SANTA ANA (CBS) — Israel Vasquez, the man who bedeviled 911 dispatchers the past year with more than 2,000 obscene 911 calls, plead guilty Friday and was sentenced to three weeks in jail and three years probation.

Vasquez, 24, pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor counts of annoying or harassing 911 operators, a misdemeanor count of possession of bogus government-issued identification, and a misdemeanor count of falsely representing himself to an officer, according to court records.

Vasquez has been deported twice and it was not immediately certain if Vasquez will be deported a third time. When he was arrested Feb. 25 he was placed in custody on an immigration hold, according to Jim Amormino of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputy District Attorney Bobby Taghavi offered the plea deal because he felt Vasquez should be heavily supervised.

“We put him on three years of formal probation because if there’s any restitution owed to the county or anyone else it gets paid and so he has a supervising probation officer who can make sure if he makes these calls again we know who to go to,” Taghavi said.

Two misdemeanor counts of making harassing calls to 911 were dropped along with two misdemeanor counts of possessing a bogus government-issued identification as part of the plea deal, Taghavi said.

Although investigators suspect Vasquez made thousands of obscene phone calls they only had evidence of the seven he was charged with because the disposable phones he made the calls with were thrown out, Taghavi said.

If Vasquez violates probation “he has about four years of jail time hanging over his head,” Taghavi said.

After Vasquez was arrested, Amormino explained his m.o. “If a male 911 operator answered, he wouldn’t say anything, hang up and call back hoping a woman would answer.”

One dispatcher received about 1,000 of the calls alone, Amormino said.

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Comments (15)
  1. Daniel says:

    Harrassing 911 operators with lewd calls? That dude seriously needs to GET A LIFE!

  2. Daniel says:

    Probably he couldn’t get anyone else to talk to him. Just look at his mugshot LOL.

  3. CAN says:

    Only 3 weeks????????? And will it be shorter for time served with “good behavior?”

  4. Rick says:

    Is this is what you construe as a better life? Is this your defenition as a hard worker who will do the jobs other will not?
    Most normal folks stop doing the crank call thing when they are 14.

    1. Illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal says:

      Rick, I totally get what you’re saying and I couldn’t agree more.

    2. Karen says:

      Not only do we stop at 14, I have never made THOUSANDS of calls. This guy obviously has too much time on his hands and why hasn’t he been deported? What is wrong with this city and state? Everywhere else, illegals are deported, except in CA.

  5. swhitS says:

    And, the people who advocate for illegals want his likes here?

  6. code says:

    This guy is dangerous to the law abiding people of the U.S., legal or illegal. Who knows what he will do next…Keep your children away from this creep! Supposing he commits a horrible crime against women or children after he is released? He will have a probation officer? That this mean he has to stay in the U.S?! You got to be kidding me!

  7. Comment says:

    Mental illness it must be a brain disorder.
    Surely this person has a purpose, maybe not
    in his country but he better wise up and find it in

    1. Karen says:

      I want him DEPORTED. Why in the world do YOU want him to stay? What is wrong with YOU?

      1. Kristanna says:

        Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very ipmortnat.

  8. Welcome to California says:

    This decision does not shock me at all. What is this District Attorney thinking? How many emergency calls were delayed due to this slug making these calls? This alone should lock him up, put him in criminal population or deport this criminal. Headline on this piece says it all.

  9. DEPORT HIM says:

    They better deport his butt. He is going to do it again and waste even more of our tax paying dollars. I think I am going to start calling 911 now and see what sentence they give me. What a joke!

  10. ODB says:

    What a jack-ass, nothing better to do.

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