VAN NUYS (CBS) — A Van Nuys man was reportedly mauled Monday evening by his two pit bulls.

According to officials, one of the dogs has been apprehended but another is still at large.

Police report that a patrol car spotted one of the pits and after an officer opened his back door, the dog jumped into the back seat effectively allowing for its own capture.

The extent of the man’s injuries was not known but he refused medical treatment at the scene.

He reportedly had a hand wound.

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Comments (19)
  1. Moe says:

    I’ve had pitbulls and American Staffordshire Terriers all my life and they are the most gentle and loving dogs. Not once have one of my dogs growl or bite me or even look at me in a menacing way. These dogs must’ve been provoked. Unfortunately for the dogs, who were in my opinion abused, will suffer a sad fate. What a terrible life, to be owned by someone who doesn’t know how to raise dogs, were probablly mistreated, and then, sadly, to be euthanized when they lashed back against the abuse. So sad for the doggies.

  2. mister s says:

    The dog jumped right in when the cop opened the door for him… yeah sounds vicious. something the dog owner is not telling us here. Question is, what did he do that the dogs felt threatened enough to attack their owner. Pits are sweet dogs, I hate seeing this undeserved negative press.

  3. mister s says:

    one more thing… to this news stations credit, at least they aren’t using a vicious snarling dog for the stock photo this time.

  4. Brad says:

    Hannibal Lector had a sweet side, too. The Pit Bull is a vicious breed. It is prone to attack for no apparent reason, even when they are well-treated in a humane family surrounding. DANGEROUS DOGS! Some of you people are in denial.

    1. krg says:

      No. You are misinformed. Just curious how much time you’ve actually spent with pit bulls. I have 15 years in with them.

    2. annkay says:

      i have 8 pit bulls and 2 shepherds. NEVER have i had any problem! You can walk in my yard and they would not do a thing to you, unless of course it is at night…These dogs are 1 yr to 10 yrs. Brad, you know nothing!! ANY DOG CAN ATTACK. THERE ARE NO BAD DRUGS, JUST BAD DOG OWNERS!!

      1. annkay says:


  5. Coraima says:

    Pitbulls are the nicest looking and most loving dogs ever. owned a few my self.

  6. Mel says:

    I guess most people are dumber than Rocks. To think Pit Bulls are sweet gentle Dogs is not Denial, it’s total delusion.
    If they are so gentle why are we always hearing that they have mauled someone, even little babies. Maybe the babies were viscous and provoked the Dogs

    1. krg says:

      Actually children often get bitten because ADULTS leave them unsupervised. One of the biggest “challenges” to a canine (any breed) is staring them in the eye. Children are often at eye level with a dog. Dogs will react.

      The reason you hear about them more than others is because a large dog will actually do major damage just because of their size. When a chihuahua attacks, they don’t usually cause harm so people think the “little tough dog” is cute.

      If intent were the crime I guarantee more of those little damn dogs would be classified as “vicious” than pitbulls.

      This article says he had a “hand injury” but declined medical treatment. Which means he wasn’t hurt very badly. Which means he wasn’t “mauled”. Which means the press has AGAIN made it out to be more than it was.

      1. annkay says:

        you are so right krg!! chihuahuas are vicious little yappers!!! I have had them!

      2. JA says:

        I have an American bulldog which is in the same category as pitbulls. I also have a 3 year old son. My son can do anything to this dog and he won’t even pick his head up and look at my son. We taught the dog from a young age what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. When my son is jumping on him we feel confident that the dog will not move and is quiet while we reprimand my son to not treat the dog that way. More often than not, parents are not supervising their children and stopping behavior that is not appropriate as well as not teaching their dogs appropriate behavior. My dog is triple the weight of my son but we also know that we have been raising the dog correctly to not respond to adult or child.

  7. L.A. Voter says:

    Why does the headline say the man was “mauled” and the story says he “had a [single] hand wound”? Does this “reporter” own a dictionary? Is there an editor who is going to discipline this reporter for lying?

    This is a pretty transparently blatant attempt to gain website hits by exploiting and lying about an already fatally maligned breed.

    Also, I would like to know if the people who insist on tarring all pit bulls for the isolated actions of some (but not, apparently, the dogs in this story) have actually ever even met a pit bull? I volunteer at a local no-kill shelter and know quite a few and they’re very nice, friendly dogs. In fact I was recently walking one when WE were attacked by two unleashed dogs let out of their house by their owner. The most aggressive dog of the three? A Boston Terrier. But what I was afraid of was that the much larger pit bull I was walking might feel the need to defend himself and then who would get the blame? The unleashed, off-their-property, aggressive Boston and his shepherd mix companion? No, the one who would have been blamed was the perfectly well-behaved, non-aggressive, LEASHED pit bull.

    Get to know a breed before you judge it. That’s how you’ll find out that everything you think you know about an entire breed is wrong.

    1. JA says:

      Very true. If you read any books or articles about dog breeds and how to train them, they all state that breeds such as pitbulls and American Bulldogs will not be the ones to initiate an attack. They only attack when they are feeling threatened and these dogs are more likely to attack when they are threatened by dogs than humans. I have a bulldog that people are intimidated by, whom we keep on a leash anytime he is out of the house, but these people feel it’s acceptable to let their dogs run around free and torment my dog who is acting appropriately.

  8. John says:

    Read the section “Canine Homicides: July 2006 to Present”, then make your own decision. I just read it last night as we’re planning to get a dog, and have kids. Pit Bull’s look like death machines, not adorable harmless pets:

  9. Dan says:

    Get a Golden Retriever, never a problem with these dogs.

  10. annkay says:

    ha ha….idjut PL

  11. Pat Robertson says:

    I like to watch little girls go pee.

    1. mister s says:

      Dont lie. We all know you love the little boys Pat.

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