LOS ANGELES (AP) — A spokeswoman for Elizabeth Taylor says the actress is still hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Publicist Jamie Cadwell said Thursday there have been no new developments in Taylor’s condition.

The 79-year-old actress has been in the hospital for more than three weeks for treatment of congestive heart failure, a condition she disclosed in 2004.

Taylor celebrated her 79th birthday Sunday in the hospital, where she watched the Academy Awards.

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Comments (5)
  1. realist says:

    and this is news how, exactly?

    1. Paul says:

      Trust me, there are a LOT of people who have followed the career of the very talented Elizabeth. She hasn’t been healthy for many years, but she’s a survivor. A REAL survivor, unlike the stupid phonys on TV shows called survivor.

      I don’t agree with her liberal views, or her penchant for cozying up to every odd ball in Hollywood, but she’s a GREAT lady who will be missed when she’s gone.

  2. Gee says:

    If it’s not news to you, why are you reading it?

  3. Lisa says:

    Elizabeth Taylor is one of the greats out of Hollywood. I pray she is feeling better and that she will go home soon. She has done many good things for many causes thruout her life. I wish that some of the actors today would do half the good she has done with all their money. Today with the tough economy, we have people in our country that cant get help from the government to feed themselves, get jobs and pay medical bills and medication. Maybe instead of taking care of 3rd world countries, they could help US citisans with any spare money they have and if they are looking for a tax deduction.

  4. Becky Myrick says:

    You go girl ! !

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