Man Found Guilty In Semen Assault Case

SANTA ANA (CBS) — A Fullerton man has been found guilty of ejaculating into his female co-workers water bottle.

Michael Lallana, 32, was found guilty Thursday afternoon of assault and battery. Jurors also found true the allegation that he did it for sexual gratification.

Lallana admitted in a taped interview submitted to jurors that he ejaculated into an “attractive” co-worker’s water bottle because “her lips had touched it,” but told detectives he never thought she would drink it.

semenattack Man Found Guilty In Semen Assault Case

This unidentified woman says her co-worker put his semen in her water bottle...twice. (credit: CBS)

Lallana and the woman — identified only as Tiffany G. — began working together at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Newport Beach. They were both later transferred last year to the company’s office in Orange.

“It was the closest I could ever get to someone as good looking as that without tampering with my marriage or hurting anyone,” Lallana said in the interview with Orange Police Department detectives in explaining why he ejaculated into the woman’s water bottle twice last year.

When the detectives quizzed him on why he didn’t just throw the water bottle away when he was done, Lallana said he figured she would dump the water and was afraid of leaving anything out of place on her desk.

“Can I honestly say I wanted her to drink it? No,” Lallana said in the taped interview. “Why I left it there, I don’t know.”

Tiffany testified that she left her water bottle on her desk in the Newport Beach office on a Friday in January of last year. She said that when she returned the following Monday and drank from the bottle, she tasted what she believed to be semen.

“I had a hunch that’s what it was, but I wouldn’t dream in a million years that’s what it was,” she said.

After being transferred to the company’s office in Orange, the woman said she again tasted semen in her water last April 6. Up to that point, she had been more careful with her water, dumping it when she left, she said.

Tiffany testified she threw the water bottle away that January. But after the second time in April, she kept the fouled liquid and asked her fiancee put his semen in a water bottle to see if that’s what she had tasted at work.

“At the time, I had no idea how else to figure out what this was,” she testified.

Convinced it was semen in the water bottle she had at work, the witness said she approached Orange police but was told they could not do anything based on the suspicion of a crime.

She then went to human resources officials at her workplace. “They heard me out, but they didn’t know what to do,” she testified. The woman said she was told the company’s legal representatives would be consulted but decided on her own to seek out an independent laboratory to test the water.

When she found a lab and got the results back, she had a friend, whose husband is a former Orange police officer, call the department’s investigators and they picked up the case in June, she testified.

Tiffany and Lallana did not have much to do with each other than small talk or an occasional greeting because he did much of his work outside the office, according to testimony.

When pressed by detectives, Lallana said he found his co-worker attractive and that part of the allure was that “her lips had touched” the water bottle, according to the tape played for jurors.

Lallana also gave investigators a DNA sample, and Deputy District Attorney Brock Zimmon told jurors the evidence showed it was Lallana’s semen in the water bottle.

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  • amy

    Why is the victims photo displayed and not the criminal? OMG Put this monsters face up for everyone to see and know who he is

    • stpayola

      I agree with Amy’s question? Why was this woman’s photo posted? And yes, post this so called man’s photo. He said that he didn’t want to do anything that would hurst his marriage or others. Well Mr. Lallana, guess what? Your selfish sins have cost you a lot. Not only is your personal life ruined, but also your wife’s trust in you, not to mention your family and friends.
      As a minister that helps men overcome sexual addictions. it’s so very sad that in reading the many comments below, NONE reacted to the sin. Instead people
      shot comments about the poor woman that was violated in a perverse way. Others even went so far as to say they ‘worship the quicksand this guy walks on.” While still others proudly proclaimed the ‘every one is doing it. Well not everyone is seeking sexual gratification through viewing porn, masturbation or and one of a hundred other sexual sins. It’s sad how no one, the media, nor the people posting comments below so much as even touched on the lack of sound moral judgement and lack of self control on the part of Mr. Lallana, Maybe if this country could get back to some core values and morals and actually teach them in schools, we’d see more men out there treating women with the love, dignity and respect that they so deserve. It’s time to stop viewing woman as nothing more then objects.

      • umad

        boy oh boy am i going to hell, i fap daily to porn

    • WooIsMe

      Shouldn’t have posted victims pic, though
      She is quite beautiful

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        “I worship the quicksand he walks in.”
        – Art Buchwald

      • larrywi

        She even knew what it tasted like! How funny is that!

      • Jan

        Tiffany’s legal team has a strategy to get as much publicity as possible because it will aid the civil law suit she has filed against her former employer. The greater the publicity, the greater the embarrassment to the company and the more likely they will want to settle out of court. She quit her job shortly after celebrity attorney Gloria Allred was hired. She wants to have her picture shown on this web site and others so stop acting like the press is victimizing her. (Incidentally, the defendant Michael Lallana is Filipino and not Hispanic.)

        From her actions, it is obvious Tiffany saw this as a way to sue her employer from very early in the case. She attempts to compensate for her lack of education through physical attractiveness and shrewdness. For example, just after the verdict was read when press attendance was at its maximum, she attracted attention by asking the bailiff for a box of Kleenex. A box, why not just bring some in your purse? She then hid her face in a number of Kleenex as if she were crying. However, as she was walking out of the courtroom, she showed no signs of crying as she briefly answered reporters’ questions.

      • Nobes


        I think Lallana was the one who asked for a box of tissues.

    • Jersey Guy

      That chick is sicker than the poor slob who came in the water bottle. Why ?
      Because that semen slurper knows that every guy that sees her picture is going to be getting off on her.

    • Jack

      his pic is at the top, are we reading the same article?

    • Detex

      Unidentified, um, not any more!!

      yeah, that did not make sense,

    • el gato

      Probably because he’s homely and she’s quite attractive!

    • TG

      They don’t post pictures of Hispanic or black suspects when the victims are white. PC Lib rules in effect for decades. Welcome to the New America.

      • TG is ignorant

        Ummm, you’re even more idiotic than this poorly written article.

    • blaine

      well, she evidently knows what semen tastes like

      I found that to be a funny line

      sad thing is, if the guy had been great-looking, wealthy and charming, she probably would not have cared, I mean, if simon baker can’t keep his hands to himself, the ladies all giggle and everyone thinks its wonderful; if a dwight schrute-lookalike asks out the wrong woman in the office, then it’s sexual harassment or an act of predation akin to assault, I mean, what are the sexual harassment guidelines in our culture designed to do if not to discourage unattractive or ordinary men from having the unmitigated temerity (how dare they!) to ask out the “wrong” women? That being said, what this guy did was quite disagreeable.

      • Richierich

        my same thoughts

    • matt

      The ” Monster” is about 5 inches tall, pink and has a helmet on.

    • Justin

      This unidentified “CO WORKER” this means someone who works with the girl and guy. Moron.

      • Buster

        Uh, wrong. Read it again. It says “her” water bottle. Moron.

    • Richard Wes Walk

      She wants the attention, that’s why she exposed this story.

    • jdw

      IT IT THERE. WHAT ARE YOU BLIND???????????????????

    • Tatas

      This comments on this story has kept me in laughs for days. I am truly sorry for the young woman misadventure, the perp is a total freak, no question. Please tell me I am not I the only woman who will admit I know what semen tastes like? To the gentlemen, if you have just plunged your member deep into your partners throat, while she clung on for dear life to avoid your inadvertently choking her to death and stayed with it to the bitter end (forgive mer), then snuggles up to your hot, sweaty and totally satisfied body and she moves in for a kiss, maybe a little tongue, are you going to insist she gargle or brush her teeth before Frenching her? I think not if you would care to experience another mind numbing oral session like the one she just gave you. I hate to break it to you guys, YOU probably have an inkling what semen tastes like if your honest. Don’t worry, to us it makes you daring and darkly attractive, not gay. To the Ladies, swallowing actually tastes better than running a teaspoon of sperm across your taste buds AGAIN to spit it out. Hold your breath and get a chaser as quick as you can. I enjoy a nice white wine but stale beer works in a pinch. And remember, practice, practice, practice.

  • Ricky

    @Amy there show his MUG on the OC Register but CBS should not post her photo she didn’t do anything wrong.

  • punisher

    Funny how she knows the taste of semen. tells you a lot about this attractive girl.

    • Jazz

      Grow up punisher, she is an ADULT, unlike you.

      • monotype

        What the heck does that have to do with anything? To know what it tastes like she must have had it in her mouth before, it’s the fact and it’s that simple. Draw your own conclusions. Pointing that out doesn’t make anyone less “mature” than you. Get over yourselves – my guess is you two guzzle and are afraid soemone would judge you for it otherwise why woudl you have so much invested in his statement? Or maybe you’re just the liberal police making sure no one else ever has an unapproved opion or in thsi case makes a factual observation and speculates on what it MIGHT mean. I thought the liberal credo was “specualtion is fact” like anytime someone criticizes the prez the liberal response (ratehr than deal wit the facrts at hand is to say “well Palin would be worse”

      • Nik Bramblett

        wow– speculation instead of outright deliberate lies? That’s worse?

      • monotype

        oh and yes those are typos, now what?

      • Boone

        ha-ha i found this whole thing to be quite funny, the guy is an idiot that did it and should be punished not for what he did but because he got caught, and yes it is obvious that she knows what it taste like, you all really need to get over yourselves.

    • Greg

      she said she had her husband do it in another bottle to make sure, what an asinine comment anyhow, all it says is she’s a normal adult woman, unlike “Punisher” who is about as mature as the guy who did it

      • Sally

        She’s not married,.Greg. Read the article.

      • Boone

        how do you know he’s not mature, everyone does it, he just goes a little overboard with it.

    • Theo P Neustic

      You’re an idiot .A blathering idiot!

      • Boone

        wow i bet you had to look that word up.

    • joemash

      No, its not ‘funny’! Yes, that’s she’s just like everyone else out there, fool. They/we ‘all’ do ‘it’; its getting ‘them’ to do ‘it’ with you that’s counts. Evidently, you haven’t had much luck.

    • what?

      says a lot about ‘punisher’ (self-punisher?) that he’s unfamiliar with the notion that grownups occasionally indulge in oral sex, and that that’s nothing shameful. someone needs to get out more.

  • diana

    The whole story is bazaar, How did she know it was seamen in the first place? How does she know what seamen tastes and smells like?????? That man Lallana is one sick idiot….

    • Sally

      How did the Navy get into this? It tasted like a sailor? Salty, probably. :-)

      • Greg

        But after the second time in April, she kept the fouled liquid and asked her fiancee put his semen in a water bottle to see if that’s what she had tasted at work.

        Was he fiancee, now her husband, I read the article

    • Greg

      Diana, it’s SEMEN grow up

    • zgd

      The question is how could you NOT smell it.

    • serenity


    • Fred

      Diana, what is “bazaar”, or rather BIZARRE, is the fact that you’re too stupid to spell. The education system has failed us. Pure and simple. Now go back to watching Jerry Springer.

    • Bill

      The word is “bizarre”, not “bazaar”. Oh, and the second word is “semen”, not “seamen”.

      Buy a dictionary, your stupidity is painful.

      Thank god you didn’t call it a “hole” story.

      • Rolandmi

        I am sick of the grammar trolls. I am very educated. A whiz in math, physics, chemistry and computer science……. and a horrible speller. It has nothing to do with intelligence or stupidity. More to do with the way someones mind works with a language that has more exceptions for rules than rules itself. If you can understand what someone is trying to convey then STFU, you are not adding anything to the conversation and basically just being a arse.

      • Generik

        If it was up to Rolandmi our children could all be taught to read with hooked on phonics and never have to worry about spelling tests. It’s one thing to have a type but it’s just bizarre to me that you can read an article that mentions semen probably 20 times and then post seamen in your comment. Seriously, that’s just ignorant.

      • Patrick Muller

        While we don’t have to be rude about it, there is concern when people are going beyond misspelling and simply using the wrong word. At this point, we will begin to lose the ability to communicate. In fact, the user might start to believe that a “bazaar” is considered to be “bizarre” and add unintended meaning to words, diluting the language in a manner that others won’t follow. I hope the science whiz will equally defend people who aren’t scientists, who dare speak up about issues such as “climate change”.

      • Buckshot

        Rolandmi, it lends a lot less credibility to an argument when it is full of spelling and grammatical errors. Since you are a self-proclaimed “math whiz,” I assume you would wear on you to see people saying 4+4=10 all the time. Maybe I’m just being “a” arse.

      • Wideband

        Rolandmi es rite. Az lang az u cn tel wot sumbuddy es triing to convae, theirs noe reesin tu pai atenshun tu stoopit speling rulz. U eleetists shud STFU an BIOYA b4 I hav a CFHF. I no he es a wiz at al th stuf he sez he is bcoz he sez so!

      • Shawn

        Rowlandmi, it’s AN arse not A arse. The article is dependent on the sound it precedes being either a consonant or vowel….of course there are always exceptions ;)

      • urallidiots

        @Rolandmi – if you were truly educated you would make an effort to improve your grammar and spelling. Spellcheck has made us lazy so the occassional typo is understandable but not knowing basic words (e.g., there, their and they’re or semen versus seamen) is a sign of a poorly education person. Tolerating such stupidity is one of the many things that has contributed to the downfall of our education system.

        If I cannot understand what someone is trying to convey then it is likely that they are unable to communicate. There is some old platitude attributed to Einstein that if you cannot explain a complicated concept to a layperson then you don’t truly understand the concept. This is also true with language – if your attempt to communicate is a garbled mess on incongruencies then you are probably an idiot at heart.

        I assure you that I have forgotten more than you will ever know about math, physics and chemistry and I have still managed to invest the time necessary to master spelling and grammar. No go back to your local community college and ask for a refund.

      • Rolandmi

        We have a winner! That was a test. Yes, you are “AN” arse! My 12 year old daughter reads on a collegiate level. I ask her to spell things for me all the time. Off the chart scores on standardized tests, except for one thing… math, where she is merely “proficient”. That is with our help and tutoring….you know why? Her brain is wired against it…. she is not that great at it and does not enjoy it. It does not mean that she is stupid or unintelligent. If you are great with English grammar, my bet is that you would be deficient in something else. That is my whole point.

      • Wideband

        OK Rolandmi, I get it, you and your family are smarter and better than everybody else, and any deficiencies are the result of your brain being hard wired another way. So there’s no need to follow the conventions of the language, and any attempt is a waste of time, or impossible, thanks to “brain-wiring”, so why even try.

    • Fred

      …and seamen instead of semen. Wow, you have to be one of the dumbest people ever to waste oxygen. No wonder this country is where it is these days. I’m surprised you even know what a computer is in the first place. Go get educated you cretin.

    • Zoie

      would you like to learn?

    • you are an idiot

      Hmmm… how does a grown woman know what semen tastes and smells like??? I don’t know…. what a mystery! Moron!!!

    • tracy

      Come on if you don’t know how she knew how it tasted you’re either like 12 or just out in left field. Hey what happens behind closed doors is nobody’s business…

      • joe mama

        It’s not behind closed doors anymore…

    • 3 T

      mmmmm vagina water…

    • Bea

      Duh, because she had taste semen before.
      How else would she know what it taste like?
      Take it from me semen has an awful taste. You
      won’t forget it.

      • tripod

        I guess that would mean that you are a spitter

    • Ar Amytas

      Real simple diana..

    • Ramalamadoodah

      The story is bizarre, not a bazaar, which is something completely different.

    • Bloop

      It’s semen, not seaman, which is another word for a sailor.

    • Jimmy Roseburn

      She’s tasted it before… it’s NOT uncommon. You man must be unhappy if he’s with you…

    • Kensan

      Hi Diana. If you want to know, I’m sure you can find a male friend to co-operate with you in your research.

    • keri

      I think ut is you that is an idiot DIana. If oral sex is not a part of your love life, i feel bad for you AND your partner. People need to grow up!

    • Steffeny McGiffen

      Because she’d tasted it before? It’s not that big a deal.

      You’re right about the guy though!

  • The Andromeda Strain

    The funniest damn thing I have read for awhile. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is really, really nuts but still… How the hell did she know what semen taste like anyway?

    • ar Amytas

      Oh Com’on!?!?!?

  • Ed Rooney

    She wouldn’t be at work if she didn’t want it.


    • Josh Butts

      What’s a HOOR?

      • lycheenut

        Good question!!!

  • JT

    Whiter teeth, fresher breath.

  • TK

    Wonder if she glows under a black light?

  • chuck

    Funny how some people ask how she knew it was semen by tasting. Obviously the people asking this question don’t swallow.

  • Antonia Escareno

    Dirty Girl!

    • umad?

      id blast your face babe

  • Lucky Boyfriend

    Funny how she asked her boyfriend to shoot his semen in a bottle water so she can Duplicate the texture and taste of what made her sick in the 1st place..

    Lucky Boyfriend to have Tiffany who swallows..

    • Cory

      This gal has really good taste buds. Considering that the “sample” was pretty well diluted and a bit stale to boot (sat in the water bottle over the weekend). she was able to determine what it was. That’s like a tablespoon of bourbon in pint of water. Pretty hard for most people to detect.

      • Miss T

        Wow lol You guys must know what diluted semen tastes like. I had no clue it could get stale lmao

      • Alex

        Cory, FYI, semen does not easily dilute in water.

      • what?

        Cory, if you really think a load of semen would be so impossible to detect, may I humbly advise that you be polite to waiters?

  • Richard Castillo

    this is just wrong on so many levels

    • Dave

      Richard you are SOOOO right!

  • HC

    Wow Oh Wow! HC is impressed with her detective skills. She is a regular Agatha Semen Christie!


    She did asked her Boyfriend to put his Semen in a water bottle so she can taste it.. I wonder if she likes going back door.

    My current Girlfriend won’t even swallow, not even once..


    I’m willing to bet she’s a Vegan or Vegetarian & Semen is her ONLY source of Protein.

    • candy

      What an ignorant comment.

    • Rick James

      Possible! but I think she’s just a SUPER FREAK!

  • Slurp Slurp

    Slimy, thick, & gooey. Taste like a wad of ooze.

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  • bystander

    ask and you shall receive

  • babybatter

    so did she gargle before she swallowed??? talk about a money shot

  • lycheenut

    I wonder if anyone in jail will find Michael Lallana “attractive”?

  • can't stop lauging at this

    these comments are funny. It is interesting that she knows how semen taste. She didn’t say hmmm this taste like mayonaise or whhipped cream; she said this water taste like semen. I once had an expert like Tiffany G, when she tasted the semen she said hmmm you take vitamins don’t you? Some people just know the taste!

  • betlog

    She can swallow my semen anytime.

  • John Taylor

    This is absolutely bizzare and downright outrageous. I can only imagine how embarrassing this is to the woman. The man who did it is sick in his mind.

    • hahahoho

      would that be the woman in the picutre, the caption for which says she in unidentified and then four lines into the story is identified as Tiffany G? And then she allows them to use her photo? Is Tiffany G her “stage” name?

    • Generik

      I’m thinking this has to be more embarrassing to the guy who got caught. Who mentioned he had a wife who now knows he had eyes for a co-worker. A guy who will have to explain to family and friends and any future job interview that he rubbed one out at work, not once, but twice and into a woman’s water bottle.

  • Anonymous

    This woman is the victim of a sex crime – what is with this web site — TAKE HER PICTURE DOWN !!

  • Harry Sax

    Hmmmmmm……this water tastes like 3 day old semen. Better have my boyfriend whack off into a bottle of water so I can compare the taste and texture.

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