San Gabriel Valley Station May Have Highest Gas Prices In US

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Covina gas station may have the highest prices in the nation.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports customers are questioning what’s going on at a Mobil station on Azusa Avenue that’s selling regular unleaded at $4.51 a gallon.

Thursday marks the 22nd increase in 23 days, pushing the average price 10.2 cents higher than a week ago, 24.6 cents above what it was one month ago and 66 cents greater than it was one year ago, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service.

Further increases are expected because of the rising price of Brent crude oil, which is used to price the imported oil used by California refineries.

The chaos in Libya is among the reasons for increasing crude oil prices, according to oil analysts.

In fact, editor-at-large Jill Schlessinger says $5-a-gallon gas is not out of the question as political uncertainty hangs over the world’s most volatile region.

The price of a barrel of Brent crude on the ICE Futures exchange in London rose $5.47 Wednesday to $111.25.

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  • trying to stay afloat

    we are all being made fools of. We pay these high gas prices, and at the end of each year these companies are making record breaking profits. So then what was the need to raise prices if there is record breaking profits. Now we are all forced to drive smaller more dangerous vehicles just to try and save on gas prices.

    • plaidness

      You’re not forced to drive a small car yet. It’s still a choice. And the oil price is based on speculation. It doesn’t necessarily make the oil companies richer. We pay based on the speculative market. Want lower prices? Demand we drill here at home. Demand that OPEC be abolished. That would be a good start.

    • Luke (from Texas)

      you idiot… blaming US oil for high prices when its the anarchic muslim countries and dollar inflation to blame… i bet you support cap and trade (get ready to pay 10 dollars a gallon for that one, I bet you’d blame Exxon for that also)… quit reading Harry Potter and read a business journal once in a while.

      • Randy

        We need to get the EPA off our backs and drill for oil in this country. Gos has blessed us with great resources, we need to use them. Alternative energy is not efficient enough right now. Batteries to power electric cars have to be charged somewhere! The answer is more nuclear power plants and drill forvour own oil. Let’s stop calling each other names and get it done!

    • common sense thinker

      Based upon a $3.00 gallon of gasoline, the average break-down is as follows.

      Gasoline Retailer $.01 cents per gallon
      Oil Company $.08 cents per gallon
      Refining $.29 cents per gallon
      Marketing/Distribution $.32 cents per gallon
      Taxes $.59 cents per gallon
      Cost of crude $1.71 per gallon (delivered)

      Who is gouging who?

      Your attitude is the cause of the problem to the degree you can prove any real problem exists at all. If we should penalize oil companies for making .08 cents per gallon gross profit, how much should we penalize our federal government for making .59 cents per gallon?

      How do you think gasoline got to be .59 cents per gallon higher than need be? How do you think our government got to the point of consuming nearly 60% of GDP in the first place?

      You show me where the problem is and who is doing the endless gouging of average Americans?

      Is it the oil companies at .08 cents per gallon? Or is it the government at .59 cents per gallon, for producing absolutely nothing?

      Democrats seek to increase gasoline taxes beyond the current .59 cent per gallon level. Can you explain how this will reduce prices at the pump? No…nobody can.

      • tom

        Awesome! If only more people could understand you are absolutely correct about this. The Government produces NOTHING.

    • harry

      why are bigger cars more safe, then we need all to drive trucks, then big tanks ons tracks, then concrete boxes, bigger is not always better and safer, often it is more stupid, lack of brains

      • John

        Correct, the increase in safety standards by the NHTSA has lead to an arms-race in kinetic energy deflection. That’s why people will always prefer the larger vehicle as (by laws of physics), they are safer. Maximum weight of passenger vehicles needs to be regulated. It’s the only way to conserve on energy regardless of what forms they take on now and into the future.

      • Blitzkrieg

        Well instead of name calling, did you ever consider whether the passengers of full-sized truck more than likely would survive the crash against those in a compact sedan? Your English is horrible by the way. Go hug a tree, you fail at basic physics.

    • Mike (retired USN)

      we are being made fools of…by politicians who do the bidding of the kooky enviro lobby

    • patches12

      You Californians get the government, prices and taxes you deserve… most of the rest of the country is laughing at Californiia after putting Brown the Clown back in…

      You’all don’t seem to be able to act like adults out there….. YOU ARE BROKE


      • Aurelius 7

        Yes, because all Californians are communists.

      • JackieH

        You’re so right (and, I’m a native Californian) and that’s why I want to get the heck outta here.

      • deg

        If it wasn’t for California, Alaska would be pumping oil from ANWR, and we wouldn’t have to worry about where our next barrel of oil was coming from.

    • Gordon

      We pay lower gas prices than damn near all of Europe. Stupid spoiled American, quit complaining about not being able to drive a 5,000lb. behemoth.

      • Mark

        Gordon why don’t you go back to where you came from?
        To say Stupid Spoiled Americans tells me you are some low life invader from who knows what H hole who needs to be shipped out for bad mouthing the Greatest Country In The World..
        At least in the past it has been..

      • baretta

        You do realize that Europeans are buying a whole lot more than gas when they are filling up their car at the gas station, right Gordon?

        Actually you don’t have a clue, because if you did then you would realize that comparing American gas prices to Europe is an apples to oranges comparison.

      • GordenIsAnElitist

        Ah Gordon,

        You must be one of those “enlightened Europeans”?

        How silly that we should want to have competitive prices in our own country. What would you like to do? Take a survey of food and gas prices across the entire world and make everyone pay the same in the name of “equity” and “fairness”?

        Come to think of it there’s probably a fair number of people in the Bay Area (especially Berkely) that would think that’s a good idea.

        By the way, name calling is no substitute for a well thought-out argument.

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  • mrviking

    At this rate, I’ll have to ride my bike 25.5 miles each way to work…Damn!!! this is
    ridiculous, what a world we Live in – America at its best!!!

    • chuk a spear

      You probably will get jacked riding thru compton

    • tttttt

      sounds like obumbo is killing two birds with one stone in your case. Not only will you be green by riding your bike but your health will get better.

      • tkay

        Lol….that’s funny, I don’t care who you are…

  • socalmal

    People need to hit the streets in protest. Our government needs to get drilling in anwar (Alaska) to sell us gas for $2 and pay off our national debt! Government needs to get working for us or get the heck out of our lives. Protest for drilling here – NOW.

    • Johnny

      Union Station in Coronado (San Diego) has been over $4.50 for several weeks. Local cut-rate is $4.35 last week.

      What this country REALLY needs is an “energy policy” instead of knee-jerk reaction every time an event somewhere in the world occurs. Get people from various energy/business interests, including environmentalists and nay-sayers in a room, give them two weeks to come out with a comprehensive energy policy using all forms of energy. Oh, and their solution is all or nothing, no nit-picking by our elected officials.

      • James Gilson

        You hit the nail on the head.

    • asalcido

      Drilling for more oil will not drop the price. The oil companies will just have more oil to sell at the world current (OPEC) price and get richer.

      • leftcoastref

        You don’t get supply and demand. More oil available means lower prices everywhere. OPEC wants to make money and if the world is buying from us, then they get less. So, drilling for more oil has multiple positives – most importantly getting our economy back on track!

      • roofie

        Would you rather that we sent that $1T (value of ANWR oil) to Saudi Arabia or keep it here?

  • Efrain

    Instead of Americans buying cocaine and marijuana from Mexico, maybe it’s time to consider PEMEX oil.

  • So what!!

    I am sick of these oil companys!!!!! Somebody farts in the middle east and our gas goes up…..

    • Worried Human

      I like it I like it…. fart in the middle east. I bet that smells awful!

    • Mike (retired USN)

      are you sick enough to tell the Pols to drill HERE?…I certainly am

      • Marx

        Hey ex-Popeye, do you think adding “Retired USN” gives your lame opinions more merit?

      • Ted


        Why don’t you kiss Obama’s A ?
        If it weren’t for guys like Mike USN Retired you wouldn’t be able to run that big mouth of yours spilling what little you know about life from your hollow head?

      • tom

        hey marx, is your hero carl marx? The man served our country even for losers like you. Probably more than you ever did. Show some respect!

  • Worried Human

    It will all be worth it when we suck them all dry and then have our own massive reserves to live of off when they have nothing… mwahahahahahaha

    • Lone Gunman

      And when they run out of oil, they will come and invade us and have ours too! Not good! And don’t think that the Chinese or Russians would do that, because they will and probably will do that together and we wind up with the short end of the stick!

  • Jamie

    Think that’s bad…. Check out Idlwild, California. It’s always that price or more and always has been.

    • Rush

      Not so – regular was about $3.85 hear yesterday, premium was under $4.20. Gas prices do tend to run about 30% more in Idyllwild (please get the spelling right) than they do “off the hill” (25 – 30 miles away), but that difference seems to go down as prices go up.

      [I’ve been a full time resident since ’94.]

      • JGI

        please get the spelling right? and the price was $3.85 HERE yesterday you moron

  • J. Galt

    Yet the no-growth marxist Obama, continues to block oil exploration, coal production & nuclear development.

    • Sniffit

      he does it so his Big Oil contacts can make more money on less supply, increased demand.

      Big Oilbama 2012

    • dave

      Couldn’t be said Better

  • BILL

    Pork Islam and pork the USSR of CA , FOOLS !!!!!

  • upset

    Our sensators Feinstein & Boxer have done nothing. When you vote to send politicinas to Washington who only say no without any real solutiions. Don’t worrry they just use their government credit card for their gas. Don’t expect any sympathy from those two self serving puppets.

    • LandSteward

      It’s a good thing that you called Feinstein a Senator instead of Mam. Remember, she earned the term Senator and all the rest of us are just lowly peon’s on the lowest rung of the ladder.

  • LEO

    I agree any little problem they bump gas up a buck. We all need to get together and protest just like people protest for gay marriage and inmigration reforms.

    Gas in mexico is 13 cents less there wouldn’t be a diffrence

    • mcnrtny

      Dont matter,,the urban types will be out with they syphons every nite

  • BILL

    Vote for Obama again you dopes ,LOL!!!

    • James Gilson

      Obama is making Carter look like a real president. Carter should put him in his will.

  • firstpoppa

    We need more Dimocrats telling us that we can’t drill in the US.

    And Barry is happy that gas is getting near to where he thinks it should be. $5 a gallon.

    Of course only the peasants have to worry! In the mean time, Barry will be having another party at the White House.

    Never fear. I’m sure ‘he share’s your pain!’.

  • dean

    who cares, the rich making a 100k will still be driving the huge suvs and trucks and we will all cheer them on in hoping to do the same if we one day hope to make that money. in america it’s called the american dream because that is all it is, a dream for the richest 1 to 5 percent. which means a about a 5 percent chance of someone with a high school, community college, or b.a. degree from a university getting to make that much money. unless of course you get lucky and are smart like steve jobs of apple fame.

    • Jack Meyhoffer

      $100K is rich to you??? Then just about every civil servant in Los Angeles is rich.

    • kennyg

      when did 100k become rich ? LOL

      • LandSteward

        100K is nothing. That Union slug in Wisonsin telling us how horrible we are to question them makes 450K. Who is the greedy one?

  • Bill

    And to think….. Gas was below 2 dollars a gallon when Bush was in office….. How’s that change working out for you? LMAO

    • Equality reigns!

      Were in this mess because of bush!!!
      Get it right, that POS ran this country to the ground!

      • James Gilson

        No, we are in a mess because there is no leadership in Washington. In Washington ignorance is not a barrier to advancement. Most are just college boys that have never had a real job or have no understanding of business.

      • Charles

        Laughing endlessly. That’s funny!

      • Big Oilbama

        whoa there skippy…

        who benefitted the most from BP’s contributions in the past 4 years? Why it’s Obama!

        Why? Because he’s making them RICH with his more demand, less supply policy.

      • Jack Meyhoffer

        We’re in “this mess” because of Bush??? How, exactly, are high gas prices in 2011 Bush’s fault??? This, I gotta hear! Please, I’m all ears!

    • Mike

      In December 2008 the National average for a gallon of gas was $1.61. By March 30, 2009 it broke the $2 mark and has been climbing steadily ever since. Geez…what happened in early 2009 that could have done that?

      Oh…yeah, I forgot.

      Dang. Thank goodness Obama didn’t sign that ban on offshore drilling in Amerca.

      Oh…yeah, I forgot.

  • hargen

    The price of oil started to rise when the Feds announced their quantitative easing program in which they would buy 1 trillion of their own debt (explain how one does that). That action devalues the dollar, by printing money, and our overseas trading partners aren’t fooled. The just raise the price. However, our government can then blame the evil oil companies rather than their own behavior. In effect, the Government just passed a massive tax on the American consumer and the oil companies will take the blame. Remember too, the U.S. gets 35% of all the “windfall” oil profits in the form of income tax.

    • Mary Anne

      A very sensible response. Most people don’t know how gas is priced, and want a gas station to sell gas for what they paid for it, rather than realizing that gas is priced based on what shipments in the future will cost. If you paid $1 a gallon for gas in your holding tank at a gas station, and you know your next shipment is going to cost $5 a gallon, you don’t sell what you have for $1.10 a gallon — you’d go broke overnight. Also, most people don’t know that the profit margin for an oil company is a lot less than the profit margins for McDonalds, Coca-Cola, pharma, etc. They just look at the raw numbers and scream “evil oil companies”.

      • James Gilson

        Mary Anne, what ever you are drinking or smoking is going to kill you. You have a dim view of gasoline pricing. Where I live gas has jumped two time today. Once for 10 cents and again for 20 cents.
        Thank God I am retired and don’t have to drive.

      • Marys Master

        To — Mary Anne:

        Our fisrt mistake was letting your kind vote.
        Our second mistake is letting your kind pretend to think.

        Mary Anne why don’t you get your worthless bottom out to the kitchen and fetch your man and master a cold beer?

  • BILL

    If someone could invent a car that runs on left wing weeeneees, you would have cheap fuel in CA !!!

    • LandSteward

      How about the hot air exhaled by the aforementioned liberal politician gasbags?

  • Bryan

    I wish to heck Bush/Cheney would get out of the White House already! I’m sick of them keeping gas prices so high to benefit their oil buddies and Haliburton. We need an investigation!

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    Look for $6.00 – 7.00 or more a gallon by summer if oil goes to $150-200 a barrel.

    Only millions of barrels are used a day but billions are traded in the futures markets. So is it supply and demand or is it a bunch of guys in ugly jackets, jacked up on Starbucks and more that really decide the price of gas?

  • RJ

    There is enought OIL in the earth to last for the next 1,000 years or more…
    We just need to Drill baby Drill

    Revelation 20:1-7

  • Mosin Nagant

    Perhaps Kalifornia would do the rest of the Union a favor and just secede . I think China would be happy to accept Kalifornia into its Union, and since they are Ideologically on the same page anyway, what a deal. Boxer and Feinstein would have a great time at the Communist Chinese Polit Bureau meetings (serving the tea……….). Maybe with some French pastries too. And this way they could all ride some nice green bikes, or even one of those so useful Prius, to work. LOL

  • Doug Rose

    “Add more Air in your Tires” says Obama !!
    Problem Solved !!

    • James Gilson

      If we could keep Obama out of Air Force One and on the job, we would all be better off. It cost a fortune to run that air bus bur he has not refused to crank it up.
      Summer will be here soon and he will fire that thing up many times for his vacations. Would’nt be nice if we all live like royalty?

    • LandSteward

      I remember this so well… Thanks for reminding us of the most genius President in the history of the U.S.

  • Patriot

    Democrats have always wanted 6 to 7 dollar per gallon gasoline prices…
    Now we’ve got it thanks to OBUMMER!

    Drill Bush Dirll

  • Patriot

    Democrats have always wanted 6 to 7 dollar per gallon gasoline prices…

    Now we’re gonna get it thanks to OBUMMER!

    Drill Bush Dirll

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