SAN BERNARDINO (AP) — A  jury has recommended life in prison for a man convicted of killing and elderly man and his daughter in their Lake Arrowhead home.

The San Bernardino County jury last month convicted Jonathan Craig Holeman of the first-degree hammer-beating death of 87-year-old John Painter and the strangling of his 58-year-old daughter Barbara Martin in their lakefront vacation home on Father’s Day 2002.

The San Bernardino County Sun says a separate jury is still hearing testimony in the penalty phase of co-defendant Samuel Charles Wright, who was also convicted of two counts of murder.

The prosecution and defense say both men are methamphetamine addicts. The Crestline defendants were 22 years old at the time of the killings.

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Comments (4)
  1. so what!! says:

    That’s a brutal way to die, by a hammer. Holeman putting holes in people’s skull. Ouch! That is one painful death. Take Two.

    1. don says:

      That is the way we should take care of illegals in this country!

  2. Me says:

    Who said anything about race? ……you’re stupid.

  3. CA562DUDE says:

    HELP!!! Can somebody explain to me why this case is still going since 2002 ??? I am confused how the law works.. Thanks… But I do notice in Poor Area if this was the same type of killing etc.. it would have been done in Months or sooner… ?????

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