GARDEN GROVE (AP) — Crystal Cathedral founder Robert H. Schuller says he strongly disapproves of an anti-gay covenant his church administrators asked choir members to sign.

Schuller told the Orange County Register Wednesday that the statement goes against the principles of tolerance, acceptance and positive thinking on which he built his 50-year-old ministry.

The Register says Schuller contacted the newspaper to say he did not know the covenant existed and would have personally never approved it.

The document says choir members should commit to being Christians by following the Bible in every way and understand that God intends sex to be between married heterosexuals.

Several choir members said they were upset by the statements made in the covenant and would refuse to sign it.

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Comments (21)
  1. Marius DePano Evangelista says:

    Sheila is the absolute worst preacher in the Universe. Her presence, presentation, and even that squeaky voice of hers is just TERRIBLE! Mr Schuller… her! BTW, I will no longer bring my dear mother there to attend services.

    1. Marius DePano Evangelista says:

      Don’t Confuse God with Religion you a-hole. The bible is mythology. Know the facts before you know the faith.

  2. Runningman says:

    Maybe you will bring your dear ol mother to hell with you…If you are living like there is not God you had better be right.

  3. Duh! says:

    “Several choir members said they were upset by the statements made in the covenant and would refuse to sign it.”

    So the choir members only have to obey the rules of Christianity when it suits them. They can ignore anything they don’t feel like following. Such hubris thinking that they know better than God.

    1. Robear says:


      No one can fathom the Will of God. It is beyond our understanding and intelligence. The message of Christ is clear, however: “Love thy neighbor”.

      It is a message of acceptance and compassion. Methinks you should start acting like you are indeed a “Christ-ian”…

  4. How sad... says:

    Real hubris is when people pass judgment on others when only God can do that. Besides how stupid is it to make someone sign a written covenant when God is omniscient and knows what is in a person’s heart. The self-righteous and those who love to spread words of hate will have their day of judgment.

  5. JF6921 says:

    This is NOT following Christ. This legalistic attitude does nothing but drive people away from God. LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

  6. Lenny says:

    I would have signed it.

    1. Robear says:


      Tell me, how would you explain that to God when you meet Him at the end of your days?

      1. Lenny says:

        Robear – Very easily. I would say that I followed my beliefs.

      2. Robear says:


        That’s probably what Adolf Hitler said too.

      3. Lenny says:


        Now you say it I can see the comparison!!

        Lenny – Hitler – Lenny – Hitler

        I think your the one who is going to be questioned Robear and you better have the right answers my friend!!

    2. Robear says:

      When I am held accountable for my deeds and actions, I hope to have the wisdom and humility to answer candidly, from the bottom of my heart, not relying on what others told me, but on what I know deep down inside is right or wrong.

  7. So what!! says:

    Religion is Stupid.

    So church asked members to sign Anti-Gay covenant?

    I thought GOD doesn’t judge people??

    if so, people judge people.

    Religion is nothing but a fraud.

  8. So what!! says:

    Religion is nothing but a feel-good self-prophecy theory.

    Science & history proved religion wrong over and over again.

    So their teaching & principles have been modified to co-exists with modern society/cultures.

    Religion is Bogus.

  9. Robear says:

    Remember that episode when Christ enters the Temple, grabs a whip and kicks the vendors out?

    How appalled Jesus would be if he were here now and saw how greedy people have turned His Father’s House into big busine$$! The Crystal Cathedral and other such houses of worship aren’t about God, they’re all about money!

    And onto those who refuse to unconditionally love & accept their brethen, He would say: “White-washed sepulchers!”

    1. Lenny says:

      But what your forgetting about the episode is that people were handing out booklets at the entrance of the temple that day which had all the small print relating to the comments that were made and in that booklet it states subject to gay people.

      1. Robear says:

        For once I agree with you, that would have been plenty sufficient to inspire a Divine Rage!

  10. White Trash says:

    Church is nothing but catering for people who can’t face reality & can’t think for themselves. They need reassurance from GOD to justify life & make it worthy of living.


    How about an anti-sin covenant?

  12. Tom says:

    This points out the difference between grocery stores and churches. Grocery stores sell food to everyone and do not inquire about their values. Some non-profit churches discriminate.

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