El Salvadoran Official Wants Apology From Sheen For Putdown

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The El Salvadoran consul general in in Los Angeles has asked Charlie Sheen to apologize for what he says were disrespectful comments about the Central American nation.

Walter Duran made the remarks Thursday at a news conference held in response to Sheen, who said earlier this week that he’d rather move to El Salvador and sell shoes than battle his estranged wife in court for custody of their twin sons.

Duran also asked Sheen to consider opening a shoe factory, saying it is an opportune time since El Salvador recently began giving away shoes to needy students. He says he hopes Sheen will “correct” his comments about the country as soon as possible. Sheen’s 23-month-old sons with estranged wife Brooke Mueller were removed from his home last week.

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  • Welcome to California

    Charlie is going to be alright. As for the remark, it’s a non issue get over it.

    If anything he is promoting the shoe industry in this beautiful country. He could have said the same thing about Guadalajara, Mexico which is the shoe capitol of Mexico. Just happen to have a couple of pair the closet.

    No harm no foul, get beyond that Consul General, by the way you have diplomatic immunity…go figure that one out! Now thats wrong.

    • ME

      I agree, it is a non issue. As a person of Salvadoran descent I was not offended by the comment. I don’t see the negativity in the comment and I don’t think that he was trying to be mean.

      • lotsoflaughs

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      • Adolph

        Also agree ,as a person of Mexican descent I would not have been offended had he said he would rather open up a Taco stand in Mexico whats the big deal?

  • Graham Mackie

    Charile tell the el salvador’s consulate , to apologize for letting all the Salvador in to the USA .. all you people do is complain get the hell out of the USA
    Im sorry but I’m tired all you people coming to the USA and telling us want to say to you go back and then complain

  • HollywoodSaint

    I think Charlie should sell TIGER BLOOD in El Salvador…Duh, WINNING!

  • C-los

    I’m not offended by what he said, but if he said the f-word before mentioning El Salvador then we have a problem. But my Consul look like a punk. By asking for an apology that was correct. Then he ask to invest in a factory. What was the whole point of that? Come on stand your ground. I’m proud to be born in El Salvador.

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