PETA Models Shower Nude In Hollywood To Protest Meat

» PHOTOS: PETA Stages Nude Demonstration In Hollywood

— Jenn McBride,

HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — PETA’s latest stunt is making a sudsy mess and captivating drivers in Hollywood. Our cameras were rolling when a distracted motorist caught a glimpse of PETA’s naked beauties and plowed into the car in front of him.

110322 peta shower demonstration dsc 5721 PETA Models Shower Nude In Hollywood To Protest Meat

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The girls are baring it all and showering in public to promote a Vegan lifestyle.

PETA says by giving up just one pound of meat, Americans can save up 2,463 gallons of water – or six months of shower water.

However, we spoke with Jeremy Russell of the American Meat Association over the phone and he says there’s more to it.

“Sometimes when people do these sorts of carbon-footprint analyses, the obvious answer is the opposite of what they thought it was,” he said. “Water use is actually quite expensive for meat companies. There is a constant pressure, an economic pressure on them, to become more and more efficient in how they use water.”

For those who are interested, however, spokesperson Lindsay Rajt says that it has never been easier to go vegan.

» PHOTOS: PETA Stages Nude Demonstration In Hollywood
  • Nomi

    better check home girls immigration status

    • The Man

      Let’s see… Animals create CO2 (a Greenhouse Gas)… Plants convert CO2 to O2 (reducing greenhouse gas by converting to life sustaining Oxygen)… Vegans eat plants and save animals… stay with me here… Wouldn’t the logic follow that Vegans are prime contributers to Global Warming? Prevent Global Warming! Eat meat!

      • meith

        Excellent logic! 5 stars out of 5 for your comment…

      • Ted

        Actually, let’s eat the vegans. Solves both problems.

      • Lauren

        Actually, by eating meat and contributing to the need to keep livestock supplied for human consumption, meat-eaters are the ones who are “contributors to Global Warming.”
        If everyone was a vegan, there would be no demand for meat and no livestock would be bred in the first place.

      • Connor

        I agree, Maybe someone driving by eating a Mcdonald’s quarter pounder was thinking “Okay so because I ate this, I wont shower for two months, then I can eat another one. That’s the same thing right?”

    • celio

      why are you talking about imigration status^^ seu bosta

  • Jack

    PETA: People for the Eating of Tasty Animals

    • vpcaveman

      MMMM mmmmmm good….I agree!

    • anne

      or, as we say here in Norfolk (their HQ city):

      People Embarrassing the Tidewater Area

      • Eric M.

        Ok, how about I give up shower for 6 months? Guess what? They will still complain.

    • Greg

      If God didn’t want us to eat animals he wouldn’t have made them taste so good!

      • john west

        If God didn’t want us to eat animals he wouldn’t have made them out of meat.

      • DontCare

        nor invented barbecue sauce…..

      • Nightswolf

        Extremely good point!! mmmmm good!

      • Common_Man

        On a more serious note; Nature would not have given us the teeth that we have or eyes on the front of our heads if we were not intended to hunt and eat meat. Also, many anthropologists believe that our frontal lobe developed when our ancestors added meat to their diet. It’s the protein!

    • DD

      If people stop eating meat, who is going to pick up the dead possums?

    • TJ

      Everyone should eat meat but sparingly, no one is meant to eat a pound of meat in one sitting, but 3-4 oz at dinner or lunch is just fine. Its all in the portioning, Veganism is a sin against GOD!!! But most Vegans don’t believe in God they believe we came from monkeys which by the way eat meat! Go figure!!!

      • BubbaT


      • Playrighter

        Kindly provide one fact showing that veganism is a sin against God. Or that most vegans don’t believe in God. (Or explain the Golden Rule). Veganism is a choice, as is telling the truth. Are you bearing false witness against vegans? Would that, perhaps be a violation of one of the Ten Commandments? Or are you perhaps talking about a different God?

      • Mindyourownbusiness

        Who in the hell are you to tell us what and how much to eat. You hypocrites preach tolerance but only your tolerance, not those opposed. Shut up, do your own thing and leave the rest of us alone.

      • uncle_grumpy

        I think I had ancestors who hung by their necks, but never by their tails…

      • Paul Revere

        Suicide is a choice too, and if vegans were so concerned about the planet that they feel they have to nag the rest of us into living contrary to our biological design, then they should not be in the least bit opposed to making that choice and doing the most possible for the planet.

        I make plenty of choices everyday. I dont go around causing spectacles and telling everyone else they should do the same.

        You only eat bean curds, whoopee for you. I decided to brush my teeth today with the left hand instead of the right. Who cares. Go away. No one cares.

    • astralweeks

      Vegetarian: an old word for the village idiot who can’t hunt or fish.

    • Raptor

      So clever.

  • jack

    Ever notice how they wear leather shoes?

    • Brad

      Hey, I was going to say that! LOL I bet a vegan taste like chicken. :) To follow vegan logic they should all be voluntarily sterilized, right? Any vegan with children in a hypocrite.

    • lisa

      no but i notice how they promote burger king because they can have a clear concience about horking down a veggie burger surrounded by such “carnage” when it suits their purpose

    • Jeff

      Most vegans I know do not wear leather shoes. You suggest they all do. You are an idiot talking out of your a$$.

      • Aleric

        Exceopt that he is correct, a lot of the Hollywood elites who support PETA do just that, walk around with leather shoes and purses.

        Jeff you are a Tool, stop being used by organizations like this. I will never stop eating meat or wearing leather and if you try and stop me I will exercise my constitutional right to defend myself.

      • Steve

        Jeff, you wouldn,t be having these violent outbursts if you ate meat.
        Now throw a nice thick steak on the barbie and calm down.

        As a side note every vegetarian I have ever known looks like they are dying of malnutrition. And wear leather shoes.

      • Duh!

        Damn Steve, you are making me hungry and I just had lunch.

      • A.A. Cunningham

        A lucid mind is a terrible thing to waste, Jeffy. More than likely, you lack an adequate amount of protein in your diet.

    • playrighter

      Typical ignorant comment from a meathead.

      • Ron

        Logic hurts doesn’t it?

      • Trad

        Which one, the vegan meathead or the logical meathead?

      • steve

        Again I must say malnutrition is probably the cause of your angry outbursts.
        A nice porterhouse steak medium rare will fix you right up. Rub some garlic butter on top just before serving.

      • Paul Revere

        Well Trad to clear up any confusion, we already know that vegans advocate giving up one pound of meat. SO if anyone is a meathead, it isnt going to be the vegan, they swore that pound off long ago so they could waste water on city sidewalks in order to pretend like they are actually contributing to society.

    • Johnny Rotten

      The shoes look like leather, but all the materials are of non-animal origin.

      Please excuse his ignorance, as he probably has never talked to a vegan.

      • Sanfords Son

        Global warming is caused by vegans who insist on wearing shoes, belts, and purses made from synthetic materials that are made from OIL!

      • john west

        Why talk to a vegan? All they talk about is vaganism and they speak veganese.

      • Skeeter

        No one in their right mind WANTS to talk to a vegan, unless its to tell them to get their flip flop, checked shirt wearing unshaven smelly selves out of the middle of whatever street they are stupidly standing in, waving a ridiculous sign instead of getting a job. Do-gooders cause more problems than they solve, always.

      • MaD dOG

        He probably can’t even find the Planet Vega on a star chart!

      • Emerald

        Vegan can talk? Bad enough that it smells like fish and looks like a half-open ‘calzone’. But I love it anyway.

      • Chad

        even if they are not leather, aren’t they perpetuating a style driven demand for animal skin by declaring that it is fashionable? how are people supposed to know its fake?

      • Hojo

        More animals die as a result of veganism than from a normal diet. The sheer amount of room needed to grow the vegtables a vegan devours kills tons of animals by destroying their homes and habitats. Cows are able to live off of natural grasslands that can support the cattle and the homes of animals naturally occuring there. If you want to be vegan that is your choice but don’t pretend you are doing it to save animals or that you are better than normal people.

      • steve

        Sorry Johnny.
        The “non leather material” is ground up low grade leather mixed in cement and formed with a heat press.
        When I,m not broiling steaks I,m a leather tanner.
        Just give it up an munch down a burger. You know you want it!!

    • veganman

      Not all of us. Leather free since ’93.

      • Curious

        Why are you leather free?

      • Richard Bolles

        Can anyone tell me where all the plant foods necessary for a healthy diet all grow togehter in an indiginous area? NO! If man were to be vegans or vegies then it would exist. It doesn’t and never did.
        So Veganism is as much a fraud as Global Warming. It has to be made up and imported. It is phony and contrived. It is a Lie! But go for it suckers – if the earth ever does change to where life starts to die out then, being the plants will die first, then at least, the meat eaters (me) will have a few months of Peta Free peace before we go.

        He who laughs last laughs best.

        PETA – Usfull Idiots for Communism. Unadulterated Stupidity.

      • Meateater

        I went totally carnivorous (all meat….Nearly Zero Carb) about 5 years ago… decision I’ve made in my life, regarding my health….and my Dr. has stated that my transformation has been “utterly remarkable”. I’m here to say, ditch the veggies and just eat meat…..all kinds of meat!!!

      • Trad

        Except that petroleum products were used in the clothing you wear and the raising of your food as well as the transporting your food and wares. This petroleum was from animals as well as plant life. You can’t get away from good ole animals. We have a brain. unlike Vegans.

      • Holugu

        No, not yet. not until I skin yuo.

    • Jill

      they aren’t leather. :) vegan shoes are easy to find and look like leather. i am wearing some right now.

      • Dreamtime

        I appreciate your thoughts about ethical treatment to animals. However, PETA is as unethical an organization as you can get with a long history of cruelty to humans. Not to mention most are clearly insain in their approach to this subject. I love animals and I love meat, I eat more veggies than meat though for good health. I would like to know where we draw the line here, and these girls obviously have no concern for the sulfides that they are washing down the city sewer systems with their public bubble bath, and that water is reclaimed. It is all so stupid. BTW: Where were all you vegans when the senate passed S510 food saftey bill that prevents private citizens from having gardens, farmer’s markets, or storing heirloom seeds? I think we should have a choice and the first one is safe food of all types to be made available. The FDA is not doing their jobs and are lackey’s to MONSANTO the GMO food king!

      • Nyarlathotep

        Aren’t Vegans who wear fake leather products still guilty of promoting leather as a fashion? It’s a tacit admission that leather is cool. Wouldn’t Vegans who were truly serious about their dogma just wear clothing that was visibly plant-based?

      • Jill

        Also, most of us are ethical vegan. We don’t like the cruelty that goes into a product. I’m not vegan because I don’t like the way meat tastes or the way fashion looks…I’m vegan because abusing animals for any reason when we have the technology to not do so is egregious.

      • Burt

        ProBaby some petrochemical products.

      • steve

        Sorry Jill.
        Your shoes are ground up leather mixed with a resin and formed in a heat press.
        I was in the business before I retired.

      • Andrew P.

        why would you purchase something that “looks like” leather? Short answer: You aren’t doing it for the environment, or the animals, you are buying faux leather because you are CHEAP.

    • Tarmangani

      And their whips are usually made of leather as well.

  • CK

    California … sheesh.

    • Trynfindit

      Ahh, California – the land of fruit and nuts.

      • MDWhite

        Ahh, Massachusetts – the land of Kennedy’s and dimwits.

      • MDWhite

        Sorry. Forgot to mention…PETA is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia. You were saying…?

      • Erik

        …and FLAKES!

      • bob

        Don’t forget the Flakes!

      • Andrew P.

        also the land of medical marijuana and (hold for b0ng t0ke….)

        what was I saying?

  • bob

    if I stopped eating veggies, how much water would that save?

    • Johnny Rotten

      None, because on a per calorie basis animals require more water.

      • Duh!

        But on a per item (one plant or one animal) basis, plants use more water than animals.

      • CommonSense

        Cool. Let’s kill all of the animals and that should save a TON of water!!!

    • heatherfeather

      Save? The amount of water on earth is always constant. Where do you think water goes? Outer space?

      And why do these PETA attention whores always do naked stunts? No one is going to stop eating meat, but it might make horny boys pull theirs…EEP!

      I’m keeping my clothes on, and eating a ribeye!

  • Mike

    If I stopped bathing in the streets for hours at a time, how much water would that save?

  • Nobrainer’s Think Tank » Dear Peta,

    […] you insist on prancing around naked in objection to my meat-eating ways, then I accept your win-win situation and promise to consume more meat on the assumption that it […]

  • Julie Eileen

    Isn’t this the same group that slaughters up to 95% of the companion animals unfortunate enough to make their way to PETA’s ‘shelters’? What a ridiculous organization.

    • Lawrence

      That’s the PETA I have come to know.

      • Tim

        PETA = People for the Extermination of Strayed Animals.

    • steve

      Yes but they did it for the right reasons. That ever those are?

  • steve

    As a farmer, I can’t even begin to tell you how much water is used to thoroughly wash those green, leafies that the PETA crowd wants everyone to eat.

    Grow yourself a pound of spinach and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    • Johnny Rotten

      Now grow yourself enough spinach to feed to animals to create a pound of meat, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

      • Eat Me 2

        I thought PETA was about the ethical treatment of animals? Not banning animals for food. If the farmer raised and killed the cow humanely would PETA then be satisfied? I do not think so because they really want to control how everyone behaves and thinks.
        Animals eat animals inhumanely want to stop predators too? Geez.
        This is not about water, meat, or vegans, this is PETA trying to rouse more money for their terrorist projects and stunts.

      • carnivore

        You’re all making me hungry. I think it’s time for a steak.

      • pat

        Good Idea, I think I will go eat a pound of meat. With plenty of spinach on the side.

      • Ignoramous

        They don’t feed spinach to farm animals, that would be too expensive. Inedible plants are often fed to animals (such as alfalfa), though the beef industry does use some grain to increase body mass. The domestication and breeding of livestock was one of the first steps towards civilization. It would be very hard to feed a 100% vegetarian society; one early frost would result in mass starvation. There is no self-sufficiency in vegetarianism.

      • Moonbat Masher

        Mind your own f***king business, If i want a steak I’ll have one and I won’t worry about what some fruit booter has to say about it.

  • Slappy

    Wow, left wingers trying to get people to stop eating animals by endorsing the objectification of the female form. Way to go, girls! You’re helping advance women everywhere!
    Naw, I don’t really care, but it’s funny when the left devours its own.

    • lisa

      Yeah and then the one girl promoting burger king and it’s veggie burger, so it’s o.k. for them to support an establishment that 95% of its menu is what they are dancing around and protesting all day. I think their brains need more protien!!!

    • m.g.

      I love your observation!

    • Victor

      Tip of the hat to you sir.

      Quite observant. And funny. And true. And I don’t care either. And yes it is.

  • Dave

    People of P.E.T.A. don’t have to eat meat but don’t tell me what to eat

    • DudB

      Very true. Don’t dictate to me what I eat, anymore than me telling them wht to eat. Dave, I truly agree with you comment. Thanks

  • Slappy

    While you’re at it, why not offer a hummer to every guy who’ll promise to swear off meat? Put your money where your mouth… um, no, how about put your mouth where my meat…

  • JAlan

    Vegan Diet is unhealthy. You do not get the correct fats and proteins to keep Your gall bladder and liver healthy. Humans, like all Apes, were made to consume a variety of food types, including MEAT!
    These Libs have way too much time on Their hands.

    • Playrighter

      You might use some of your time to do some research. Vegetarians get plenty of protein. (Compare how many vegetarians have died of protein deficiency against the number of meat eaters dying of heart attack, stroke, etc).

      Check the smartest people in history for a long list of vegetarians. Check the library for books on how giving up meat and dairy reverse diabetes and heart disease. See how adding the protein in milk produces cancer, and taking it away eliminates it.

      Compare obesity rates of vegetarians vs meat eaters. Check out the diets of the world’s top endurance athletes.

      Or quite simply: check the facts and try dealing with reality.

      • Burt

        I hope all you meat eaters out there get your sprouts caught between your teeth

      • You SuCk playright & Johnny 2

        I see more fat vegans than I would care too, maybe all of those beans and rice? Many more athletes eat meat, than veggies alone. Although there is a body builder I know of who eats only veggies.
        But really I wanted to comment because your attitude really bites a rotten egg.


        Playrighter, you missed a really good point…Apes do not eat meat Ha!! You should read more throughly.
        Vegan diets, and a well balanced carnivorous diet are both fine if consumed appropriately to the bodies disposition and metabolism.
        That IS reality.
        BTW: heart attacks, strokes, etc… are suffered by vegans too and others for all kinds of reasons diet being a major contributor.
        PETA and You should get off of your pious high horse and educate people so they will make better food choices instead of pushing your own agenda for your own selfish reasons.
        Not everyone wants to live on veggies alone.
        BTW: I AM a vegetarian

      • Johnny Rotten


      • PRnemisis

        Playrighter, let’s look at perccentages. Also, lets look at meat eaters vs. say sugar eaters. I know many Atkins people who are healthy and less likely to obese that the half dozen vegans I know who are either overweight or malnurished. Stop the vegan lies.

      • Meat Tastes Great!

        Yeah Bogus Studies to fit your agenda. Gee I bet you believe in gobal warming also.

      • Playrighter

        Sorry. The only thing “bogus” is your myopia. Try looking at the studies, and then provide a factual rebuttal. Explain why doctors continue to urge more fruits and veggies — and don’t prescribe more meat. The only “agenda” I have is in providing useful information. And I’m not on the Global Warming bandwagon, either, so your “bogus” assumptions are zero for two. If you have facts to refute my posts, please provide them. There are a lot of people hoping to see such information.

      • Playrighterf

        To “Meat Tastes Great” (reply below)

        The studies are not bogus; your reasoning seems to be. If you have some factual documentation that disputes these studies, please provide it. Then please report the last time doctors urged people to eat less fruits and veggies, and more meat. Then check the autopsies, and compare the deaths from meat eating against the deaths from vegetable consumption (both other than tainted).

        PS: I’m not on the global warming bandwagon. So your assumptions are 0 for 2. The only “agenda” I have is the exchange of useful facts.

      • Trad

        You may sound like your an intellectual but how about knowing what your talking about. It is about getting all the essential amino acids in enough porportions and a few fats. Lettuce doesn’t have it all and so many vegans eveggtarians don’t know nutrition. Meat eater don’t either but oooh guess what they don’t have to. they get them all for meat.. +1

      • steve

        Studies usually produce the results the “researchers” predecided they will produce.
        When the U.N. did an 18 year study on the effects of second hand smoke on health it turned up a statistical ‘0’. The U.N. then just surpressed the study and continue to say it is dangerous although their own study disproved it.

      • Brother Maynard

        Or even more simply… stfu and let people decide what they want to put into their bodies for nutrition as opposed to using meaningless unverifiable stats to justify your need to control everything and everyone around you.

    • Veganman

      It’s all in what you put into your eating. Vegan can be healthy, but not without some knowledge. Most people are too lazy or stupid to eat healthy….period, hence our bigger than ever obesity rate. Regardless of how or what you eat, be smart about it.

      • Sez_1

        A Vegan diet may support life, but it supports growth but poorly. Children in Vegan families tend to be undernurished, underweight, and far behind the normal growth rate for children with a truely balanced diet.

        As a health care professional for 30 years, I have lost count of the number of children I have personally seen damaged by inappropriate diet, Vegan being one of the worst offenders. Indeed, the only children (3) that have died from restrictive diets have been from Vegan families. Dedication to this unnatural activity must warp the mind, why else would someone kill their child by feeding their newborn nothing but veggies, water and juice?

  • midwestnorwegian

    Where’s a senile car driver running up over the curb, and down the sidewalk when you need one?

  • Slappy

    HA, JAlan, you’re onto something there. I’ve personally known a veggie who had her gall bladder cut out. Her hair is limp, she’s always sick, and she’s forgetful. I figure it’s because she has an inadequate diet, since I knew her before she went on the diet.

    • Johnny Rotten

      I’m personally know a vegan who has been in perfect health for over two decades as a vegan, whose hair is thick and full, who never gets sick (even when those around him are all sick), and who is so unforgetful that he speaks a half a dozen languages.

      That’s not to say you can eff up a vegan diet, but drawing any conclusions from one case (in either direction) is foolish.

      • Veganman

        Well said Johnny.

      • steve

        Healthy vegetarian diets are possible but complicated according to a nutritionist friend of mine. It is much easier and safer to eat meat. I eat almost nothing but meat and have for most of my life. I am in perfect health.
        Oh one other thing: I am not Polish but even if I was you should not be using the racial slur “meathead” in your post. It really adds nothing to the discussion.

  • JustAGuy

    That driver’s insurance company should sue PETA.

  • SaneOne

    It’s quite simple really. Stop covering these idiots and these types of stunts will stop.

  • J Galt

    If we are not supposed to eat animals, then why are they made of meat?

    • Johnny Rotten

      If we are not supposed to eat babies, then why are they made of meat?

      • Johnny is rotten

        You are going to compare a human baby with a animal…Really
        Why is it so hard to mind your own business who care who eats meat and who is a vegetarian or who is vegan. Do vegans hate people who eat dairy but no meat?

      • Steve

        Try to keep this in your mind now Johnny. Remember! (You absolutely should not eat babies.)
        Again! (You can eat a chicken but not a baby! Chickens yes. Babys no!)

        Boy I hope Johnny understood.

      • Recovered Vegan

        Wait… we’re not supposed to eat babies ?

  • Lolz

    I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants.

    • steve

      Thank God for Lolz!
      Finally a vegetarian that realizes how amusing this conversation actually is!

  • Bubba Zanetti

    If carrots could scream, would you eat them too?

    • Tom W.

      No, but I will stab Brussel Sprouts. I hate the way they look at you.

  • Carny Vor

    Let’s all join together and sing “The Circle of Life” from Lion King.

  • m.g.

    PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals! WHOO HOOO!!

  • Scott Morris

    Hmmm, those girls look more Los than Vegan. Nothing like an attractive nuisance to stop traffic in LA.

  • Frank Perkowski

    Once again this shows how absolutely immature and childish women have become. And they don’t want to be looked at as sex objects. Right.

    • Tom W.

      Naked women showering in public-hmmmmmmmmmm. Let’s not be too quick to condemn this.

      • Alan P

        So if we eat hamburgers in front of pretty vegan chicks, this will incentivize them to do various nude things in public? Hmm…

      • Common_Man

        Alan, I work down the street from where this stunt was performed. If the camera that took the above photo panned about 45 degrees you would see a very busy Jack in the Box.

  • midwestfarmer

    If God didn’t want us to eat meat, he wouldn’t have made it taste so good!

    • Playrighter

      I assume you eat your meat raw, as nature intended? Or do you need to cook and season it? So much for your argument.

      • Tom W.

        Nature provided us with fire, barbeque sauce and the Food Channel. So much for your half witted comment.

      • raw baby

        I love it raw…give me some salt and some extra lean ground beef or a good roast and I am ready to go! Outback is the only place that will serve “still mooing” steak….YUM YUM…and don’t even say “ohh, you will get tape worm”…have been doing it for 20+ years…never had tape worm.
        There is also a theory that the appendix was once used by the body to digest raw meat.

      • Trad

        That really makes you an idiot with that logic, I thought you were trying to be intelligent! Add grease to your lettuce to make some tatse.

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