LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — A program designed to cross-check the immigration status of every person arrested in California with a U.S. database is now in place in every county.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Friday that the last six counties were hooked up to the so-called Secure Communities program this week.

Through January, the agency had arrested 65,000 people in California who were identified through the program.

Immigration officials say more than 70 percent of them had a criminal conviction.

The program began in California in 2009 and is currently being rolled out across the nation.

Under the program, arrestees’ fingerprints are checked against Department of Homeland Security records and immigration officials are notified when there is a hit.

The program has faced ardent criticism from immigrant advocates who say involving local police in immigration enforcement discourages illegal immigrants from reporting crimes.

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Comments (15)
  1. dan neil says:

    This is good news, yay.. 70% of the 65,000 had a record hmmm..
    Ant the law breakers of the criminal activity support groups are against it ? Well of course get in that way of omkaing this one big TIJAJUANA, oh my gosh..
    We white are fighting back.. and it wont end good for your people..

  2. David 1st Son says:

    With so many illegals in this country already why do they have to be arrested to be caught???? To hell with being PC,why are’nt we profiling like other countries that DO NOT have oan overwhelming illegal alien problem????!!!!!!!

  3. Antonio Villaraigosa says:


    1. Ken V says:

      hahahahahahaha good one

    2. tastelikechiken says:


    3. Bryan Conover says:

      BRAVO !!

    4. Spiceydame says:

      “LET MY PEOPLE GO BACK!” and don’t let the door hit you from behind.

  4. Jasmine says:

    Dan Neil, you are a moron. White people are not the only citizens in this country.

  5. charles ball says:

    get them illigals out of here forever this is not a place to have someone else take care of you

    1. Robert says:

      Charles who feeds you and who does all the work you unemployed crackers don’t wanna do?? Ohh move up it’s your turn in the edd office window.

  6. roy rogers says:

    Well only 2million more to go. But then again, as soon as they send them back, more will be back. So I say, put them on a ship, send it out to sea, then use take it to Somiaila and see what the pirates can do with them,LOL.

    1. Robert says:

      How about your mom on a ship

  7. casejoker says:

    how about your daddy

  8. swhitS says:

    Doesn’t say whether they were deported or put in our jails to continue costing the taxpayer. I would hope they were deported.

  9. Judge Judy says:

    Nice start but let’s do this right !!!!!! Finger print any one that works in the united states! and goes to school…..or the doctor …

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