COLUMBUS (AP) — An Ohio homeless man whose deep voice made him a web phenomenon has left rehab and says he’s still fielding job offers.

Ted Williams said on CBS’ “The Early Show” on Wednesday that he’s “trying to keep a level head and possibly come to one decision.”

He says he felt that going to rehab was a “rushed decision” and he left after two weeks. He had agreed to go after a televised interview with Dr. Phil McGraw.

Williams says he’s living at a sober house in California and hopes to do voiceover work there. He didn’t say what his job offers were.

He says he’s working to redevelop relationships with his children and that the problems he had are behind him.

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Comments (8)
  1. Dave says:

    He’s had his 15 minutes of fame give him a new piece of card board a Sharpie to make a new sign and send him on his way!!

    1. Rayann says:

      i agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!! you couldnt have said it any better and as far as it comes to him becoming rich and famous looks like we have the nex charlie sheen on our hands!!!

  2. Deborah says:

    I don’t understand attitudes like Dave’s. I wish Ted Williams all the best and hope he is able to rebuild his life with his family and his career. Good Luck Ted!

  3. Pamela Washington says:

    Don’t fret Deborah, it’s people like Dave that would have turned Jesus away but will pine for Lindsey Lohan. Ya know its funny while you’re down and out, you’ve get a lot of like minded friends, but don’t ever show the world that you want something more. See you at the top, Ted!


    1. Nancy says:

      I’m happy for Ted & wish him only the best to get his life back on track. Praying he’ll find peace with himself & be happy with his family & his new life.

  4. kevin says:

    Good luck doubt it will work but hope you do well-stay away from Charlie Sheen another accident waiting to happen

  5. Rayann says:

    obviously you guys are not looking at the big picture he has been given a chance to be back with his family and he is choosing his crack addicted G/F over his own children he was once at the top and gave it all up for drugs what do you honestly think he’s going to do with all of the new money he makes……not anything good i would like him to prove me wrong but i know its not going to happen!!! my parents were both drug addicts and it took for my father to DIE from it for my mother to get any understanding that this life style was wrong!!!! she wouldnt quit for me or my children the drug was way to important!!!

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