EASTVALE (CBS) — The tape of five youths brawling at an Eastvale taco restaurant is going viral — and with good reason.

Fights like this are like something out of a Hollywood movie.

The videos (the fight is seen from three angles), appearing on Youtube, start innocently enough. A couple of kids standing around the restaurant…one on his cell phone.

Near the door, the guy on the cell phone greets someone coming in with “What’s up?” The way he says it and the person’s reaction, clearly indicates the two are not buddies. Punches start flying, their friends start getting into it.

One kid, holding a cat (or a small puppy), even drops the animal and starts flailing at another youth. You can’t make this up!

Horrified patrons of Tacos Del Rio run out, tables overturn, workers scream for the men to leave while calling for police…and while the fight only lasted about 45 seconds, there was more punching and kicking than during some MMA events.

The videoes have gotten more than 92,000 hits and counting.

Greg Mills, reporting for CBS2 News at 6 p.m., says the fight happened around 2 p.m. on January 5th.

The owner tells Mills that he has no idea how the store’s security tape got released and was initially worried the tape’s emergence would hurt business. But that hasn’t happened.

None of the fighters have come forward to ask that charges be filed.

Here is a link to the video.

Comments (133)
  1. tom says:

    its about time a news agency picked this up. dont go fight starting, its bad for your health. did they have a prior conflict? if not, boy those skaters take risks.

    1. Lucas says:

      haha blake brother got his a$$ beat by them white boys xD

  2. rjsmitty says:

    Tolarence goes both ways.

    1. Rjw says:

      Only if you can spell it…

      1. Shawn T says:

        Dude, like, 23 skidoo and mind the doorknob, like it’s _sooo_ obviouses
        that that there usage of ‘tolarence’ is hippy hop slang.

    2. FU says:

      Learn to spell, moron.

      1. ExSophus says:

        @Rjw, @FU,

        Give the poster (and us) a break! Try focusing on the issue.

        That was obviously a TYPO…having simply swapped the “a” and “e” positions.

        It’s the kind of trivial typo people make all time on the net and in emails. I occasionally make character-swap errors (at >100wpm) and sometimes simply either don’t catch them or I believe them not worth bothering to correct.

      2. American cleric says:

        Perhaps in your world where everyone gets a ribbon and and nobody fails a class …is something as civilized as “spelling correctly” an afterthought.

        The beautiful thing about the ignorant is they wear it on their sleeve…not out of pride mind you…they just wiped their nose and paddle forward into the day.

      3. sumday says:

        oh so sorry did someone offend the spelling nazi’s? I find it funny pl complain about spelling yet somehow even with bad spelling the reader can get this sound out the word and know which word the write meant. stop being so childish expecially on a comment board.

    3. Kurai says:

      “Tolarence”? Is that the name of one of those punks? If so, I don’t see how whether or not they go both ways is relevant.

  3. Frank Castle says:

    u show your intelligence with a class comment like that.

  4. Rick says:

    One thing, you do not OWN the cars you LEASE them and pass them from family member to family member during the duration of the lease because your entire pathetic familia all put together cannot afford it. That is why Repo Men are alive and well in the likes of Santa Ana & Pacoima.
    Now you go drive your nice car. while you live in a Bachelor Apartment with 16 additional family members.

  5. Stacey says:

    Illegals get free programs & services when out in the free world & they get free programs & services when they’re in prison. Most of Cali’s $$$ are spent fighting crimes of illegals.

    What is sickening is the fact that illegal babies born in the USA becomes automatic US Citizens. So wrong!!

    1. woonsocket says:

      Yo mom is is still fuggly.

    2. Sil Gotti says:

      STacey first off all your racist, the individuals in the Video are not even mexican…. second of all ARE YOU NATIVE AMERICAN??? surprise AT ONE POINT YOUR FAMILY WAS ILLEGAL….

      If closed minds came with closed mouths, what a wonerful world this would be…

      1. SourPuss says:

        Sil Gotti
        ” AT ONE POINT YOUR FAMILY WAS ILLEGAL….” What kind of a dumb statement was that? You mean if you aren’t a native Indian you’re ILLEGAL? Hardly! My family came over to America in the early 1900’s through legal immigration methods and were NEVER illegal. What do you think constitutes being illegal?

    3. sumday says:

      so now you are complaining about the consitution? Do you know how you got your citizenship? let me tell you the same way those illegal babies got theirs- you parents had nothing to do with your citizenship- and before you even say that clause was ment for slaves you should read the words of the writer of that bill when he says all people not owing any allegiance- he didn’t say all slaves and to top it off in 200yr the courts have upheld that interpertation so who should I believe you with an obviouse hate agenda and propganda or the writer of the bill along with fed judges. CA problems are due to greedy corrupt citizens who bankrupt banks just so the feds pay the banks back but still allow the banks to hold the person responsible for the loan that they were just paid back by the people! Also pl tell me what free programs they get? or what taxes you pay that they don’t? Ie they pay property, and sales tax which fund all those “free programs” as well as cops, and schools and income taxes is only if you make over the poverty line but min wage job would put u just above that- also any income tax they do pay is never filed for so the gov keeps that! but being illegal they work less than min wage- do you have any other false propganda?

  6. Lair says:

    don,t make this racial it.s just a bunch of guys with too much testrostron exuse my spell but get over it men are men and what they do sometimes does not make any scence but it has no nationality. smart up people this is not about your personal oppinion it’s just life for real get over it

  7. Acooper says:

    There are NO mexicans fighting in this video,the two guys are BLACK and the other three are WHITE.

    1. bursrkr says:

      The two guys are one black, one white. The other three are white, white, hispanic

      1. Kurai says:

        Actually, I think the group consists of:

        1 black
        2 whites
        1 hermaphrodite
        1 mormon (but I could be wrong about that one)

    2. woonsocket says:

      No black Messikids ??????????

  8. Lair says:

    you are right Johny there are a lot of domb ass white people but what shade of white are we talking about? are you pure ? what makes you ? and are you really good with that? We are all men on this planet. hpoe you will join.

  9. Mufon says:

    LA82, we get it, you’re smarter than everyone else and you don’t like whites. Give us a break, will ya? We’re not as good as you, but no need to gloat at your superiority.

  10. la82 says:


    First, the majority of my coworkers and clients are white. I have no problem with whites. Some of my best friends are whites. Very tolerant and educated people.

    Second, I am not better or smart than anyone. If you read the ignorant racist comments correctly there is a sense of superiority by these people merely because of their race. Really? In the real world it shouldn’t matter what color your skin is, but these morons don’t get that through their pee brain. They just aren’t very smart individuals. Unfortunately they wont realize this until someone points it out to them. Which i will more than gladly do. No need to accuse anyone or belittle, i like to state facts. And the facts are, every race commits the same type of crimes and every race has blood suckers who work the system.

    1. ricardo4max says:

      How many of these videos showing people acting violent do we see containing white folks? Exactly!

  11. vince says:

    Well from reading the post obviously white people and brown people are racist. I hope they do not start banning these post cause they are funny as hell going both ways. I dont think these people will ever physically hurt each other as you don’t see latinos and whites not get along in society. Basically they just leave each other alone and these post do not offend me. I actually enjoy the back and forth banter. If you get offended or take these post serious, its just talk man, loosen up. Now back to the race wars!

  12. alexuh says:

    First of all thers no mexicans fightinq two of them are black nd the other 3 are white i noe who they are and plus everyone should just stop beinq racist to eachother..

  13. CHURRO says:

    I know the people in this video/brawl.
    I can give u all the details for $600.
    This is not a joke.

    1. Wally Wharton says:

      Ooo–wow! Secret Spanish gang language– I’m IMPRESSED (and double-locking my front door!)

    2. bursrkr says:

      who cares? they’re all a bunch of punk pukes. We all know who they are, and that they go to Roosevelt Highschool. I’m really surprised that Andy and Barney, I mean Riverside co. Sheriff’s Dept. hasn’t gone after the head-booter and filed felony charges. Doesn’t matter, they got what was comming. Eastvalle used to be a nice little town until THEY moved in.

    3. Minorkle says:

      Will you take $375

    4. Terry Cheek says:

      are u serious? this is Striped Sweater.. Who are you and how do i know you??

    5. Kurai says:

      I’ve got $5 if you will just go away. Seriously–cash money, right now. This is not a joke.

    6. Joe says:

      Those guys fight like girls

  14. Big Papi says:

    nice last name

  15. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    I think they can probably make this part of the TB dining experience at select restaurants and open a new paradigm in fast food fun and fighting.

    ——- http://911essentials.com

  16. J. A. Mc. says:

    Not surprising coming from California.

    1. sun ra says:

      You must drive a big car or truck to have such envy

  17. John says:

    You’re right, Stalin killed more people than any other person in modern times and he was white, if you consider Russians white. The only people that come close was Pol Pot and of course the Chinese. Of course when it comes to wiping out entire cavitations the Spanish win, no contest. The destruction in the name of greed goes to Spain.

  18. So what!! says:

    Another day another illegal making Headline news

    1. tubaman says:

      how true,howtrue

    2. Drudge Retort says:

      They’re not Mexicans. Try actually watching the video.

      Typical Drudger

  19. Wed Backs in the Headline news again says:

    California is a safe haven for illegals.

    1. punisher says:

      And the internet is a safe haven for cowards and pedophiles like you

      1. bursrkr says:

        and you

  20. steve says:

    Well why do yall and blacks love to fight in fast food franchises? Yall just take eachother outback and leave us white folks alone ,how about that? And by the way ask a indian whats it like on that reservation cause yall keep it up and you know the rest of the story.

    1. junk says:

      “A crime”? Do you mean like J-walking or armed robbery? Look at the prison stats, homey.

    2. junk says:

      steve, i’ts only in IHOP and Denny’s that these fights break out. It’s typically cool in a Ruth’s Chris.

  21. Ed Rooney says:

    Damn illegals.

  22. Wally Wharton says:

    What’s your gang name? “Li’l Puppet?” or “”Li’l Clown?”

  23. Rex Range says:

    “Eastvale Locos, woot woot, knock out that white trash”? Are you F-ing kidding me? These people are in SOMEONE’S RESTAURANT. They have no right just on basic human values to tear the hell out of anything that doesn’t belong to them, starting with the restaurant. But that doesn’t matter to mongrelized, semi-human, quasi-American morons who watch this and say “woot woot.” Get all the decent people off the continent, torch the MFer to rid us all of trash like you and these “fighters” and start over.

  24. TDog says:

    The only thing worse than hitting a woman holding a baby is hitting a man holding a puppy.

  25. ryan says:

    John, most of the Natives in Latin America died of DISEASE. Their deaths were incidential, not intentional–though the Spaniards were not sorry to see them go.

    You should also ask yourself how less then 1500 Spaniards conquered Mexico by themselves. The answer is that they did not. They had indigenous tribes help them. It turns out that hatred of the Aztecs was enough for some Natives to side with the Spanish.

    1. Huh? says:

      What does that have to do with this?

  26. ditchdigger2 says:

    Sh-t happens.

  27. bursrkr says:

    I understand what your saying and I agree with the fact that there are effed up people in every race. I disagree with the mass murderer statement though. Were you refering to serial killers?

  28. The Last Dragon says:

    A good fistfight is as American as apple pie. As long as know one was seriously injured then all is well. The location of the fight was uncalled for. They could have easily moved that out to the parking lot and saved the restaurant employees and patrons allot of trouble and stress.

    All combatants should compensate all damages, plus a days wages to each employee, and a few free meals to the patrons. After that they shake hands and put the past in the past.

    On a side note the kid with the stripped shirt can fight. He waited for the first punch to be thrown and put that kid to sleep. Poetic!

    As for you racists, all races fight. You can call them trash or whatever but each stood their ground and protected their friend. Thats something honorable that came out of a less then honorable situation.

    1. DaveP says:

      Damn straight. Venue was poor. Kid in stripped shirt took care of his business. The over-confident attacker got a lesson how to fight. I wasn’t a real fan of the punching/kicking once he was knocked out though

      1. The Last Dragon says:

        “I wasn’t a real fan of the punching/kicking once he was knocked out though”

        I hear you on that one DaveP. IMO once its done its done. Fighting is one thing and killing someone is another. When the person is defenseless its time to move on to the next. It could have ended in some jail time had the initial aggressor (from what we saw on tape) died.

  29. Johnnie Walker says:

    Eastvale should be renamed to “Trashvale”. The RSO needs to step it up and make some arrests. Gang members on every corner. If I lived there I’d move the hell out ASAP!

  30. R. Wirz von Urikon says:

    I call that white man a liberal. Didn’t you know he was an anarchist? That his favorite book was Das Kapital [written by Karl Marx]?

  31. unacat says:

    When I lived in Colorado I worked with many Mexican people who did not like the U.S., but they never heard of Cortez.

  32. Taco defender says:

    You need to open your eyes. There are no….as you put it Mud People in this video. These are all of your PWT brothers! Get a grip.

  33. Hank Warren says:

    Illegal aliens and their ‘culture’, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  34. dareisay says:

    The point being, what is going on that these people want to fight, and in a restaurant?

    Our society is going to hell!

  35. old geezer says:

    Most times I agree with the posters on the groid, mud aspect of their rants. But, this time you guys are missing it. Punks or not punks, minority or not minority these guys stood up to each other in broad daylight and dished it out—straight-up. No guns, no knives, sticks or clubs, if you think it didn’t take guts on both sides then you try it. Which explains why it only lasted 45 seconds.

    1. Impishbrat says:

      Actually I agree with this old geezer. If you gotta fight, keep it with skin and knuckles, not hammers and choppers. That way no one’s momma is planning a funeral.

  36. Citizen Kane says:

    Honest, hard working, taxpaying citizens of the community out to grab a bite to eat and looking for a little entertainment.

    It is going to get a lot worse folks. Button down the hatches.

  37. Bub says:

    hey, thanks for the useless tiny video window. I immediately go watch this ON YOUTUBE.

  38. Crosscut says:

    They need conceal carry out there.

    1. waheeke says:

      You are only allowed to use your concealed weapon if you feel you life is in danger. I don’t think anyone’s life is in danger during that fight. If one had pulled a knife or gun, sure. Put if you kill a man because he punched you have fun serving a murder sentence.

  39. Hansjurgen says:

    Find them and send them to a 3rd world where they belong. We need to rid ourselves of idiots and punks – the sooner the better.

  40. tubaman says:

    knew as soon as I saw what the story was a about I could guess the ethnicity of those involved.Good luck,So.Cal. on your way to being part of Northern Mexico.

  41. sean patriot says:


    1. galliednomad says:

      Anyone that promotes racism is an evil moron.

  42. Kevin says:

    Katie Couric is useless. And all of you feminized men that like her are useless….

  43. George G says:

    More examples of the continued legacy of failed Bush/Cheny social policies.

  44. Viper says:

    This is why law-abiding citizens get conceal carry permits. This “fight” would have lasted 5 seconds here in Nebraska.

    1. waheeke says:

      So you would kill someone because they punched you? Concealer carry states that you’re only allowed to shoot if you feel your life is threatened. Punching someone isn’t life threatening. You would get a murder sentence for that.

  45. Testrostron says:

    I have a new screen name! Thanks!!

  46. Rastabrother says:

    Ahahaha those white boys got beat like little girls, the same way white American cowards hide behind their failures by blaming others like illegals, gays, and so on. White people chill out it’s not every others problem why you choose to live in a trailer married to your cousin

  47. Soc TV says:

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  49. Pokey says:

    Charlie Sheen Caught on Video Tape at County Jail!!!


  50. BREAKING NEWS says:


    Charlie Sheen caught on video tape last night at the LA County Jail:


    1. Joe Iubdi says:

      I wish the parents of these animals were all sterilized. If you’re on welfare and already have two kids, why not compulsory sterilization if you want to keep getting paid to not work? In fact why not cut off welfare so people actually work and have less time on their hands to fight? What a bunch of sick animals.

      Law-abiding citizens need to have more children, and these monkeys and apes who don’t raise their children right (and have lower IQ anyway as it’s nature AND nurture) need to stop reproducing. Then we’d all be winning and getting our #winning and #tigerblood t-shirts at http://www.happymediumtees.com/

  51. Cousin Eddie says:

    The guy in the black jersey gets totally OWNED!!!11!!!

  52. charlie sheen t-shirts says:

    I wish the parents of these animals were all sterilized. If you’re on welfare and already have two kids, why not compulsory sterilization if you want to keep getting paid to not work? In fact why not cut off welfare so people actually work and have less time on their hands to fight? What a bunch of sick animals.

    Law-abiding citizens need to have more children, and these monkeys and apes who don’t raise their children right (and have lower IQ anyway as it’s nature AND nurture) need to stop reproducing. Then we’d all be winning and getting out #winning and #tigerblood t-shirts at http://www.happymediumtees.com/

  53. Rob Meier says:

    Boys will be boys. We have become feminized that we take such offense to this. Just look at old John Wayne movies. It was perfectly fine to get into brawls 40 years ago.

  54. ProfNickD says:

    What a bunch of monkeys — I’m assuming their parents probably act the same way.

  55. Reality Sandwich says:

    All the more reason to close the borders.

  56. Press One for English says:

    I’m always armed with my 9mm. If one of these thugs were to do it in my presence, I can guarantee you, all of them will be shot dead and sent to Hell directly.

    1. waheeke says:

      You would get sent to jail for murder… You’re only allowed to use your concealed carry firearm if you feel that your life is be in danger. Getting punched isn’t life threatening. If one of them had a weapon, be my guest and fire away

  57. Che Guevera says:


  58. bserius says:

    so,,, Wisconsin FleeBaggers and union thugs have come here


    Yes We Can Build a http://www.NewNation.org


  60. oldschool says:

    This is totally ridiculous somebody needs to teach this biatches how to fight. In my old neighborhood these guys would have been laughed at.

  61. VIVA LA RAZA! says:


    SI SE PUEDE! SI SE PUEDE! SI SE PUEDE! http://www.AmericanPatrol.com


    They are taking their land back!

    1 Taco stand at a time – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

  63. Rick says:

    It looks like the shallow end of the gene pool.

  64. Eric Olsen says:

    “A Computer whiz at our station”…translate, “The intern at our station who knew what YouTube was…”

  65. Lasher500 says:

    White trash. Period.

  66. Ryan says:

    That boy in the green shirt was the only one that knew somewhat how to fight. I’m impressed.

  67. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

    AMERICAN CITIZENS KILLED BY ILLEGALS – http://wwwojjpac.org/memorial.asp

  68. israel cohen says:

    blacks are plagues.

    They would turn Eden into a ghetto within one generation.

    I hope a race specific bioweapon stronger than aids is released on them soon so that we may live safely again.

  69. adl says:

    “Diversity” is a cancer.

  70. Dion says:

    That’s just wrong, Tacos are so unhealthy.

  71. jm says:

    This is what happens when people eat tacos. Tacos should be banned. We need to think about the children!

  72. Drudge Drone says:


    Drudge Report Drones are trying to pin this on Hispanics.

    Take a look at the video geniuses.

    Whites and Blacks.

  73. Duke says:

    This is why I always carry. I won’t become a hapless victim at the expense of someone else’s stupidity. These morons obviously didn’t get their welfare check that week.

  74. San Diego Steve says:

    Aside from the racial comments which are irrelevant, the guy in the striped shirt has a pretty good right and he knows how to move a little. Looks like he had some boxing training somewhere. Maybe MMA since “no shirt” does not succeed in his attempt at a takedown. In thug fights the opponent will always try to get you on the ground so he can pound you from on top.

  75. Just pondering says:

    I am very open minded, and i have to say whites brawling like this should give you racists a chance to look in the mirror. Not all brawls are colored peope.

  76. mr suggs says:

    Future Democratic UNION thugs!!!

  77. michigander says:

    People of color are dangerous thats why I avoid them and i am black

  78. Sick And Tired Of It All says:

    And now another segment of “Black People Being Black”

  79. abc says:

    Yup, just what I thought a bunch of racist people love to jump at any chance to bark about a race. Nobody has the right to act so hateful and for people who love their free country so much it’s pretty disgusting that you act the exact opposite to what your country SHOULD stand for. Shame on all of you who made a comment against ANY race. How about you all look past the race and realize that no matter what your skin looks like a bad kid is a bad kid and it has nothing to do with your race but the environment this child is brought up in. Go back to school or move to another county where you can get the proper education on human rights because this is just gross!!

  80. Gerg says:

    First rule of fight club…

  81. Chipp55 says:

    They’re probably blacks and Mexicans, that seems to be make-up on youtube, oh and if you point out this truthful fact, then people call you a racist. For pointing out the truth. So, let me say I was wrong, and these look like Conservative White Catholics, even though I don’t believe as it’s Los Angeles, and those fruits and nuts only care about what Lindsay Lohan stole today, or if Paris Hilton is wearing panties or not, or how many blacks, oops, Conservative White Catholics, stole a bait car. Over and over, bait car Cathches dumb criminal, after dumb criminal, what a pathetic place Los Angeles is.

  82. Tips!!!! says:

    Listen to the Wade Gram interview…. N Route Radio!
    “Listen As Wade Gram Chops It Up Wit The Cat He Calls Mr. Knock… Talkin’ about The Taco Del Rio Fight”

  83. steveo says:

    Jesus Murphy!

    The kid who throws the first punch gets merked like crazy. One punch knocked him down, then he gets hit with two ground and pound shots followed up by a soccer kick to the head. I bet he doesn’t mess with those other two boys again.

    The rest of the fight was a lot of grappling with no punches.

  84. Dawn says:

    I have nothing to comment concerning race as that is not of importance when it comes to the senselessness of fighting. Stop being ignorant people. Racism will not go away anytime soon thanks to the small minded people like those posting on here. On a side note though, I would like to ask what a cat (or a small puppy) was doing in the restaurant??

  85. NorcoBoy004 says:

    Ive been countless fights in eastvale especially harada (how ever its spe;t) park, people chasing down people with bats, fathers taking their kid to fight only to leave crying, this is not a surprising story Eastvale is trash

  86. WASP says:

    Couldn’t you just feel the love between them?

  87. plus de facebook fans says:

    I take pleasure in, cause I discovered exactly what I was taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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