Apple Announces iPhone, iPad Subscription Policy

CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Apple is saying that if publishers want to sell digital newspapers and magazines for the iPhone and iPad, they must give customers the option of paying through its iTunes store.

Apple Inc. receives a 30 percent cut from such sales. If people choose to leave the app anyway and buy through a Web browser, Apple does not receive any of the proceeds. That option will remain available.

News Corp. unveiled The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper, this month. People are charged through iTunes for a subscription.

Apple recently rejected Sony Corp.’s e-book reader app for the iPhone because it doesn’t give people the chance to buy books without leaving the app for a website.

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  • jimmino

    And yet again, this is why I got and Android phone. I know that Imac’s are better for some people…But I hope that Apple is cutting it’s own throat with this BS.

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  • Buck

    APPLE typical bs. Y I sold my iPhone last year.

  • vincentjoseff

    I use my pc and notebook for that. an apple a day will take your money away. I have an iphone and ipod touch but ihate itunes so much I am going to sell them to some isucker. for more than ipayed.
    conan iphone

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