Lohan To Be Charged With Felony Count Of Grand Theft

LOS ANGELES  (CBS) — The District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday that they would file criminal charges against actress Lindsay Lohan in connection with allegations she stole a necklace from a jewelry store in Venice.

The 24-year-old actress is to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon at the Airport Branch Courthouse in Los Angeles, according to Deputy District Attorney John Lynch.

Lohan is accused of walking out of Kamofie & Co., a jewelry store, with the designer necklace on January 22.

The store’s owner reported the alleged theft to Los Angeles police, who described the necklace as “one of a kind.”

The celebrity website RadarOnline first reported that investigators had video of Lohan wearing the necklace.

Lohan was seen in a store video wearing the necklace, which later went missing, law enforcement sources told the Los Angeles Times.

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Division got a search warrant on Feb. 1 to search Lohan’s Venice residence for the necklace, but it was handed over to police before the search warrant was served, according to a statement released last week by Los Angeles police.

Police presented the case to prosecutors last Wednesday.

Lohan’s attorney denied the necklace was stolen.

Harvey Levin of the celebrity Web site TMZ believes Lohan could get three years in prison if convicted.

Steve Chron, a Santa Monica defense attorney tells KFWB’s Maggie McKay and Paul Lowe her lawyers face an uphill battle in defending the troubled starlet.

Lohan spent 13 days in jail last summer for violating her probation in a pair of DUI cases from 2007.

She also faces possible criminal charges for an alleged attack on a worker at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, where she underwent a court- ordered drug rehabilitation program from late September until early January.

Meanwhile, Lohan’s mother, Dina, is hopping mad at the TV show “Glee.” On a show that aired Super Bowl Sunday, the show referred to Dina as a big loser and even made a slam against her dog.

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  • bdj

    If she is found guilty, they should lock her up for the maximum allowed by the law. It’s time she sopt getting away without having to pay up.

    • http://homeroomteacher.wordpress.com E

      You also can’t spell or write a sentence correctly.

      • Bix Dugan

        She previously had been a suspect involving stolen (very expensive) jewelry in a photo shoot she did. The case was never solved. She also stole a $10,000 fur coat from a Columbia Student at a night club. She never apologized.

    • Early Ardmore

      The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.
      Clarence Darrow


      • Airborne

        So True!

    • Kelley Lynch

      Why? The LA DA is the corruption in Los Angeles. She’s not getting away with anything, moron. None of us can get LAPD or the LA DA to investigate anything for us. Be careful what you wish for. The woman needs to get a real criminal attorney to slam these fools and arrogant maniacs.

      • scout eliot

        r u serious

    • SolidFPlus

      An 0bama voter demanding someone pay up, big surprise. How is she supposed to vote for your hero if she’s a felon behind bars, hmm?

      • shovlhd

        Since when did that stop felons from voting? Look at our last mid term election!

      • JustSomeGuy

        A “Tea Partier” making stupid comments online that are off topic and make absolutely no sense, big surprise.

      • chucksmith

        Gilligan’s island WAS a great show. You’re right!

      • Hojo

        God bless the tea party movement!!!

      • Dr. Bombay

        “The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.”
        Clarence Darrow


      • urroner

        I agree shovlhd, if it hadn’t been for the felons voting, the Republicans would have had Nevada also.

      • frodothedog

        Easy. Obamabots think felons should vote. They’ll open up a polling station in the jailhouse.

    • Jim

      Her mother should have to clean her cell every morning and prepare her meals. Then justice would be served. Oh boo who… boo who, poor mistreated children. Maybe she should get Winona Ryder as her co counsel. IT WAS JUST A REHEARSAL., WOW, how mean LA DA is. Maybe 20somethun rally in the Coliseum to raise legal fund in exchange for exit-cy .It could be the season finale for glee.

      • JM in San Diego CA

        What is that? A stream of unconsciousness?

      • Catfish Knci

        Jim: It’s Boo Hoo

    • Scott

      It’s hard to cure stupid.

    • JapesMacfarland

      “they should lock her up for the maximum allowed by the law”

      So you think we should lock her up in a cage, like an animal, for three years, because she stole a necklace? Would you think the same for your own daughter? I don’t know, but it seems people might be extra hard on her because they’re jealous…or something other than real from real justice.

      • HankR

        Are you truly this foolish? She needs to be locked up because she is a dangerous train wreck strung out on drugs and drink who has stolen multiple times before. There is nothing to be jealous over Japes – the public, the justice system, and Hollywood is sick and tired of her behavior and abuse. What a strange and misguided perception you have.

      • Carlos

        Let’s see now. She stole a necklace worth several thousand dollars (felony)and did not return it until she was caught red handed. I guess we should let the bank robbers do the same thing when they are caught just minutes after the heist before they have a chance to spend the loot. Do Over nation.

      • Jim

        JapesMacfarland Thank you! finally someone else who gets it…It’s all jealousy plain and simple. She is a star and no one can get past that fact. She has had a few minor issues and is trying very hard to work through them. she deserves respect and leeway. This latest issue is just another lowlife looking for his 15 minutes via poor Lindsay’s name! She obviously mistakingly forgot she was wearing the necklace or he truly let her borrow it…She deserves our support people, she surely has earned it!

      • Christian

        I think they should lock her up because there is a law against stealing, the penalty for which is prison. In this case, a long period of lack of attention would be the most rehabilitating possibility. If MY daughter were to be found guilty of grand theft for a shiny bauble, I would appreciate the state’s attempts to set her straight because obviously I had failed at my duty as a parent. It is for love that we punish our children. How’s your family working out, Japes?

      • Robbzilla

        Yes. She broke the law. Do you understand what laws are? She hurt the shop owner by depriving him/her of possible revenue. She’s acting like an animal, and so are you with your ignorant, ridiculous little diatribe.

        People need to be extra hard on her because she isn’t getting it. This isn’t her 1st offense. She needs to go away so that people won’t continue to be harmed by her actions. Maybe she’ll eventually learn that she isn’t above the law.

      • What?

        Minor issues?!

        No Lohan has ISSUES. What type of role model is she to the youth of today? Lohan stole a necklace worth thousands of dollars. Any sentence without jail time would be a mockery to the justice system. She is obviously guilty and there is likely footage of her stealing the necklace.

        Can you imagine a high-end jeweler not placing the maximum amount of video surveillance in their store? My guess is the Lohan lawyers are in negotiations with the store owner for the videotape. If the owner is smart, he will sell the tape at an extremely high price and then refuse to testify in court.

        Which will likely be the outcome of the event unfortunately.

      • Hal McCombs

        You’re right. Locking her up would be inhumane. It will be much easier on our consciences if we just let her go and put off the problem a year or so. Till she kills herself, and possibly one or two others.

        I hope your daughter isn’t in the car she hits head-on.

      • Scott Martin

        No, we should just teach my daughter there are absolutely NO consequences in life…nuff said

      • Roofster

        YEP: time to accept some personal responsibility for her actions

      • Doug

        To JapesMacfarland: Apparently your a big fan Lohan’s. Do you even have a clue about her past arrest record and the fact that she was on thin ice and probation? When your brought up on felony charges while your on probation, that is a serious charge. She should be locked up for 3-5 years. Good behavior will get her out in 1-2 years. Jealousy has nothing to do with it. Anyone else would have not gotten the treatment she’s received over her past record of misbehavior.

      • KD

        It makes me sick when people compare this spoiled brat to an “animal”. Animal by the laws of nature DO NOT deliberately break the law or do bad things. They act by instinct and no animals should be locked in a cage, but this ruined human being should be. She is an adult and totally aware of her actions. She thinks she is above the law and cares about no one but herself.

      • frodothedog

        Yup. That’s right. Allow her to pay 25% of the value in easy monthly installments, and just let her go. That’s probably what will happen anyway. You would get forty years, but that’s okay. After all, this is LILO, right?

      • LiLotogethersFINALLY

        Jealous? That’s an idiotic comment. A NORMAL daughter who doesn’t feel she’s “entitled” to get away with any kind of asinine behavior wouldn’t have to WORRY about GOING to jail in the first place. This spoiled bi_ch needs a good stint in prison to slap her stupid azz back to reality.


      Virgins never lie

    • Bill Worthy

      oh sopt it! She needs your prayers not your judgement you pharisee.

      • Scott Martin

        My Worthy…let me quote Jesus…”Go and sin no more” – he didn’t immediately pray for the harlot, nor should we. The first step is to correct what is wrong, and only LL can do that. Knowing it is a mistake after the fact (a la Charlie Sheen) is no excuse and begs for people to make it CLEAR to her.

    • Dave

      It’s Bush’s fault

    • Clarance

      The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.
      Clarence Darrow


    • http://ansondl020dotcom.wordpress.com ansondl020


  • Black man 2011

    This girl should have been in jail already. Why do people keep inabling this girl when she clearly has a problem. Lil wayne was caught with illegal guns and guess what, he went to jail. T.I was caught with guns and silencers and guess what, he went to jail.T.I. was caught with drugs in hollywood while on probation and guess what, he went back to jail. But this little had a hit and run with drugs, she was sent to a rehab were she attacked a worker and got kicked out, and now she stole a $2,500 dollar necklace? I mean c’mon you guess she needs a wake up call! Lock her ass up for a year like you do everybody else who does a crime. I understand she is a celebrity but she is also a human being. I think jail is the last and only option for this girl because you tried rehab and that clearly didnt work. SMDH!!!!

    • Rhonda Omberg

      You’re correct – she’s been enabled all of her life and to me she’s not even that talented of an actress. Whatever work she does manage to get she manages to burn every bridge and hack off every person she works with. She’s got so many issues that jail won’t even cure it, but it might put the fear of God into her.

    • modernjewishlibrarian

      Didn’t T,I. and Lil Wayne both have prior felony convictions and openly brag about criminal activity on a national stage. Combine that with the F the police rap lyrics, and you wonder why they went to jail vs the girl from the Disney channel? I do not deny you are right, the system is racially biased and Lohan deserves jail time. But your examples are lacking.

      • harvey

        The person comparing Lohan to Lil Gangster is a rapist.

        She didn’t swipe the jewery. Do you think it’s possible in this day and age to swipe a piece of jewerly from a jewelry store given the level of cameras and antitheft devices. She had a commercial dispute with the jeweler who let her borrow it to get publicity and is now turning this into a police case.

        She is a good girl with a drinking problem but comparing her to those hoodlums is just racist. You hate her because she is white. This is more an dmore common nowadays, a black person carries guns/shoots someone or rapes then. A white girl is over the limit in a car. They both did a little something wrong.

      • Rico

        Harvey, you are just plain ridiculous. Admittedly, only an idiot or professional smash-and-grab heister would ATTEMPT to steal jewelry from a store nowadays. I submit however that Lohan is indeed an idiot, though possibly an idiot whose capacities have been impaired by substance abuse. There is no evidence to support your assertion that Lohan is “a good girl.” In fact, all the known objective evidence she is anything but that.

        You need to face that fact that Lohan is an unrepentant, multiple felon, who has long since run out her second chance privileges.

      • mahone dunbar

        The system is racially biased? The ghetto is racially biased, duh. Crime is a hobbie and welfare a way of life. Sure, Lohan should go under the jail, but it has nothing to do with race, except perhaps in regards to your own bigotry. Rich black people escape justice also. Look at O.J.

    • Keith

      I am a white man and totally in agreement with “black man 2011. I cannot understand while pretty little movie stars seem to believe they are different from the rest of society.

      • Juan

        I’m White Man 2020 and the Brother is right. One year would do Her good.

      • Blade

        It’s called Liberal Hollywood stupid.

    • jleonard14

      Sorry pal…use a gun, go to jail. It doesn’t matter your color. Period. Except for O.J.

      • Wolfatthedoor

        OJ didn’t shot anyone. All he did was carve up his ex and her boyfriend, and then go free. Rich is rich.

      • MAKE MY DAY

        @jleonard14… Simpson ‘got his’ in the end – where is he now???

      • TheJuice

        OJ was falsely accused – All that blood was from when he cut himself shaving. The only reason he was ever accused was because of the white man’s racism. Besides, the honky cracker bee-och had it comin.

      • Cleatus

        Your MAMA!!

      • former dem

        I’m in DC where Black men escape justice daily. Gun or no gun. No matter what they did to whom. It is, indeed, a way of life.

    • UteDB

      Hey ‘Black man’, typical reverse racism. You fools go to the race card oh too often. Let’s talk about the Congressional Black Caucus w/ Rangel and others getting off with a hand slap. Obama, Holder, and this administration are the biggest racists in this country. Work on improving your black neighborhood and quit making excuses for black felons. A criminal is a criminal no matter what the color fool.

      • daslammer


      • John

        Well said. ‘Black Man 2011’ is a racist piece of garbage.

      • d

        There is no such thing as reverse racism. I really wish people would stop using this ridiculous term. Racism is racism whether it be toward a white, black, asian, whatever. The term ‘racism’ is not just for blacks.

    • MCR

      Hey wannabe Al Sharpton, you’re a moron and a black bigot. Quit playing the race card. You look stupid.

    • Dave Cooper

      Of course your theory would put most of us bruthas behind bars.
      Nice thinking nig.

    • Burppy

      Ah, “Lil Wayne” was caught with a GUN. And an illegally possessed one at that. The person known as “T.I.” was caught with GUNS and SILENCERS. Ms. Lohan has had DUI trouble. Now as troublesome as a DUI is, I think the whole illegal guns and silencers thing trumps it. Also, anyone who calls himself “Lil Wayne” or “T.I.” or “Will.I.Am” or “Eazy-E”. or “Ice-T or Cube” is skating on thin ice to begin with.

      • Ken

        I disagree. Someone who is driving drunk is inherently much more dangerous than someone who has a firearm. If the person with a firearm is violent, that changes matters, but without knowing more, the DUI is worse.

    • paul

      The reason the black rappers went to prison was because they were quilty and they could not sing worth a damn.
      This cute young thing has a nice body and should not be locked up out of sight of the public.
      Besides, she is white and that makes a difference.

      • laughing_at_paul

        Have you not seen the pictures (of Lohan) lately? Or are your standards really that low?

    • Matt

      @Black man 2011 – You should move to the ATL, they won’t lock you up here for any considerable length of time.

    • John Miuller

      its enable,

      • Michael Mulligan

        It’s “It’s”.

    • rbmanley

      With thanks to the Onion, I think Lohan should be tried as a black male from now on.

    • Seattle Man

      Time to lock her up for awhile – 6 months maybe – and no special treatment.
      Also, a hefty fine for all the trouble & cost she’s laid on the public.

    • Clark Addison

      There’s a simple way to solve the crime problem: obey the law; punish those who do not.
      Rush Limbaugh

      See the hypocrisy ? We do.


      • Rico

        Whose “we” Addison? You gotta mouse in your pocket?

    • Ben Jones

      Money talks and Lindsey walks. This dog and pony show will cost the taxpayer’s $$$$$ and she will get 90 days or less.
      This is just more publicity. She won’t do any serious jail or prison time. She is one pampered skank.

    • lisa

      God love you, you’re soooo right!
      The media is spending way too much time
      featuring this tramp.
      Costing taxpayers millions.

    • Walter Burns

      Agreed, Black Man 2011. She’s off the reservation. We need to stop giving people a break just because they look cute. There is way too much leeway given to women who commit crimes, especially pretty ones.

      • bigblackdude

        Id tap that booty. Put her in jail and then let the girlss tap that booty, good money in them films

  • PL

    Let her be!
    Stop Wasting of taxpayer $
    The jewelry has been returned
    Accept a lesser plea!

    • Tony Radmen

      Amen Brother she is innocent! why do people hate on her?

      • daslammer

        we dont hate on her, she is a fool that thinks she is above the law. Putting fu on her nail and giving the bird to a judge should show what kind of trouble this trash is!

      • pleasestfu

        because she is ugly and annoying

      • HankR

        No Tony. She is guilty. Of stealing a necklace. That she returned only because a search warrant was issued. Are you that much of a law breaker yourself that you find that to be justice? No one hates her – they simply recognize her behavior as criminal.

      • Cristy Li

        She is presumed innocent, that presumption of innocence doesn’t make her not guilty.

      • BigDaddyDK

        Innocent? No, innocence is not committing the crime. Returning it afterward is getting caught.

      • frodothedog

        How does one “hate on” somebody? Just thought I’d ask.
        Actually, I’ve been wrong. The jeweler should just GIVE the little junkie the necklace, apologize for EVER questioning the motives of royalty, pay for it himself, and drop all charges. RIGHT?

    • Bella

      Why! The law is the law. Why should she escape the penalty for her actions.

      • keith wren

        Why… everyone else does…


      Nonsense – How many bites of the apple is she supposed to get – all because she is some 3rd rate Hollywood “wannabee” so-called actress!! Time to take the kid gloves off – and give her a very serious “wake-up call” this time around!! Enough is enough!! Case closed!!

    • cb

      OK sooo PL if you stole the same necklace do you think you would be told oh its okay you returned it…I think not…she needs to be treated the same as any common theif and thrown in the slammer..she has become Loser Lohan

  • Black man 2011

    You the exact person I was talking about in my first sentence. WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP ENABLING THIS LITTLE GIRL WHEN SHE CLEARLY HAS A PROBLEM!!

    • OG

      Blackman, you are absolutely right. This PL person’s way of thinking is what’s enabling this “actress” to keep getting away with crimes.

      • LCintheLB

        Amen to Black Man 2011 from me too! Just because she is a pretty little white girl, she’s getting the easier road. I hate to mention color AGAIN, but the reality in greater LA is the color does matter, way too often. Race shouldn’t matter, and we hate to admit how much it still DOES matter, but that’s the real world. My black friends do tell me about things they wouldn’t do or places they wouldn’t go because they’re black, but me, a lily-white looking lady can go where I please. It sucks, and we all don’t like it, but there it is.

    • mahone dunbar

      She has a problem? Yeah,she’s a drunken substance abuser and a thief. Do you diminish every criminal by expressing their crimes as “problems?” Hope you never get on a jury.

    • artcorvelet

      Hey bro? Where’s your ‘innocent until proven guilty’ mantra about now?
      If the necklace does not fit, they must acquit….right?

  • SheNeedsIt

    I can solve her problem. She is lacking some good loving, She needs some one to really put it to her. Problem solved..

    • Bildo

      I rate this comment FIVE STARS!!!

    • Stephen

      Great laugth

      • Stephen

        off da! not used to new computer. laugth

      • Stephen

        I mean uff da

    • NoMoHollweirdos

      Have more respect for yourself! She’s a skank! Besides, you’d likely get several STDs!

  • mags

    she gets away with it cause shes white.

    • Rocco Henderson

      No, OJ got away with it because he’s white. She gets away with it because she’s rich.

      • dano


    • A

      she gets away with it because she is filthy rich and has a decent lawyer…being white has nothing to do with it!

    • what color is a black racist?

      OH… Like OJ simpson, huh?

      • Daisy

        She hasn’t murdered anyone. OJ did.

    • Farang

      Yet Obama doesn’t have to show his birth certificate because he’s black, why does he get a pass?

      • Scott

        Fail comment above. No law requires you to show a birth certificate. So what pass are you talking about moron. Go be dumb somewhere else please.



    • Jay1485


      Move to Sweden, and you can have it your way.

    • daslammer

      Your leader maObama will be happy to distribute the wealth. To him and his cronies pockets while we the people get penalized for being productive entrepreneurial spirited people. You can have your Socialism. I will keep my freedom.

      • Scott

        All I have to say to that is Cheney and Haliburton. Another idiot who forgets the past and talks off topic. If you are going to go off topic please don’t be a moron.

      • NoMoHollyWeirdos

        Scott, just replying to your mistake MORON! McCain had to prove his citizenship, since he was born out of the country, at a military base or something.

        MORON, to be a US president you must be a US citizen. Proof of same is needed, not just assuming it’s so…MORON!

        Now, that said…. let’s just stay on topic about the skank ‘L’oser ‘L’ohan, although she’s a perfect example and product of the Left Coast liberals.
        “Oh, she feelllllls like sooooo totalllly sorrrrry! We should like maybe just make her say ‘my bad’ and put her to bed without dinner. But like I don’t know cuz thaaat might damage her ‘inner child’ OMG”.

    • chris


      What an ignorant statement. Obama is trying to do that with everyone’s money but his, and as you can see, he’s bringing the country down. I absolutely HATE this way of thinking that has come about in this country of ours..

  • Joe

    She needs about 8 years in jail

  • JoAnn Knowles

    Your an idiot…That’s just the most ignoramus comment I’ve heard in a long time. I’m sure your an Obama liberal. Uggg, so discouraging that people like you are out there and actually think the way you do. I’m sorry, but it’s people like you who make our Country worse.

    • David Kramer

      Yep, the type that think that pedophiles can be rehabilitated.

      • daslammer

        pedophiles should be sho.t in the head immediately after they are convicted!

    • Quit barking!

      Be quiet JoAnn!
      She’s entitled to her opinion! If you don’t like Obama, go to N. Korea! Or up the dog’s @ss! You should be proud to be in this liberal country, where freedoms abounds and government is here to help you…yes even you JoAnn…cause I guarantee you, you too will be on the governemnt payroll at some point in your
      life..if you aren’t already!

      • jay1485

        “cause I guarantee you, you too will be on the governemnt payroll at some point in your life..if you aren’t already!”

        Just because you’re on welfare doesn’t mean everyone else is. Though I bet you feel better, telling yourself that, at the first of the month.

      • Lindsay is a loser

        quite the contrary. you must know first hand since you know the paycheck comes on the first! What an idiot!

      • Zed

        The only thing government is here to help you with is you taking your wallet out of your pocket and doing what they tell you to do in the name of whatever excuse is popular that particular day. “Freedom abounds” my @ss. Once upon a time, maybe, but that fairy tale is over.

  • Rocco Henderson

    For every one like her there are several million good people who don’t make the news. She’s news because she’s such an oddity.

    • daslammer

      freak is a better word


    When your heading down hill sometime or another you have to hit bottom….good luck.

  • LibsAreCommies

    Leave her alone. With radical LibCommies destroying this country this is the sort of petty distraction that we don’t need.

    • Big Bear

      I thought the Lohan distraction train had derailed. Guess it left the station again.

    • Russ

      You make a valid point. She may be an annoying spoiled worthless b*tch but let’s not forget about the bigger threat to this country.

  • nohokev

    All I can figure is Miss Lohan must like being in jail. There is no other reason to keep violating. If you don’t EVER want to go back to jail, you learn quickly how to avoid it. My ex-wife is in the same situation. When she is released this spring, she gets to make the same choice. Her next trip will be her 3rd strike. The choice is entirely hers to make.

    • Ricky Clayton

      Your wife sounds like a really good catch :-(

      • nohokev

        Ex-wife twenty years hence, Mister Clayton. You are welcome to her. It was my good choice to leave her. Her jailhouse proclivities developed after our separation. It would seem you missed the point of my comment. Miss Lohan chose to commit theft. I hope the judge throws the book at her.

  • Jim Whitehead

    Lindsay acts spiritually and emotionally bankrupt, a ruderless person who likely turns to drugs to fill the emptiness. She needs to find a reason to live that isn’t dependent on a bottle or pipe. Lindsay, if you can’t find religion, then find art or composing or a creative relationship or something else, like a baby you care about.

    • Pat from the North

      Oh my…I agree with religion, art or composing. But for God’s sake this woman/child does not need a baby she can care about. Perhaps she should be sentenced to work for one year with a true charity that builds housing or cares for people in third world countries. Let her see how the undeveloped world lives.

    • Ack!


    • Jim Whitehead

      A child worked for Madonna and Angelina Jolie. Maybe it can work for Lindsay. Caring for your child awakens deep protective instincts and gives your life meaning (This is nothing new, its been known from the beginning of time).

      • Daisy

        You must be kidding. Please tell me you’re kidding. Are you actually suggesting that giving birth to an innocent child is appropriate treatment for addictive disorder?!

  • http://americans4justice.wordpress.com americans4justice

    Lohan is indeed a very troubled girl. A 1 year stay with the county’s bad girls (jail) could actually help Lohan.

  • Pat from the north

    She was either so stoned she didn’t realize she had the necklace on when she left the jewelry store. Or perhaps she wasn’t wearing it just slipped it into a pocket or purse. Either way she violated the terms of her probation and does deserve jail time. No she doesn’t need a break…she has had enough breaks in her short lifetime. Let her deal with the real world for a change.

  • kentex1146

    If she ends up in the slammer, I’m thinking that her cocaine and meth dealer is going to miss some car payments.

  • David Kramer

    WOW, the poor little Hollyweirdo is caught AGAIN.
    Hmmm, wonder if we live in a society of LAW or a society of men?
    Throw away the key!

  • LawsAreForTheRestOfUs

    Throw the book at her! Oh wait, the laws of our land only apply to us–the peasants.

  • Eric in CM

    Well, it looks like women’s prison movies are going to be the rage!

  • Ricky Clayton

    I like her and she’s a good actress. She was given that neckless and now people think she stole it. Thats wrong. Its some kind of set up by all the haters.

    • http://jstevelarson.wordpress.com larsonjs

      Yeah right. Please put a smiley face or something to let us know that you’re not serious. Lindsay has been given so many chances, and she keeps falling down. I don’t hate her. I pity her. This is the saddest case of self-destructive behavior I’ve seen in a while (since Brittany).

    • JM in San Diego CA

      She doesn’t need you to defend her. Besides, even if she goes to jail, you can still take pictures of her into the bathroom, you little wanker.

    • HankR

      Horrible actress. Stole the necklace. That is what is wrong. No set up. No one hates her. They just recognize her actions as criminal behavior.

  • daslammer

    No OJ got away with it because he is black and lohan is a rich little beatch. He’s in prison where he always belonged and she is going to jail where she will learn that being a little c….t will get you beat to hell. Both deserve all and anything they get.

  • Milagros

    Wow. O.J. got off for mass murder in L.A. Lindsay should surely get 3 months probation and a chauferred ride to her probation officer for her deeply traumatic punishment. I wonder who ,ight cater the event.

    • Gerry from McCleary

      OJ. Funny, that. The truth is he didn’t kill anyone. His adult son killed those two people. He called OJ and OJ showed up on the scene to help him. Look it up.

      • Kosla

        I looked it up, and you are totally correct. I’m surprised I never knew that when it is such common knowledge. Thanks for the heads up, bra!

  • Charlie Kester

    She is an addict. Addiction is a progressive disease that effects the central nervous system- the thing that tells us how to think, feel and act. She needs to be presented with the consequences of her behavior, i.e. jail, and then long term rehab. People much sicker than her have gone on to live productive, happy lives while adding to society after getting sober.

    • Daisy


  • Distillerman

    We will see what kind of cahoneys the judge has when she appears before him tomorrow. Put this little spoiled brat in jail where she will learn that her “celebrity” is not all it is cracked up to be.

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