LOS ANGELES (AP) — Authorities say a suspected hit-and-run driver hopped on a city bus to flee the scene of a downtown Los Angeles crash.

Police Sgt. Gregory Hoyte says a Hyundai and Toyota Prius collided Sunday morning after one of the cars ran a red light.

The driver of the Hyundai got out of his car and was seen boarding a nearby Metro bus. It was not known where the bus was headed.

Hoyte says the driver of the Prius and its two passengers suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to a local hospital. All three are in stable condition.

The Los Angeles Times reports the Hyundai was impounded for evidence and detectives with the Central Traffic Division are investigating.

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Comments (29)
  1. kevin says:

    You see what illegals are doing to this country! I say deport them all now!

    1. la82 says:

      Hey idiot, where does it say it was an illegal or a Latino for that matter. I want to ask, why did not comment on the other news stories this weekend. The one about the WHITE pedophile with the parrot. How about the WHITE couple from Hawthrone arrested for elderly abuse. Plenty of white trash in this country as well. Look in the mirror, you’re part of that group (along with the other two idiots below you) and the problem in this country.

      1. Kevin says:

        Hey la82, you must be a wetter since you got so defensive towards illegals. No one mentioned Latinos, illegals are all different races and colors. Since you brought up the topic of Latino’s, dont you understand we don’t want your kind here. All you do is bring down property values and use up valuable tax dollars intended for “Real Americans”, not second class citizens like you. Furthermore all kids born to illegals should be deemed illegals since their parents broke the law to get here and they should be deported as well. Now you get it? Problaby not but when immigration whisk you away you will!

      2. la82 says:


        Let me tell you the best part of this. One, yes I am a Latino, American citizen. Two, like it or not, you are ignorant and racist. And here are my two favorite parts. Three, I am a minority working in corporate America pulling in 6 figures. Guess what, if i want to support illegals and migrants I can because i have the money to throw around. And four, we are here to stay you hill billy.

        You’re comments show how ignorant you are. Every race has their crack pots. I’ve seen plenty of white people who are nothing but trash that bring propery values down. And last, with my salary i guarantee i pay more taxes than you. So bow down white trash. I contribute more to this country than you will ever do hidding behind a computer. Have a nice day, live bitter the rest of your life knowing Mexicans, blacks, asians and all types of minorities are here to stay in this country.

  2. marty griffin says:

    Was that a spade or a spic?

  3. joke says:

    Wait for the unsafe semis to start coming from Mexico, to all over US. Instead of the 200 mile limit there is now.

  4. James says:

    Maybe the Hyundai driver felt guilty because he hit an environmentally-friendly Prius, so he decided to one-up the Prius driver by hopping on a bus, which makes him more of an environmentalist than the Prius folks.

  5. Proof it's a Spic & Span or shall i say Scram says:

    99% of Hyundai drivers are Mexicans.

    1. jacob says:

      You forgot to add that of those 99% that 100% are illegal and have no insurance

  6. America sucks right now says:

    What’s a tragedy in America right now is that babies of Back Wet’s are granted Automatic US Citizenships even though their parents are illegal wetters.

  7. SPIC with suspended license & no car insurance says:

    I was struck by an illegal with no license or car insurance 5 years ago. Thank god Cali passed a law requiring car insurance or car be impounded +/- jail time. Dude probably deported back to Mejico after his short stint in jail for no car insurance & being in the states illegally.

    1. la82 says:

      I’ve been hit twice by white people without insurance. Whats your point? I was rear ended by a white crack head from San Pedro driving a stolen U-Haul truck. The second time the guy tried to run, i chased, cops got there and arrested him. Anyhow, you’re an idiot. All kinds of people drive without insurance.

      PS I love your name, I highly doubt you’ll talk like that in public. The wonders of technology… even the biggest coward and racist can be as brave as he wants when he’s hidding behind a computer.


        @la82……Thank you for supporting the same thing as I do….God sees no colors, why should we??????????????????

  8. so what!! says:

    What’s a tragedy in America right now is that babies of Back Wet’s are granted Automatic US Citizenships even though their parents are illegal wetters.

    hop back the border fence yall came from..

  9. kevin says:

    la82, shut up you little short stubby wetter. I doubt you make 6 figures. You’re full of sh!t wetter.

    1. la82 says:

      Resorting to name calling are we. Did we strike a cord? It must feel horrible to realize the people you hate the most, the skin color you hate the most, can actually have a better life than you! Six figures buddy =). And I owe it all to this great nation of ours.

      Call me all the names you want. It just goes to show not only am I a more succesful person than you, but im also smarter, and obviously have better morals. My parents unlike your, actually believed in tolerance and raising a person with morals. Enjoy your sub par life.

  10. Oops.... says:

    Since this has turned into a race debate…. I say we have a vote. Those who want illegals here can vote to keep them and pay 10x higher taxes to pay for them. Everyone else gets to keep our money!

  11. Melissa says:

    Some of you people are an embarrassment to the human species. Uneducated, ranting, racist FOOLS!!!

  12. 'Se says:

    To Marty, Joke, James and Jacob are you the truly “Real Americans” that claim to
    have “Better Education” than those of “Third World Countries”? Wow!!! If you are
    what a waste and lack of education you are all displaying, you’re an embarassing to your country, but, not only to your country but to your family you all really have no
    class whatsoever. It’s people like you that deserve be killed and the only reason you’re alive it’s because it’s against the law to kill you.

    1. Den says:

      Actually Mexico is a developing country (not third world) and is a member of the G20 Summit along with Russia, China and Brazil.

  13. Say It Aint so says:

    Pay these bigots no mind. These fools would never speak like this if they were in public, let alone a place like dowtown LA. Let them go back to doing their sisters and drinking miller lite in the back of their trailer home.

  14. zef says:

    LOL. he could have taken the bus in the first place 😛


    Do we even remember what the article was about! It was a hit n run, nothing racial about that at all. An accident accured, someone paniced and left the site of the accident. Was it wrong? Of course it was wrong, but none of us really know why the person left. Possibly just freaked out, got scared and just ran, possibly has a prior recored, or has a warrent. The person left for there own reasons, who are we to judge the nationality? Or jude there race by the fact they choose a bad decision by leaving the sceen of an acident. I defintely know he or she was wrong, made one of there worst decisions they probley ever made…but again who are we to judge…..

    1. @TRAFFIC ANGEL says:



        This article is not about my english as well….true my written and communitcation skills need some major work. But the subject is leaving the sceen of an accident, not me being an english major or not

  16. Den says:

    Another coward on the loose

  17. elver gudo says:

    he was probably a cracker whiterunning from the mexicans that took his money and he ran like a punk..

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