LOS ANGELES (AP) — An armed man who allegedly tried to carjack an off-duty LAPD officer in the Harbor Gateway area was shot and killed early Tuesday morning, authorities said.

The shooting took place around midnight at Denker Avenue and 224th Street, LAPD Officer Tenesha Dobine said.

The wounded man, whose name was not released, died at the scene, Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the coroner’s office said.

The officer was not injured, police said.

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Comments (11)
  1. Cops Lie says:

    Maybe this is the same suspect that shot that LAUSD officer out in the Valley.

    1. Mufon says:

      Brilliant post, very erudite.

  2. supermonkey says:

    Please stop the self reloading-refreshing feature on your website.It’s very disruptive.Just because other news web site does it doesn’t mean you have to.

  3. LUIS says:


  4. ed rooney says:

    Cops Lie is an absolute idiot. I sincerely hope you are held up at gunpoint and on one helps you becuase your dumb a** would end up suing them.

  5. Ou812 says:

    Haha wrong car to try n carjack.. Nice shooting there OFCR!!

  6. Buck says:

    Good for the off duty cop however howcome when I was carjacked at knife point and beat the guy down I was arrested. Dang double standard

  7. Anti-pork says:

    Just by coincidence this “off-duty” porker happened to be “just” moving his car at 10 to midnight? Who does that? Does that not seem somewhat suspicious to detectives? Is this porker some crazy gun toting after hours tweaker or crackhead?!!! Hmmm, maybe something that should be looked into……especially if it was a Torrance Police officer.

    1. Dave De La Vega says:

      “Anti-pork” is spending way too much of his parent’s money puffing that herb. Hopefully he at least earns his allowance cleaning his room and stuff.

  8. Jack kelly says:

    Excellent. Now if it happens to me how will i legally be able to defend myself.
    I am 68 yrs old. Do ya think i should just punch em out…
    Oh you mean i can apply and be approved to carry, so i can defend my life just like this officer was able to. NO WAY… Only cops and bad guys can carry something to protect themselves.Boy ya gotta lov those liberals. Makes ya feel so safe..??
    NO your just a target cause the bad guys know that law abiding people dont carry anything to protect themselves.

  9. TheWindrunner says:

    Anyone who is a carjacker deserves to be shot…….DEAD!

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