Ex-High School Band Director Sentenced For Sex With Student

SANTA ANA (AP) — A former Orange County high school band director has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for having sex with a 15-year-old student.

Thirty-one-year-old Carlie Rose Attebury also was ordered Friday to register as a sex offender and was told she can’t have any contact with the boy.

Prosecutors say Attebury had a year-long affair with the boy while working at El Modena High School in Orange in 2007.

According to the Orange County Register, prosecutors said Attebury worked for months to attract the boy, sent him nearly 10,000 text messages and had sex with him at her home when he began mowing her lawn.

Attebury denied the allegations but acknowledged having sex with two former students after they turned 18.

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  • c-man

    I don’t understand….what did the teacher do wrong?

    • Obie Sutherland

      I agree – I wish my English had done that with me.

  • Sliced Sashimi

    Yummy, sliced sashimi.

  • Tony

    If the teacher had been a man under the same conditions (15 years old girl) would the punishment been the same?

  • LOU

    Reverse Hugh hefner/Jerry Buss syndrome, some people like em young,

  • Michael G

    She hired him to MOW her lawn!!!! HA HA HA!!!

  • GeorgeKingfishStevens

    She got her bush trimmed! That kid hit the lottery ! ! !

  • TCB1

    Incredible……just earlier today I read where a drunk driver killed a man and he got 6 months and probation….WTH? She gets 16 months? Out of line no doubt, but in a year long relationship, I’m sure didn’t rape the boy…..and he apparently knew what he was doing.

  • Jimmy Cruz

    Mow her lawn and trimmed her bush–lucky punk!!!!!!! 15 year old boy & 30 year old chick–at the height of their sex ual prime–they must have scr ewed for hours–hornee people!!!!

  • Jimmy Cruz

    where the heck were these teachers when i went to school????

  • Bushwacker

    She played the piano, cuz she sucked on the organ.

  • c-man

    I would so nail this teacher now…..and at 15???????? I could have only wished to be this lucky at 15

  • LawnMower Man

    Seriously, she’s hot!!! That kid must be so bummed that it’s over,lame!

  • Mike - California Attorney

    16 months in jail = 8 months with good behavior. And if enough friends/family members write nice letters to judges she will only serve about 6 months. The minimum sentence for this charge is 16 months and the maximum is 4 years. Point being, she got the minimum sentence because she is a women and ANY man would have received between 2-4 years for the same offense. *When it comes to sex drives women ALWAYS receive lesser sentences then men

  • Mel Gibson

    stupid laws.

  • John

    Okay is there anyone here that can be serious? She’s still a pedophile guys. She stalked the kid for months. She seduced him. She got caught. Get over it.


      Seriously, are you gay? Get over YOURSELF!

  • JB

    No wonder Johnny can’t read

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