Amtrak Train Kills Pedestrian Near Union Station

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A pedestrian has been struck and killed by an Amtrak train leaving Union Station in downtown Los Angeles.

The train struck the pedestrian just south of Union Station. Officials believe the pedestrian was a transient.

Police Officer Sara Faden says the call was received at 6:18 a.m. Wednesday but there are no details.

Thirty people were aboard the train, including passengers and crew members, and no one was hurt, an Amtrak spokesperson said.

Metrolink commuter trains are delayed because of the investigation.

Metrolink says in Twitter postings that Orange County lines 601, 603, 605, 683 and Riverside County lines 701 and 703 are affected and alternate travel arrangements are necessary.

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  • albert

    Pedestrians here are brainwashed to think they always have the “right of way”. They don’t look out anymore.

    • Matt McGraw

      A train has right of way over pretty much everything, even you in your car. Pedestrians DO have the right of way. YOU are mistaken and a part of the problem if you think otherwise.

      But both pedestrians and cars must stay off the tracks and obey crossing instructions.

  • Buhte

    How far you need to stay away from the track is disceiving. Gates at the crossings would help too. But who knows, they haven’t said what happened.
    Sad story, one way or the other

  • Will

    Well, I don’t know about using this tragedy to condemn all pedestrians as “brainwashed,” much less jumping to the assumption that the deceased wasn’t paying attention. It very may well turn out the victim’s actions were intentional.

  • stephen

    ….life is tough, it’s even tougher if you’re stupid…

  • GM

    @ Tim maybe it was a racist like you who got zapped!

    • bdj

      Read the article. There was no mention of whether the pedestrian was male or female, black white or latino. While it is true that there are some problems caused by illegal aliens in this country, it is bigots and racist like you that really need to be educuated.

  • Eva

    This was a life that was lost regardless how it occurred, this was someone son, brother, sister, father, uncle, aunt, mother, cousin. Empathy is something we all could learn to share with one another.

  • hank

    Probably on a cell phone texting or talking……..i just had someone walk rught in front of my car ….txting and not paying attention……….

  • Thomas

    If we don’t deport these people they will soon do it to all of us.

  • WH Jones

    “ is bigots and racist like you..”

    Learn English!! Or go back to your own country, bdj!

  • bdj

    What people are you talking about?

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