COMPTON (AP) — An eyewitness says a teenager fatally shot in the back by a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy two years ago did not brandish a weapon and posed no threat.

The testimony Friday contradicted the sheriff’s official account of the shooting in Compton that killed 16-year-old Avery Cody Jr.

Cody’s parents are suing the county and the sheriff’s department.

The Los Angeles Times reports a grainy video of Cody just before the shooting shows the right-handed teen with an object in his left hand. His family and friends say the object was a cell phone, not the revolver that sheriff’s deputies say they recovered at the scene.

Cody was shot when he took off running after he was stopped by deputies for allegedly jaywalking.

A Sheriff’s Department spokesman says the shooting was investigated by the department and the deputy was cleared of any policy violations.

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Comments (22)
  1. roy rogers says:

    In the works of Frank Zappa, ” If you are big dump and stupid, we want you for the LOS ANGELES COUNTY SHERFF’S DEPT.”. How dumb can you be, where do you think you are at the City of San Fernando!
    Get out of your cars and talk to the people, you get more bees with honey then with bullets!

    1. Mufon says:

      And I suppose you are going to join the sheriff’s department to improve it? Or does that require actual initiative and more than “keyboard courage?”

  2. Really says:

    If the deputy is found to be guilty, he should go to prison, and the county as well the sheriff’s dept. should open their checkbooks.

    1. Mufon says:

      It’s a civil lawsuit, no one is going to prison.

  3. Blank says:

    The county will play..the county pays for stupid and poorly trained police. The people from compton should ban the sheriff dept from their city. The county and this agency have more polcy and protection to cover liability costs. At the end Avery will ne a price tag. Post who the shooter is..I dont want him in my neighborhood!!!!

  4. BoxingFan213 says:

    Throw the dumb pig in prison and let him get beat down and raped. Crooked cops deserve whats coming to them.

    1. Mufon says:

      Are you drunk? It’s a civil lawsuit, money involved only, nobody is going to prison, genius.

      1. So what!! says:

        F the pig!!!!!

  5. roy rogers says:

    The kid was black, they always run from the cops!

  6. Leslie Andrew says:

    To everyone with a sensible mind, please recognize ignorant comments, and don’t entertain these A$$holes.

    It doesn’t matter ‘WHAT’ he did. There was ‘NO’ reason, to shoot that kid, or any other ‘unarmed’ person’, “IN-THE-BACK”,

    1. socalmal says:

      I agree. He was a teen, shot in the back. What did he do for that?

  7. WaLLy says:

    Suspect Victim running, did not comply with
    Officer command to Stop
    Had possible weapon in hand
    as shown in video
    Weapon recovered at scene

  8. drozone69 says:

    in the old days we would just chop a foot off as a reminder to the offender.punk had a gun and cell phone.Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson are here to protest not the shooting of armed fleeing suspects,but the shooting of an armed fleeing African suspect.

  9. Mufon says:

    Are you people posting all under the influence?

  10. Mufon says:

    Who are you posting to?

  11. punisher says:

    Lesson learned. Don’t run from the cops. They are allowed to shoot fleeing felons per supreme court decision. One less criminal. I don’t feel bad.

  12. Jamaican josh says:

    Obviously boxingfan is upset! Lol. It’s people like boxingfan that ruin our country. They want to cause violence instead of debate. Better known as being ghetto! Go head, sit back
    collect your welfare check and criticize people that work for a living. You talk about racist while you say stuff like inbred hillbilly. Looks like the pot is calling the kettle black to me!

  13. Robear says:

    Cops always have spare, “untraceable” hand guns to plant as evidence when they mess up big time like this.

    1. punisher says:

      Not so much loser. go F your mother

  14. wobbles says:

    Yeah, and I bet the little monster wasn’t a gangster either. Forget the video, forget the gun they recovered, forget common sense. One of the animals’ buddies says his homie was unarmed, so clearly all the actual evidence must be wrong.

  15. bigrigjim says:

    He shouldn’t of been running from the police. that’s what’s wrong with society no 1 respects the police anymore.

  16. ryan says:

    If you lived in Compton you would know how nasty and dirty the LASD can be. All of these ignorant comments about running from the police are B.S. When the police are prowling the streets like a pack of wolves your first instinct is self preservation. He had a reason for running. The police did just what he thought they might do. Shoot at him and they did. A lot of these comments are spoken out of pure ignorance to a black point of view so they are moot and irrelevant. They don’t mean a damn thing. Gibberish. Shoot a child in the back and plant a gun on him? Now that’s a coward for you. CRIMINAL? You tell me. It should happen to some of you racist so that you can experience what the police thinks about you. Idiots. The case is not just a civil one either. He will get charged with violating Averys civil rights and not only will The LASD be succesfukky sued that deputy will do time in federal prison. Oh yeah, also Compton is not renewing their contract with LASD. They are done there.

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