UPLAND (AP) — A Southern California nursery has gone to court in a bid to grow medical marijuana.

Route 66 Nursery, which has been denied an Upland business license because the city zoning ordinance doesn’t allow medical marijuana dispensaries, filed a Superior Court petition on Feb. 4 in its attempt to operate the pot growing facility.

Nursery operator Van Ton’s license request describes the business activity as “plants, flowers, gardening, supplies and Proposition 215.”

The San Bernardino County Sun says the nursery claims it’s not a pot dispensary, but rather a private plant nursery where qualified medical marijuana patients can obtain a plot of land to grow the weed.

Route 66 Nursery wants a court injunction preventing the city from enforcing its ordinance.

City Attorney William Curley says he cannot comment.

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Comments (4)
  1. Den says:

    Just another way to abuse the legal pot issue.

  2. Curwick Brian says:

    Let the knucklehead grow his weed. At least he will not be killing any people getting it!!! How many people died for the average once of weed to get to the streets from Mexico???

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