HENDERSON, Nev. (AP) — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals demonstrated outside former boxer Mike Tyson’s suburban home to protest the former boxing champion’s role in pigeon racing.

Henderson police spokesman Todd Rasmussen said Tuesday the PETA demonstration on Monday outside Tyson’s gated hillside neighborhood was peaceful.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that some of the 20 protesters carried signs reading, “Featherweights: No match for a Heavyweight,” and “Mike doesn’t give pigeons a fighting chance.”

An attempt to reach Tyson through his wife on Tuesday was not successful.

Tyson has been a pigeon racing breeder and fan since childhood in Brooklyn, N.Y.

PETA’s Lisa Lange says the protest followed Sunday night’s debut of the Animal Planet show, “Taking on Tyson.” It features Tyson competing with pigeon racers in the New York City area.


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Comments (9)
  1. cracker head says:

    Because your momma loves them. She loves Mexican burritos.

  2. PL says:

    Animals are defenseless against man
    Illegal aliens are on an equal footing
    Mano a Mano

    1. wilbur says:

      Illegals suck!

  3. Voice of Reason says:

    Now I am not a Tyson fan BUT don’t these idiots have anything else to do? THEY ARE BIRDS!!!!!!!! Get over it!

  4. LOU says:

    I hate pigeons, tysons show is extremely boring, i watched 30 minutes could take no more.

  5. Will says:

    A few years back in Los Angeles a pigeon keeper/racer was arrested and ultimately convicted for killing hawks who preyed on his pigeons when he would release them for exercise.

    Such distasteful examples of humanity may be extreme but do nothing to engender my support for any enthusiast of such exploitation.

  6. Duh! says:

    So PETA is going after someone that houses, feeds, and takes care of pigeons while they do nothing to protest the lady that had over 100 cats in her home in squalid conditions? Some of those cats (when they were finally rescued) had to be put down because they were in such bad shape. That is what I call unethical treatment of animals, not raising and taking care of pigeons.

    PETA seems to have it’s priorities geared more toward publicity rather that the protection of animals.

  7. Keith says:

    This is the dumpest sh– I have ever heard. Mike is give pigeons a place to live and eat and release then. The birds choose to come back, he is not forcing them to come back. And if you ever seen the coups that people have some of the birds in you would not believe how well these birds are taken care of.

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