Pilot Injured In El Segundo Helicopter Crash

EL SEGUNDO (AP) — Authorities say a helicopter lifting a load at an El Segundo office complex has crashed and caught fire, seriously injuring the pilot.

Fire Department Battalion Chief Richard Geyer says the Sikorsky aircraft went down Sunday morning while lifting an air-conditioning unit off the roof of a building at the Raytheon plant about one mile south of Los Angeles International Airport.

The helicopter plunged into a patio area, setting the building’s first and second floors ablaze. Geyer says the fire was knocked down in about 30 minutes. Nobody on the ground was injured.

Federal Aviation Spokesman Mike Fergus says the pilot was pulled from the cockpit just before the aircraft burst into flames. The pilot was taken to a hospital.

Fergus says the Sikorsky was completely destroyed.

The cause of the crash will be investigated by the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board.

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  • Pete Jongbloe

    Crash occurred about 9:30 this morning. My wife and I were at our sons: soccer match at Campus Field about half a mile North of Raytheon where the crash occured when the chopper went down.

  • Sa. Smith

    isn’t it llovely that this story was NOT covered on the KNX 11am news broadcast. Instead, we get the oh so important “food news”.

    KNX just needs to stop claiming themselves to be a news station, as they clearly no longerl believe in carrying the news.

    • Braniff Surtees

      KNX News has been in the dumper since George Nicholaw
      was “retired.”

    • RJ

      The age of 24 Hour news ended when KFWB became a sports channel then morphed into talk radio. KNX should stay with the news and leave entertainment to the other AM radio Stations.

      • Tony

        KNX and KFWB are I think owned by the same comoany now.

    • Jim

      Yeah not even during the traffic reports. I guess a stalled Honda on the 605 is more newsworthy.

    • justme

      I was an addictive listener of KNX since 1985 until a year ago. They have become a newx station known as KNOW NO NEWX



  • Charles Ostermeyer

    As a former resident of Los Angeles and still an active employee of Raytheon in Tucson, I am trying to find information about the helicopter crash that I first learned off on Fox News television. Unfortunately KNX has let me down.
    Tucson Osty

  • Jorge Luis Lopez

    My friends works at Raytheon & hopefully the helicopter did not crash into the building. What was the helicopter doing? Training for rescue missions in Japan at El Segundo??

    • Jose O Miranda

      Did you read the article? It said that it was removing an air conditioner unit. Read, before commenting and you won’t look so stupid.

  • Rick E.

    Back in the mid-80’s two small planes crashed over Sepulveda Blvd., one hit the ground in front of the Hacienda Hotel and the other crashed into what looks like the same Raytheon (then Hughes) building..

  • Braniff Surtees

    Among the helicopters that cross below the LAX airspace are helicopters
    manufactured at Robinson Helicopters at Torrance Airport though most of
    them fly low along the shoreline.

  • Goldy

    The helicopter that crashed was a Sikorsky S58 which was lifting material onto the building. Obviously, something went wrong.

  • Brett

    Hey that is why these morons on these posts should shut the F up……………..this is a post about a chopper crash, not a post about what news channel is the best…….

  • R.J.

    Where’s George Putnum or Jerry Duphie when you need them?

    • newsman in LA


  • Mark

    KNX did mention it this morning after it occurred. They dont need to run the story in to the dirt, the helicopter crashed and burned pilot survived enough said. Got a bunch of whiners in the post. If you dont like the news then go make some news and do something for the world otherwise shut the hell up.

  • hvs

    There was no mention of who pulled the pilot to saftey.The Pilot was pulled to saftey by Anthony Savedra an imployee of Excel Mechanical.

  • dude

    turbine failure happens…….the pilot could not pickle the load as needed because the proper safety check prociedure was not performed on the belly hook to ensure electronic release, gotta flip the switch from the manual release position on some models of belly hooks.
    nothing is foolproof i witnessed a drop of a external load due to the weird way the main shackle that was attached to the belly hook of same type of rotorcraft, twisted itself during transport and was un intentionaly pickled to the surprise of the ground crew, and the pilot.

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