LOS ANGELES (AP) — Three California congressmen have introduced legislation to allow two San Fernando Valley airports to ban night-time flights in response to surrounding residents’ complaints of noise.

The Valley-Wide Noise Relief Act would allow Bob Hope International Airport in Burbank and Van Nuys Airport to adopt flight curfews from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

The Federal Aviation Administration has in the past denied the airports’ applications for a curfew, saying that banning night flights would congest airspace and cause system-wide delays.

Democratic Congressmen Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman and Howard Berman said in a statement Monday that curfews at both airports would eliminate air traffic shifting from one airport to another and note that nearby Los Angeles International Airport accommodates night flights.

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Comments (15)
  1. Michiko Ota Eyre says:

    Bad idea. LAX is not for general aviation. VNY needs to remain open for inbound. Both BUR and VNY well pre-date everyone who lives in the areas… Both fields have a history of heavier aircraft with BUR’s history as being a facility for Lockheed and VNY’s military past. The NIMBYs need to get over it. I used to live right on the approach vector to a major airport and I got used to it. the NIMBYs can too.

    1. Eitan says:

      Of course those airports “pre-date” spme residents who live there. Do you think airports would have a chance of being built in already densely populated areas?

      Other people have different prefernces & tolerances than you (thank God). Get over it.

  2. Bob says:

    absolutely I agree with the above … the airports were in operation when folks bought their homes and they both provide a valuable service to the aviation community – as well as the general public … it’s amazing that with all the issues facing California right now, three Congressmen would think this is a wise use of their time … get real folks, reall these guys and get in legislators who won’t go for the cheap and easy vote while chipping away at jobs and commerce …

  3. Greg says:

    Hey, I live under the Van Nuys flight pattern and think this is a bad idea. The pilots late at night try their best to keep the noise level down. But restricting access is not practical considering weather and access to other air ports. It just gets dangerous not to have those options.

  4. JC says:

    Not sure if everyone is aware, but the Airports were there well before the homes were built! When you bought your homes you knew that there was an airport in your vicinity!

    1. Eitan says:

      Not true. Besides, there are as many apartment complexes as houses in Burbank/NoHo. When I signed my lease, I had no idea of the severe noise problem from jets. So your argument doens’t hold water.

  5. Michiko Ota Eyre says:

    I have lived in the SFV most of my life since 1977 and I can tell you the traffic at neither BUR or VNY has substantially increased nor have the aircraft become heavier/noisy (if anything, that has improved)… Both fields have noise abatement procedures.. why is this suddenly a problem? reelections coming up?

  6. Collin Callahan says:

    Van Nuys is the world’s busiest general aviation airport. Putting those restrictions on it isn’t fair at all- or practical. The airport is home to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars’ planes. The proximity to LA makes the field great for businessmen from out of state and country to land. Most people don’t know it, but it is an international airport. So pilots and businessmen coming back from Europe need to be able to land and hangar their planes- no matter what time it is. Each plane that lands pays a parking fee (money to the community). Every plane needs to refuel (more money to the community). The airport needs to be open for these planes.

    There are lots of people training to receive their pilot license at Van Nuys. Part of the process in being able to receive that license is night flying. If the airport isn’t open to night flying, the air schools lose business (money taken from the community).

    Van Nuys is also home to CDF firefighting helicopters. Last time I checked fires don’t stop burning between 10 pm and 7 am. There are also medivac helicopters stationed there. Both of these services need the airport to be open.

    Bob Hope airport has 7 major airlines operating there. I would guess that operations start at 6:00 am each day. If that window is pushed back an hour, airlines will have to change their schedule and potentially lose flights. Those flights bring revenue into the airport. That’s a lot of income to loose for that community.

    As for being diverted to LAX, it’s another bad idea. LAX already has enough congestion, both on the roadways and the runways. Putting more people and airplanes into that airport isn’t a good idea.

    Both Bob Hope and Van Nuys were built long before the housing developments moved in. People who bought those homes knew there were busy (and loud) airports in the vicinity. These airports are key to their cities. Putting curfews on them would limit their productivity and availability.

    1. Eitan says:

      Night flying can easily be done between the hours of 7-10pm., sometimes earlier.

  7. Joel Lanuza says:

    Deal with the noise if you dont like it get the hell out and move somewhere else

  8. UFO says:

    bane the “chemtrail” jets!!! and prop planes at night!!!

  9. Aaron Korn says:

    I am shocked at the above comments. I never would have dreamed of a consensus of level-headed and reasonable folks. Kudos! My faith in the human race is restored. I agree with everyone’s comments, so far. Except for that UFO guy, not sure what that is about. 🙂

  10. John says:

    It’s not safe to restrict night ops! with no landings?!! Often times the Valley is clear, while hollywood/Los Angles proper is fogged in with a marine layer.
    Someone will ALWAYS complain about noise. Question is, why are these congressmen thinking they need to listen to these noisemakers!?

    1. Eitan says:

      The congressmen work for those “noisemakers”.

  11. Bill Mouzis says:

    Unfortunately the bitter response to such legislation is oversimplified when you realize that excessive noisie is the lissue and not who was there first. The airports may have been there before the homes but the loud jets and helicopters were not. The noise affects all of us in the San Fernando Valley, not only those living in close proximity to the airports.


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