11 Men Arrested In Riverside Sex Sting

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Eleven men were arrested Friday during a sex sting in Riverside.

The sting was set up to deter cruising along one of the city’s most-trafficked prostitution areas.

The police department’s vice squad unit nabbed the “Johns” during a half-day operation Thursday on University Avenue, according to Sgt. Dan Warren.

“The focus … was to stop men who drive the University corridor and solicit women for sex acts in exchange for money or drugs,” Warren said.

“This type of operation directly addresses liability issues in the city by deterring the future behavior of offenders and discouraging prostitution.”

Detainees were booked on suspicion of solicitation for prostitution, loitering for the purposes of prostitution and lewd acts in public — all misdemeanors — according to the sergeant.

Ten of the men had their vehicles impounded, he said.

Johns could face three years probation, 10 days in jail and fines totaling $700 — not counting court fees — according to Warren.

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  • JoeBlow

    The Congressmen and Legislature get their call girls and sexy lobbyists, why can’t the little people have a little fun???

    • Duh!

      Because they should get them the same way the congressmen and legislature get them. Go to the Emperor’s club

  • coolstorybro

    cool story bro

  • Bragi, son of Odin

    The answers to the problems of prostitution are the same as the answers to the problems of drug use – Legalize, tax, and regulate. Until the hypocritical worshipers of a silly middle-eastern sky god get this through their thick skulls, these problems will continue to proliferate!



  • Rudi

    Exactly how these cases don’t get kicked out for entrapment is beyond me. We have become compliant spectators to what is rapidly becoming a police state. The state has no business in regulating any activity between consenting adults that doesn’t result in physical harm. This is where I totally agree with the libertarians.

  • JT

    Cities are hurting for money, that’s what this is all about.

  • Loala

    Good job officers!

  • Donny

    wow… you can go to jail and get your car impounded for being horney? meanwhile, our congressmen are soliciting sex on craigslist. hypocrits.

  • HollywoodSaint

    At least paying for sex will stop one more rape. If its legal in nevada, and most of europe and asia…whats the problem here..zone it, tax it regulate it…its the american way

    • kate

      i agree. i grew up in nevada – in an area where prostitution was legal, and you rarely saw streetwalkers because people had somewhere to go that was legal and SAFE (a legal prostitute in nevada has never tested positive for HIV!). california is hurting for money, and brothels pay insane taxes – in fact, in nevada, they actually lobby to pay more taxes (because it will keep them in a favorable light to the public). legalize it in rural areas, as nevada has done (it is illegal in counties with a population of greater than 300,000), and you’re one step closer to balancing the budget and slowing the spread of STDs. the desperate girls with addictions to feed will never entirely go away, but maybe you can redirect the men willing to feed somewhere else.

  • socalmal

    The real issue is that it’s next to a University where the majority of females will be students, not prostitutes. It’s just unsafe for the students. They need to move to another area to practice their dangerous proffession.

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