LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police are warning a now-infamous UCLA student to take extra precautions after she received death threats in response to her online anti-Asian rant.

Alexandra Wallace has apologized for her “Asians in the library on cell phones” rant that was posted on YouTube just hours after that massive earthquake hit Japan.

But as KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports, since the video debuted online, death threats have flooded Wallace’s email and telephone.

Chancellor Gene Block says the comments in the video do not represent the views of the UCLA community.

An anonymous poster leaked details of where Wallace would be taking finals, prompting police to advise her to reschedule for her safety in light of the death threats.

Police at the university are investigating the threatening calls and e-mails.

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Comments (43)
  1. Gabriel Hill says:

    They should be investigating the hate crimes against her.

    1. Rice Boy says:

      More TAX money spent on something not worth the air she takes in. How much PD overtime has she used up already?? I’m sure patrol is right out side her 3 car garage 24/7 charging tax payers $80 per hour in OT and benefits while idling a V8 crown vic.

    2. Sam says:

      Exactly what hate crime has she committed. I don’t like what she said, but she does have the right to say it in this country.

      1. Gabriel Hill says:

        The hate crimes are the death threats made against her.

    3. Rolling Eyes says:

      I didnt hear anything from her that sounded like a hate crime other than the opinion of what they do when they enter a library….It would be know different than classifying a woman or a girl…..There is a freedom of speech in this country and what she said was opinion only and not related to a hate crime….Give me a break!!…This story is dumb and a waste of time……Also making it bigger than what it is…and now death threats??? well we know who controls this state now…

      1. john doe says:

        you’re a racist. its clear

      2. You had me until “well we know who controls this state now. 🙄

  2. So what!! says:

    i think she just needed more time to study for her Finals exam so what better way than to lie about such threats. She was obviously disturbed & stressed out bout her Finals so making such foolish racist rants to get EXTRA days to do her EXAM.

  3. Rice Boy says:

    She should do a porn flick since she will never get a real job now during background checks.

    1. Why Finals says:

      She doesn’t need finals anymore. She has the industry to give her 20k a bang. Why take finals for a useless degree which will not get her a real job.

      Who here would watch her movie?? As famous as Paris.

  4. Ed Rooney says:

    UCLA is surrounded by Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Palisades, Westwood, ALL MULTI-MILLION $$$$ neighborhood so there’s nothing to worry about for this illegal trailor trash.

    She just using this case to gain extra study time for the Finals & postpone her Finals to when she is ready.

  5. Al Sanchez says:

    I love it when the word Racist is constantly used. Everyone is racist! If you deny it you’re lying. She was wrong in openly criticizing Asians. But, remember, everyone is racist.

    Al Sanchez

    1. sanityforus says:

      Oh thats a ridiculous comment coming from one who should KNOW about ‘racism’ . Have you as a ‘hispanic’ NEVER encountered someone who was ‘not’ happy about your race ? Never been looked at the ‘wrong’ way ? I find that ODD, unless you live in a ‘cave’ !!

    2. Bek says:

      Al, you’re completely wrong. I’m Mexican, Spanish, Chinese, Hungarian and Filipino. There’s a lot of us out there. We’re not racist because we’re able to celebrate all of our difference cultures we come from. Being racist for us would mean hating ourselves. Ya, I agree there are a lot of ignorant, misinformed people out there but, there are also a lot of people who embrace these wonderful differences and how it enriches our lives. Don’t let one more ignorant, bimbo regardless of race take that away.

    3. Sarge says:

      And this coming from someone who should Know all about racism (with 20+Million of your illegal countrymen and women in this country already and more coming every day) !!! I have yet to meet a hispanic person that does’nt hate white people so you got a helluva lot room to talk Bucko !! Especially when they come here and talk SMACK about MY COUNTRY AND IT’S PEOPLE and deplete all of our public resources,live nasty like they did in their own cesspool of a country that they are too scared to stand up and take back themselves.It’s people like you that need not say anything.What that girl did was wrong on many levels and i am disgusted by her behaviour,but you are the last person to be spouting off about racism!! I fought for this country along with many races of men and race did’nt have anything to do with the fact that we all shared a common goal,KEEP OUR COUNTRY SAFE !!!

    4. Lindsay says:

      You’re right! Studies have shown that every child shows racism by the age of three, with or WITHOUT influence.

    5. john doe says:

      everyone is NOT racist.

    6. millificent says:

      if you consider a racist as someone who believes race determines instrinsic qualities in individuals, then yes, I can agree that probably everyone at a certain age becomes racist. But if you think racist means someone who thinks one race is superior to others, then I don’t believe that everyone is like this. And even if everyone was like that as you claim, that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing just because everyone is like that.

  6. Sam says:

    What a moron. She can study all she wants, but the onyl people who will hire her are people who forget easily or the porn industry. Game over, lady.

  7. Jon says:

    She’s obviously not too bright. Payback will be hell for her.

    I agree with rice boy. She should contact Vivid Video for future employment.

    1. Heh always nice to have a backup plan

  8. Billy Bob says:

    I bet she will double D’s her finals.

  9. DK says:

    Just another bimbo. You can’t blame her for the stupid ramblings that came out of her mouth since there has been little knowledge put within her head.

  10. tdogg says:

    I feel a “web redemption” in the works for TOSH.O

  11. Asian Mofo says:

    She’s blond…obviously no common sense. It’s funny cause when a white person does something racially incorrect the police come to her aid. If it were an Asian person who did this then they’d probably take that person in for questioning. I hope the Asian will eventually track her down, she deserves it!

    1. tdogg says:

      I am asian and clearly this was a huge mistake on her part. That being said with her attitude Life and society already has a way of punishing people like her, no need violence or threats man. Especially now…the whole world thinks she’s an idiot, and living with that for the rest of her life is punsishment enough.

    2. Lindsay says:

      You’re a complete moron for associating hair color with iq.

      When a white person says something remotely racist or is proud of their heritage, they’re bombarded with people calling them racists.

  12. Asian Mofo says:

    WOW I just watched her video on YouTube and she is RACIST!!! It’s sad because she is a reflection of how her parents raised her. Living in LA and going to UCLA, you have to adapt to a diverse community. There are so many cultures in this city so being white does not make you any better than them. This girl might stereotype the Asians but I bet you the majority of them are a lot smarter and will have brighter futures than this piece of trailer trash.

  13. marie says:

    are you all aware of how many illegal people live here… they are of many races and color, some of them may be your ancestors.. so dont overrate who is illegal in this country. As for this video, it was heartless of her to go as far as posting this on a video. SHE IS A BLONDE!!!

  14. Lindsay says:

    I don’t see the big deal. Yes, she said racist comments but those are no worse than all of the Blacks and Hispanics who bash on white people all day on youtube. I don’t see why she wouldn’t be able to find employment.

  15. ConradDubbs says:


    I don’t see the big deal. Yes, she said racist comments but those are no worse than all of the Blacks and Hispanics who bash on white people all day on youtube. I don’t see why she wouldn’t be able to find employment.

    Mainly because whites have done it to everyone for years- not to mention many acts of violence that went unpunished…now the boomerang is coming for “you”…

  16. Asian Persuasion says:

    This stupid white honkey, cracker, trailer trash, wet dog smelling biatch will get executed by the Japanese Yakuza……

    Tokyo Drift style!!!!!

  17. Joe Stud says:

    I’d do her for $20.00

    1. casejoker says:

      twenty dollahs make u hollah

  18. James Jameson says:

    It is amazing that someone in college, can be so ignorant. Her use of the word “like” typifies the ignorance of young people. Shame on you and I hope you can deal with the consequences of your foolish actions.

    Some people are fools and some open their mouth and prove it.

  19. casejoker says:

    if the asian students wanted her dead, she be dead by now. they would have sent in the ninjas.

  20. CCTEACHER says:


  21. miss tapia says:

    How did she get accepted at UCLA? I wonder how… Maybe she used her size double d breasts? Darling, expect for D grades on your exam.

    1. Looks like UCLA sure has lowered their standards.

  22. Death threats are ridiculous. Freedom of speech, even if the message is disgusting.

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