LOS ANGELES (AP) — California regulators say the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum violated its license to sell alcohol by allowing teenage drinking during the Electric Daisy Carnival rave last year.

The state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control says the Coliseum also allowed consumption and sales of alcohol in the parking lot, which is outside the conditional use license area.

The Los Angeles Times says penalties range from a warning or fine to suspension or revocation of a license. A nonprofit arm of the Coliseum Commission — the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Association — handles concessions for the Coliseum.

An overdose death of a teenager at the electronic music festival led to a brief moratorium on Coliseum raves. Electric Daisy Carnival organizers said earlier the event is moving to Las Vegas.

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  1. Christine says:

    I got carded both days to get a wristband. People need to open their eyes and stop blaming drugs and alcohol for everything. It is a great festival and if you like electronic music it is a must go to weekend. You do not have to drink underage or take drugs to have a good time. I think that everyone in the media is viewing this completely wrong, yes people do drugs there but people do drugs at house parties and in clubs too. Are you going to shut down all of those events too? People underage drink EVERY weekend or do drugs quite often. Nobody outside of this crowd understands that. I myself have gone to the Electric Daisy Carnival since 2008 and have gone to many other electronic music events. I went before I was 21 and did not drink or do drugs, when I turned 21 I went VIP to 2010 and loved it. I wish the media would see the good aspects of this event. It is filled with good vibes and amazing music, you can make friends anywhere you look. I hope the media starts to show the other side of this. We just lost a huge money making event. IF security did their job the girl would have never been there. It unfornuately has nothing to do with that though. It has to do with the fact she overdosed. I came on here to say that I did in fact get carded to get a 21+ wristband and they were checking those everytime I walked by. Now if only they did that at the entrance we would still have the best electronic carnival still being held in Los Angeles, CA rather than sending it to Las Vegas, NV.

    1. Kat Villagran says:

      well put Christine….thumbs up!

      1. Christine says:

        Thank you, I just think that sometimes people only see what they want to see. We, as young adults want to express ourselves just as the generation before us did. Yes, electronic music and raves have a bad connotation but only because nobody sees the true aspect of it. I love electronic music and even more I love the festivals and events that Insomniac puts together. I just wish that we could get together and show the outside world what electronic music and the scene is REALLY all about.

  2. Joe says:

    yea ecstasy it’s a festival in it’s self

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