 91306says says:

        LMFAO! Mike Foster never mentioned race in his comment. Who’s really the racist via these comments? Ignorance!

    3. daniela says:

      and by the way MIke I anit stupid pendejo i know what am talking about..people like u pendejos think you guys know what up..and by the way the sounds rascit…slap your self..learn some manners you don’t say that about a lady or girl or woman or you call your mom stupid to yeah thats not right

      1. Momo says:

        I am Hispanic, but you embarrass me Daniela. Dang girl, you need to learn to respect others. Stop acting up like a big “chola.” Get that Chola mentality out of your head….Don’t be ignorant , please..

      2. Gabriel says:

        “Dang Girl” I think what mike was talking about is that you do not know your grammar.LOL , serious just take a minute to use correct spelling hahha. For example you dont say ” I aint Dumb” ” There ” when your talking about a persons belongings its “their”. I had a good laugh i needed it. ” alrato AY” hahahahah

      3. daniela says:

        i am not acting like chola and i anit even one if i talk like this is cause thats how am use to but i know how to respect momo you a hispanic frist thing you learn is to respect those who respect you

  4. sierra leeds says:

    Daniela’s comments are so ignorant they aren’t even worth addressing. I’ve subscribed to Nixle for a few years and know that it’s helping create more awareness/involvement, including neighborhood watch groups. West Valley residents should stay vigilant and not hesitate to report suspicious activity — there are a lot of daytime robberies that can be prevented when neighbors are on the lookout.

    1. daniela says:

      they might be like that for you but its true it will get people hurt or in problems..i come from a bad place..i have lived in wrost places but its up to people i anit telling them what to do am saying my own opoin freedon of speech

  5. jaided says:

    Daniela is acting like a good looking blonde, we should go on a date……lol

    1. daniela says:

      yeah am not a blonde nop not at all lol…u funny lol..

      1. jaided says:

        not a blonde but are u good lookin or what?

      2. daniela says:

        lol..how did dis even start lol…

  6. Frank says:

    Daniela is part of the problem. Turn a blind eye to things that are happening.

    This is a good idea. Just like the neighborhood watch, only online. I’m signing up.

  7. Ramalamma says:

    Aye…..look, this is how my call to the police would go down: “Hello, Officer? I would like to report a crime in progress. The suspect is a Muslim, immigrant, farm working woman. She seems to be committing a domestic violence act on her immigrant, farm working husband all while stealing a necklace for Lindsay Lohan and firing Charlie Sheen. Oh! She is now claiming she is Banksy. She must be stopped!”

    Daniela, dollface. Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? I can understand why you may be scared to report a crime to the police, but it isn’t just their job to keep communities safe. They are the enforcers. It is up to the COMMUNITY to keep our neighborhoods safe. Shoot, I know if I saw some Muslim immigrant, illegal farm worker spray painting on my wall, I would be calling the po-po!

    Ya dig?

  8. Troy Bone says:

    BWAAAAHAHA—white folk are practically climbing over one another to sign up for snitching.

    1. daniela says:

      haha true..but you know thats them

  9. True says:

    Gee, nothing biased or controversial about that headline now, is there? Of course, only a right-wing Neanderthal would think that referring to reporting crime as “snitching” might have some tiny negative impact on the program’s effectiveness in the areas that are hardest hit by criminals. Right?

    Good to see CBS keeping it’s “street cred” so high.

  10. blair says:

    God forbid troy or daniela reproduce….

  11. Daryl says:


    1. daniela says:

      actually if you dont know things have happened to my family and to the people i care about and some cops dont do nnothing..right so sorry for my talk but dont judge someone f you dont know them!

  12. GABRIEL says:

    hahahha “Daniela” is running away with this article. I bet the only reason you clicked on it was because you seen the word snitch. LMFAO.. ” GASHHHOOO”

    1. daniela says:

      Gabriel I got off not like you..I have things to do not only be on the computer and see it all the time..haha your funny cause i said i wouldnt say that so mostly i wasnt scared lmao

  13. Rodney King says:


  14. Officer Koon says:

    “Yes we can…”

  15. royrogers says:

    This should be done city wide, county wide,state wide, nation wide. But with all that is going on, there are no police to react to the response to the crime when it is reported in progress. The person has been robbed, burglerized, stabbed, or all of the above, because of the cutbacks in out local lawenforcement agencies. We need to cut the people in the ties, the ones hiding behind the desk and not out on the street doing real police work. We are paying more taxes for less services, what is that all about! Now that is a real CRIME!

  16. alan hart says:

    Heaven forbid the police would actually do their own job. Must be hard dragging all those big pensions around.

    1. Not newsworthy says:

      Well said Alan, nobody would need any help from them anyway and all the crime would be down significantly if people were allowed to carry firearms legally like in Texas. That way the idiot who would have mugged you, probably wouldn’t have cause he would know He can lose his life in an instance

  17. Bababooey says:

    Daniela is actually VANILLA

    1. daniela says:

      how would you know?lol

      1. Jose says:

        Hi Daniela, How old are you? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to…It’s just for my general knowledge………I am doing a research paper for school about the effects American Culture can cause to the second generation of hispanics in this country….Many people don’t understand, but It is a real problem…..I had a similar issue, but I got my act together and I got with the program. I am glad to hear that you go to school, so keep it up. Hopefully, we all can look back at these posts and laugh together…..You made my day today…Thank you for that…

    2. daniela says:

      HI JOse am not old but not saying my age lol…oh thats cool..oh yeah thats good.Thankyou.haha omg lol..you welcome i guess lol

  18. tina says:

    I nomally see those things with midgets

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