LOS ANGELES (AP) — Serena Williams tells USA Today that she’s at the end of (her) rope” after several physical setbacks that have kept her off the court since July.

In an interview published in Wednesday’s edition, Williams says it has been a “tough year.”

Shortly after her fourth Wimbledon title, Williams cut her foot on some broken glass at a restaurant — resulting in a pair of surgeries. Then last month, she suffered a pulmonary embolism and was hospitalized to remove a grapefruit-sized hemotoma from her stomach.

The 29-year-old says she was “definitely depressed” after the second foot surgery: “I cried all the time. I was miserable to be around.”

The former No. 1 player in the world insists she’s determined to return to the dominant form that led her to 13 Grand Slam singles titles.

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Comments (15)
  1. ODB says:

    Chin up Serena, we still love you.

    1. Henry G. Det.,MI. says:

      Cheer up Serena. Just pray and have faith.Everything will be alright. Much love to you.

  2. Kendog says:

    Serena is still number one in my book.She will be back.

  3. Robear says:

    The great “legends” are those who knew when to call it quits, rather than become parodies of themselves.

    Time to retire and take a bow while she is still on top. Keep her glory intact. Otherwise we’ll be treated to her being humiliated on the courts.

    It’s not like she needs the money, right?

    1. PopaLove says:

      Relax. God know you needed a break from all the nonsense. look in the mirrow This timeoff you*ll come back stronger than you were. Just believe. I wish the best. Stay Sexy. B-more. PopaLove

  4. drozone69 says:

    Adrian Peterson recently voiced he is a modern day slave in his nationaly recognized Twittwer blog and the mainstream media.I had a mullato childhood friend with exceptional sprint speed.When he presented the first place ribbon to his father fot bieng the fastest kid in the elemtary shool.His Black father tore up the goldribbon and scorned him for “Performing for whitey”. I was present and never will forget his hate for whitey.His son,my best friend was idolizing his father and took that to heart and never again performed athletically.He could have been another Justin Fargas here in the SFV.But instead followed his father into alcohalism.Sad but true.I think she needs love,a man,a child,and a home.

  5. Tim Pool says:

    Serena!!! you and your sister to me are great.. I dont even like to watch ping pong are tennes.. You and your sister are very special however to me. Yes you are studlesses and sexy. That is not the reason I like you both. You are women!!!! I dont know you but I think you both have much power. I think if you was a stay at home Mom—you would be great… I just like you both. I have been wrong before—–one time hehehehe. Ok twice!!! I just like you both ok. Im a big Vikings fan for almost 40 years… I am loyal is my point. Though I dont really watch your games because I dont have the time are interest dont mean Im not glad when you win. Its ah fun sport to play but like bowling to watch. Your health is my concern. Get well ok. Get well are Ill kick your as-……… Just dont hit back ok hahahahahaha!!! You would hurt me to much. Ok enough said!!!! Get well and win another are just go into it doing your best. Your always a winner to me. Oh and by the way. You and Joe Webb would make a great couple. You need to meet him . I just really think so ok!!!

  6. SybilJean Davis says:

    Hope You get well Serena. Without good health nobody can be a sports player. She has some very serious health concerns. A pulmonary embolism is nothing to scoff at. If she never plays again, she doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody. She and Venus have been on the list of the Greatest female tennis players. Everyone has to quit playing sooner or later. Right now, I wish her better health. People will always hate her and Venus for whatever reasons that they have, but many people miss them in the tennis circuit. Get well Serena, we miss you.

  7. mstara72 says:

    Serena, don’t let this little setback get you down I was diagnosed with PE on February 3, 2011 with several blood clots in both of my lungs. This is only a TEST and you will have a TESTIMONY to tell.

  8. Helen Brown says:

    Serena I’m a 62 year old mother of 4 girls and 1 son,who really enjoy watching you and your sister Venus play tennis,but what is most important is your faith in God.So you know that the God you serve is able to do all things,so don’t let the devil make you think that your God is not looking out for you,just remember this just a test.Please keep the faith and get back on the tennis court soon.I LOve you,but God loves you more,keep looking up.

  9. Gary says:

    Ms. Serena Williams,

    I pray the message reaches you in time.

    It is amazing how no one has mention that
    you have what is called a – Mineral Deficiency.

    I bet you lack Selenium, Calcium and over
    80 other minerals in your body.

    Please have yourself check for this condition
    before it’s to late.

  10. samson says:

    Baby, you be okay. Believe and have in God, who is capable of doing all things. Remember you have to fight for yourself just as you do in the court. you and your sis are blessed.

  11. Eric W.Joseph says:

    tennis Queen! it is never over until it’s over, now is the time to pray and believe in God. Only he knows why what happen. This is the time for an other winner, the one you need most in life.

  12. Glynis Davis says:

    Tennis Queen, Just believe that God is Real and has all power . Just pray daily and you will be fine. Be Blessed Your Friend in Manatee County, FL

  13. selena williams says:

    Best health wishes and know that we’re all praying for you. I am a true Tennis lover and without you and Venus in the game it’s not as fun to watch. You both are so unpredictable and that’s the joy you guys bring to the courts. Ms. Williams put you Faith first and let God lead you the rest of the way. Many blessings to a true Champ and never worry about what anyone says about you.

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