VILLA PARK (AP)  — A 27-year-old man has pleaded not guilty to charges of threatening a Southern California councilwoman over remarks she made at a protest outside a gathering of Muslims last month in Yorba Linda.

Paul Dean Andrews was being held on $100,000 bail after his arraignment Tuesday.

Prosecutors say Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly contacted authorities after Andrews sent her a message on Facebook on March 3 threatening violence against her with weapons.

Authorities say Andrews was angry at Pauly over her comments at a February 2011 protest outside a charity fundraiser being held by an Islamic group.

About 200 protesters were assembling outside Villa Park City Hall Tuesday to demand an apology from Pauly during a City Council meeting.

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Comments (9)
  1. Incomplete stories are bogus. says:

    So…WHAT WAS IT SHE HAD SAID TO UPSET EVERYONE?? How could you leave that part out?

  2. Incomplete stories are bogus. says:

    Well, my bad — maybe. I’m unable to access the video in the story so perhaps you explain Pauly’s comments there.

  3. joe says:

    Okay, so the guy threatens the councilwoman
    he gets arrested.
    The councilwoman threatens the entire muslim community–what does she get?
    They both ought to be in thrown out of the country.
    Let them think about their actions there.

  4. Nomi says:

    better check home girls immigration status

  5. Hex the Italian says:

    Deport her!

  6. RDC says:

    This twit said that American Muslims are terrorists and that she knows some ex-marines who would be happy to help them get to paradise early.

    I’m encouraged to see from the video that the vast majority of the large crowd of protesters appeared to be non-Muslim Americans. Good for them!

  7. Crystal says:

    Why dont any of you go to any mosque on Friday and listen to what they have to say in their sermans. You’ll find that 99% of their sermans are focused against the American government and non muslim Americans. Maybe then you’ll see who the bigots are. THE TRUTH MIGHT JUST SET YOU FREE!!

  8. CHRISTIAN says:

    If they are not terrorists, why are they offended???

  9. Karen says:

    It seems like the clips aren’t showing the entire context, however, if it was in general that she did say that… nobody condones that type of language! however, I think people overreact as well… there are some people who seem to take political correctness too far and use it to further their personal agenda and even at times exaggerate or even lie to further the flames by rallying others to be “offended” in their behalf.
    It is hard telling what the REAL truth is anymore. I do know that I see more often than not in this country where political correctness has taken away ALL common sense and to the detriment of our national security, personal safety and personal liberties on all levels.

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