LOS ANGELES (KNX1070) — The unemployed, hungry and needy in Los Angeles are the focus during the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Saturday morning.

“We’ll be praying today for the wisdom to make the tough decisions and importantly, for provide the safety net for so many people, including our immigrants,” Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz.

With the city’s budget deficit continuing to fill his plate, the Mayor says there’s a way to bite into it.

“If everybody took a 10 percent cut that would be a reduction in our deficit of $320 million. We could get through this without any cuts in services for the most part.”

“My hope is to sit down and try to really come to a meeting of the minds. That’s my hope anyway. And I’m praying for that today as well,” he added.

Comments (4)
  1. David says:

    Little Tony wants you to take a 10% cut for his Illegal Immigrants and he will pray……. VIVA CALIFORNIA!!!!!!

  2. drozone69 says:

    He is talking about his fellow beloved countrymen that hang out at Home depot by day and whose wife is hanging out at the welfare office.He is a union puppet!

  3. ginny says:

    This guy has real B* l ls to attend a prayer breakfast. He messes around on his wife for years until she dumps him, he supports ignoring/breaking the law by refusing to enforcing Federal Immigration laws. He refuses to eliminate the necessary waste while living high on the hog himself. He pushes his face in front of anyandevery camera he can. But, God will forgive him as long as he goes to a prayer breakfast once in a while. What a slime.

  4. Not newsworthy says:


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