LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Charlie Sheen has been fired from ‘Two and a Half Men’ according to a statement released by Warner Bros.

“After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on ‘Two and a Half Men’ effective immediately,” the statement said.

It was not immediately known if the show would continue without Sheen.

The actor responded with a statement of his own to TMZ.com.

 “This is very good news. They continue to be in breach, like so many whales. It is a big day of gladness at the Sober Valley Lodge because now I can take all of the bazillions, never have to look at whatshis[expletive] again and I never have to put on those silly shirts for as long as this warlock exists in the terrestrial dimension,” Sheen’s statment on the celebrity gossip website said.

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  1. sick_of_Sheen says:

    Well it’s about stinkin’ time, Warner Bros.! Better late than never.

    1. Milly Perez says:

      Thank you Warner Brothers!!!!! Maybe now Sheen will shut the _________ up!!!!!!!!

    2. Ye says:

      Finally! I agree he has said way to much!!! Hollywood is so forgiving…It would be great if we did not have to watch the news and hear about Lindsay Lohan anymore…She isn’t a good actress anymore, like she was when she was a kid..

      1. sunset blvd says:

        leave her out of it! you are way off!

  2. ES says:

    We’re off again? I can’t keep up anymore.

  3. Tom says:

    What is he “WINNING” now?

  4. bria says:

    at least he’s winning!

    1. sid says:

      That should be ( At least he’s WHINNIG! )

  5. FELECIA says:


    1. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

      Felicia, how can you write that Charlie is awesome? He has been repeatedly arrested for domestic abuse and drug abuse. What about him is “awesome”? Do you support abuse, drug or domestic?

      1. joe fischer says:

        Sarah why are you such a downer? We all know if you keep pushing buttons sooner or later you will hit right one and it will blow up, those crazy women probably deserved it. Drug abuse is not awesome but it is rapid in the USA, he is not the only one using he just got cough. He is in fact awesome because he is the king of his castle and lives according to Charlie Sheen and that’s it. Awesome because he represents likely a majority of Americans in one way or another…and he is not scared. So yes Sara…Charlie is AWESOME.

  6. steve says:

    what is the difference. Charlie played a role, has a big mouth and everyone knows that but he did a great job and played a part that suited him. have a brain CBS get with the program or lose another viewer.

  7. newsstationsucks says:

    How many soldiers lost their lives last week?

      1. Glen Jordan Spangler says:

        It says at the bottom that it’s updated twice monthly so last week may not be reflected yet.

  8. Steve Carey says:

    Charlie Sheen is winning for LOSING his job, millions of dollars, his fans, his friends and, most of all, his kids.

  9. donothave one says:

    hooray, its about time, thank god, may he find comport in his drugs. good bye.

  10. gary says:

    Charlie Sheen will make more out of this publicity than he would have doing the show. Looks like CBS has helped Charlie again by putting him in the spotlight. I swear I see more about Charlie Sheen the past 2 weeks than President Obama. Then again Charlie is way more interesting and makes way more cash!

  11. MBLackadder says:

    God almighty. This guy cheese slid off his cracker didn’t it.

    1. Sad says:

      It did….its like SNL said…Charlie is like Gary Busey crazy now. He doesnt even make sense with his rants. He is so mental healthy/drug addicted it isnt even funny. Poor guy, like the shell of man still exists, but the person is long gone:(

    2. sunset blvd says:

      where did you get that expression? it is so corny!

  12. Mozart says:

    Please stop giving Charlie Sheen air time. We really do not care and it is taking time away from real news. His problems are not important to anyone except him. Stop caving in to his rantings.

  13. bluesman says:

    what a loser

  14. Lois Murphy says:

    You dumby, you killed the “golden goose” You had it made and you just threw it all away not to mention what you have done to John Cryer and all the others that worked there. I guess you showed them!! Nice goin!!

    1. jesse says:

      yes I agree with you Lois ,

  15. artspaff says:

    Congrats to WB for doing the right thing!

  16. icecream says:

    THIS is Breaking News ???????????????

  17. Steve M, Chicago, IL says:

    Charlie Harper gets in a drunken auto accident and we are in the hospital as his bandages are removed after reconstructive facial surgery to discover that he now bears a striking resemblance to… John Stamos!

    Get on with it Warner Bros. Two and a Half Men has great scripts. Berta, Allan, Jake, Rose, and Judith are great characters that are not played by Sheen. Keep it going with a new Darren!!!

    1. John A. says:

      Or Charlie sells the place to one of his friends on the stipulation Alan and Jake can continue to live there – rent-free (for what will turn out to be forever) and Berta of course is part of the package.

      So what happened to Charlie? Took the money and ran to some isolated place where he attempts to become sober, lives with several women, and starts webcasting rants… oh, wait. That might be a bit close to home.

      Warner, if you need another writer on your team, give me a shout.

    2. Allen says:

      Remember “Bewitched” and its two Darrins? How about a 2nd Charlie?

      1. C B says:

        Two words: John Stamos. Two more words: Already inked (so I’ve heard, which could be totally false information).

  18. James says:

    I would like to be able to help him
    in some way. He is one of those actors that you just like on screen. I hope that all of those close to him don’t let this go on to long. Lets all turn our com[pationate, positive side toward this particular celebrity and make positive suggestions in his direction.

  19. Nancy says:

    The can go on with Charlie Sheen! Keep it going! Hire Judd Nelson for the role!!

    1. Nancy says:

      Message should have read: They can go on without Charlie Sheen! Keep the show going!!! Hire Judd Nelson for the role.

    2. Dr. Marc Ben-Meir says:

      Why not simply have Allen move in with his mother? That could be hilarious. I could see that more easily then substituting a Charlie Sheen stand-in.

  20. skootz says:

    give me a makeover ‘cos I’m not as handsome as Sheen, pay me $10 GRAND per episode and I’ll do it…

  21. MP says:

    CBS was such a fool to pay this idiot $2 Million per episode. The show will go on without him – just like American Idol with Simon Cowell. Idol is at it’s best. We will ALL adapt to a new character. Two and half men still rocks- the other actors are ALL great. – looks like Charlie Sheen is WINNING – NOT! HE IS THE BIGGEST LOSER IN HOLLYWOOD!

  22. Sandy says:

    Dear CBS – PLEASE put Gerard Butler on this, he would be PERFECT and and waay hotter than skanky Charlie! Thank you! The supporting cast will be fine with whomever as they are excellent but Butler, PERFECT!

    1. paisley says:

      I’ll second the motion Sandy. Gerry Butler is absolutely gorgeous and much more talented an actor than Charlie could ever dream of being. You can tell from his interviews on the talk show circuit that he’s got a wonderfully wacky sense of humor – he’d send ratings right through the roof!

      1. paisley says:

        I have never watched even part of an episode of this sitcom but if Gerry Butler stepped into Charlie Sheen’s spot, I wouldn’t miss a single episode!

      2. joyful says:

        I will third that!!! To see Gerard Butler on a weekly basis I’d just spontaeneously combust!!

  23. barb says:

    Please, he hasn’t even been acting on this ‘hit’ show, he is just being himself, rude, crude and selfish. A perfect example of untreated drug and alcohol addiction.

  24. Raymond says:

    Gerard Butler has a funny looking mouth.

    1. Sally says:

      Um, OK? LOL!!!

    2. paisley says:

      Nicer than Charlie’s.

    3. paisley says:

      Nicer than Charlie’s, and Gerry’s teeth are better too.

  25. captainobvious says:

    The show is dead. name another sitcom where the top paid star left and it continued. No really please and if it did continue it wasnt long

    1. Allen says:

      I can name a few. Farrah Fawcett left “Chariles’ Angels” after the first season. It went on for another four seasons. Suzanne Sommers was fired from “Three’s Company”. That show went on for another three seasons. “Happy Days” lasted four seasons after Roh Howard quit. Of course that show had Henry Winkler as the Fonz throughout the entire run, but Richie Cunningham was one of the main charcthers as well. And finally, how many casts has Saturday Night Live been through over the years?

      1. Joyful says:

        the difference is this show we are supposed to believe that they are family. Although I dream of being able to replace my crazy relatives with somebody better…no cand do.

        They could morph the story into something more like the odd coulpe where Allen leaves Charlies and still cannot sustain himself and move in with a friend.

  26. lou says:


  27. Rich says:

    Charlie has guts to tell truth about 9/11 but that ego is ridiculous.

  28. 2.5 says:

    Glad his big hollywood mouth got him fired, but it sucks for the millions of fans this show has garnered. Sad for a show like this to probably have no conclusion.

  29. Jobu says:

    This show is dead in the water now, just like The Office will be once Steve Carrell leaves at the end of this season. Sad!!

  30. sunset blvd says:

    The whole cast and crew will be in the EDI office trying to get benefits, many will wonder if they can pay their mortage? Thanks Charlie

  31. PL says:

    WINNER Best thing to happen.Charlie
    Go back to making Movies
    Bigger pay days
    Stay well,and sober
    Show them trolls

  32. RICK says:

    two faced tv company they pay him through the ass to play the part of a jerk then when he does it in real life they get bent to me thats stupid his wild ways on the show made the show popular so why bust his chops for “BEING IN CHARACTER”

    1. LOLLIE says:


  33. Whatsup says:

    Jeez, what a bunch of Charlie Sheen haters. Maybe we can get together and compare girl friends. It sounds like we’ve dated the same women.

    Everybody should just lay off him and just let him live “his life” the way he wants. He’s not be so self rightous to tell you how to live yours and rattle all those skeletons in “your” closet.

    He who has not sinned cast the first stone….enough said.

    1. PL says:

      As Charkie said,All the haters are jealous
      They want to live life as he can

  34. bella says:

    Hilarious. He really knows how to market his psychosis and everyone is eating it up. He’s no fool. He’s got us where he wants..he is getting the most media attention. Brilliant! And good luck to him and the rest of his cast.

  35. Glen Jordan Spangler says:

    I understand hating the addiction, but why hate the addict?

  36. mindless viewer says:

    No surprise there!, Sheen had plenty of time to make amends. He is the one responsible here for the show ending.Cbs/Warner Bro are not wise to end the show, since Sheen was fuel for the show.

  37. mark says:

    IF they keep the show going I’d like to see who would replace Sheen’s character, Sheen did knock that role out of the park

  38. CL says:

    Another tweeker out of work… he is going to apply for unemployment now… trust me I deal with people like this often…. its a shame…. If you dont work, you dont get paid!!! Partying all night, and not being able to do your job, you dont get paid homie… DUH!!!!!!

  39. Shelley says:

    Hire Emelio…!

  40. rik says:

    just replace his bleep.. he was not that talented or unique

  41. Kathy says:

    How old is Charlie Sheen? How long does he think everyone has to take him. He thinks he is invincible, (and his is, according to the drugs and the money he now has, he will soon be broke. Then “Good Ol Charlie”, will be apoligizing for everything he has ever done. Let’s just hope he stays alive and does not do something stupid. His children and parents will be punished for it. Remember when it comes to substance abuse everyone else become’s the VICTIM.

  42. Citizen Tom says:

    This information about Charlie falls into the “who cares?” category.

  43. debbie says:

    you guys should let charlie live his own life and worry a little more about your own. i think hes a great actor and really hate to see my favorite tv show ending

  44. Bob says:

    If the Media would leave him alone just maybe he would go away. Please quit giving him attention. This is not news and I for one just wish he went away with Lindsay. Both train wrecks. What ever happened to Paris Hilton??? LOL or Britnay Spears. Oh forgot two more train wrecks that went in to the sunset.

  45. Jackie says:

    I think its a shame that charlie has came to this. I wonder how much the character he played on the show had anything to do what became of him. O hope for the rest of the cast they can find away to write charlie off . Like maybe he is in rehab. He needed rehab on the show too. I wish him and his family well.


  46. Jeff says:

    Charlie gets in a car accident and dies after a party{PSA Don’t Drink & Drive}and Alan inherits the house and $ and then gets a roommate or a “Never before seen or talked about” cousin moves in who Alan helps to get off booze and women

    1. joyful says:

      That is a doble scenario but does it really fit with Alan’s Character? The whole Odd couple where Allen can still be the leech. Maybe allan burns down the house Charlie moved away to more fertile feilds.

      1. yankeegirl says:

        I think that would be so funny…Alan burning down the house!!!! Maybe he can rent a place with Herb and they could have story lines with the new baby…who might be Herb’s or might be Alan’s…I’ll miss the Charlie character. Feel bad that Charlie Sheen is such a mess…his parents must be so disappointed.

  47. HollywoodSaint says:

    CHARLIE SHEEN is my hero and anyone who has a problem with him is a freakin TROLL….

  48. Jeannie says:

    I think there should be a spin off with Jon Cryer. He is so funny on his own.

  49. val sweet says:

    This is too stupid…If he were a rock star he could do anything in his personal life and as long as he could find his way to the stage..all would be well….Ozzy walked around in a drug induced state and that was part of the show,,,As long as Charlie could do his job who cares about his personal life…If they have to fire every crack head and addict in Hollywood we would be left watching Barney, Dora the explorer or A BLUE SCREEN!!…Let him do his job…make us laugh…there is little enough in this world now…

  50. Wanda says:

    Unfortunately, this is what drugs and alcohol will do to you over time.

  51. larry says:

    best news I have heard He is such a prick ake is the one who makes the show anyway YEAH for wb

  52. larry says:

    too bad he had to make all that money for being such an ass

  53. Laura says:

    Way to go. It’s about time Mr. Sheen faces his ugly truth. REPLACE HIM WITH HERB! He’s a riot.

  54. Dan says:

    I am a big Charlie fan and an even bigger Two and a Half Men fan but I hope something can be worked out between tghe superpower WB and Charlie because we the fans will suffer not being able to see the show.

  55. Tom says:

    Yeah! We’ll fire the undisputed star of our #1 rated comedy show! That makes good sense because now he can just try to sue us for the rest of the money in the world! We will probably lose everything, but we sure showed Charlie!

    These guys are every bit as stupid as Charlie said they were!

  56. Trent says:

    Two and a half men had a good run but let’s face it, the show was built around Charlie. Bewitched was early in it’s run when Darren was replaced, this show is too far along to survive a change in its focal point.

  57. javamonk says:

    Charlie RULEZZZZZZZ, if you do not agree then you must be a prudish person that is self rightious and simply rights in here because you have nother better to do than critisize other peoples lives. And if you read between the lines that means you suck.

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