Japan Meltdown Risk Stirs Fears Over SoCal Nuclear Plants

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The safety of Southern California’s two nuclear power plants are facing increased scrutiny in the wake of the catastrophic quake that has left Japanese nuclear officials scrambling to ward off a widespread meltdown.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports that despite being located on the coastline in a tsunami zone and near earthquake faults, plant operators say there’s no immediate threat to the state.

The two-reactor Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant near San Luis Obispo and Southern California Edison’s twin-reactor San Onofre plant are pressurized water reactors.

Diablo Canyon was built to withstand a 7.5 magnitude quake, while Edison’s Gil Alexander says San Onofre could handle a magnitude 7.0 temblor and a 30-foot-high tsunami.

However, there are already calls for a moratorium on new nuclear plants until federal procedures for nuclear emergencies are ironed out.

Officials also want a review of existing procedures to keep reactors cool in the event that both the power grid and backup systems fail.

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One Comment

  1. shezz says:

    Earthquake in Hawaii, Japan 2011 Tsunami Videos and Photos at http://bit.ly/hK3nZD

  2. MG says:

    We need to close these plants. They are not good. They closed Rancho Seco in Sacramento and Trojan Nuclear Plant in Oregan and the rates went down, now up, as the plant builders falsely argued.

    Nuclear Power is just not worth the risk.

  3. Jeff says:

    I live near and worked at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant on the Hudson River in New York, 28 miles north of NYC. this plant is the oldest in the country and NEEDS to be CLOSED NOW! Their are 3 reactors there but Reactor 1 isn’t used because it had a meltdown or partial meltdown way back in the 70’s. they said “don’t mention it to anyone”! thats the trouble with the Nuclear Industry in USA, they lie, lie, lie. and cut corners and so-on.

    1. Diana Stewart says:

      Dear Jeff,
      We are having a program on the dangers of Indian Point on April 10 at Community Church of New York, 40 E. 35 St between Park and Madison in NYC. It is a Unitarian-Universalist Church, open to everyone.

      We would very much appreciate it if you could join us and share your experience and views.

      Diana Stewart dstewartlmsw@gmail.com

  4. Lucija Jovanovic says:

    “John Brooks reports that despite being located on the coastline in a tsunami zone and near earthquake faults, plant operators say there’s no immediate threat to the state.”

    How comforting. No immediate threat. Diablo can withstand a 7.5? How about an 8, or 9?
    We could easily have clean, safe sources of energy if only the rich would make profits from it. That’s the glitch, right there.

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