Rooster Kills Man Attending Cockfight

DELANO (AP) — A California man attending a cockfight has died after being stabbed in the leg by a bird that had a knife attached to its own limb.

The Kern County coroner says 35-year-old Jose Luis Ochoa was declared dead at a hospital about two hours after he suffered the injury in neighboring Tulare County on Jan. 30.

An autopsy concluded Ochoa died of an accidental “sharp force injury” to his right calf.

Sheriff’s spokesman Ray Pruitt says it’s unclear if a delay in seeking medical attention contributed to Ochoa’s death. Tulare officials are investigating, and no arrests were made at the cockfight.

Cockfighting is a sport, illegal in the United States, in which specially bred roosters are put into a ring and encouraged to fight until one is incapacitated or killed.

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  • Justice

    Wow how to go Mr. Rooster.

    • McHoofty

      We have so much to learn from these other cultures…

    • Anon

      I hope the rooster was OK.

      • Jeff M

        Stupid is as stupid dies

      • Testicus

        well said!

      • maurice wynne

        Next,the rooster will be fighting”LITTLE JERRY SEINFELD” for the World Championship! Place your bets! As for the dead Mexican,somewhere in Hell,I’m sure that Satan has him being clawed to death over and over,again! Good riddence! 13 million,9 hundred and 99 thousand,9 hundred and 99 Illegal law breakers to go!

      • Oberon123


      • J Langley

        Reply to maurice wynne’s comment:
        No, no, no, no, no. You don’t have a clue if he was Mexican or Puerto Rican. The article doesn’t mention whether he was legal or illegal. Please don’t embarrass thinking people that want to enforce immigration laws with racist comments.

      • Larz Blackman

        Maurice Wynne, you need to realize that your hurt the cause of law enforcement when you open your hateful mouth.

      • Yvette Hammett


    • lotsoflaughs

      Here is a blog with some funny posts. It’s kid friendly too but very funny.

      • bigV

        @frisksf what will you be saying when the work youre doing is going to be done by Mexicans getting paid $3 bucks an hour..

      • frisksf

        @J Langley too late. maurice wynne’s comment shows what’s really driving the anit-immigrant movement… good ole american racsim.

    • Deb

      He is currently hiding in a sanctuary city. I believe it is San Francisco. Way to go Mr rooster!

      • Another Guy

        If you killed my entire family and all my friends, and ate them, I might want to jab you one too…

    • Dr. Bombay

      “After I’m dead I’d rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one.”
      – Cato the Elder (234-149 BC, AKA Marcus Porcius Cato)

      • Alice in Chains

        “Here they come to snuff the rooster, aww yeah”

      • legalgirl

        Good one

      • patty t., alabama

        good one Alice, very good.

    • Mel


    • gary Simmons

      I have a question. Did Col. Sanders go to hell?

      • Ouroboris

        Nope. He’s frying chicken for God now.

      • Grand Funk

        You know he ain’t gonna die!

    • PC Police

      Only a matter of time until the rooster is charged with a ‘hate crime’.

      • hal


      • Little Jerry

        Clever, very Funny, and True.

    • erik miller

      too bad michael vicks dogs didnt get the same sweet revenge

      • Phyllis

        I could not agree more!

      • janet


    • Steven

      So, someone dies of a stab to the leg two hours after the occurance? Be it a rooster or not, it doesn’t work that way and this doesn’t make sense. It couldn’t have been death due to infection, because two hours is a short time for infection to reach the heart at such levels to stop the heart. Maybe an artery in the leg, but fixing a ruptured artery in the calf is much easier than repairing on in the neck, easier as far as repairing arteries goes. So I wonder, what really happened. Cause this story is a crock.

      • MegaCynic

        A good whack severing the femoral artery can cause death from a bleed-out of the artery in approximately seven minutes.

        The important question is, will the rooster be charged with manslaughter, accidental homicide, or first degree murder? And will the rooster hire his own attorney, or will he (roosters are all HEs) be provided with a public defender at Taxpayer expense?

      • Justice for Some

        His amigos preferred to watch him bleed out instead of getting him to the hospital and admitting what they were up to. Adios!

      • Sparrow

        Organ failure to to massive blood loss was most likely the cause. You can repair and artery, yes, but organ damage can be much harder to overcome.

      • MorganGray

        The other thing is sometimes penetrating wounds don’t show much in the way of an external bleed. The tissues close up behind the weapon when it is withdrawn, but you are still bleeding into your tissues. Externally, all you have is a nasty bruise and a seeping puncture.
        And, there is no mention if it was an arterial bleed. A vein bleeds out more steadily, without the spurting of an arterial injury.
        Plus, if you go into an ER with a knife wound, the docs are gonna ask how it happened. These guys were breaking the law and would probably rather see their friend croak than admit to the crime.
        The rooster should be rewarded with all the corn he can eat and all the hens he can … crow over.
        The false friends should be charged with manslaughter.

      • Deena

        Maybe his “friends” stood around and placed bets on how long it would take him to die!!!!!

    • janet

      one up for the rooster. don’t feel sorry for the idiots who put these poor birds through this everyday in america.

  • Kat

    I agree a befitting death for people cruel enough to participate in such a cruel event!

    • Sparrow

      Organ failure due to massive blood loss was most likely the cause. You can repair and artery, yes, but organ damage can be much harder to overcome.

    • Mary

      he got what he deserved. too many sick people in the world any way, and forcing animals to fight to the death for your amusement.. that’s a sick person

      • holier than thou

        I agree, Ultimate fighting is much more eloquent….

      • Tom

        Pretty sure it says the man “attended” and not “forced a rooster to fight.”

  • Maria

    I hope the poor Rooster was donated to a farm santuary….

    • Mary

      I would like to comment on Tom and the fact he has S,,T for brains…..If NO ONE attended, there would be no fights ,,,,,,,duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    • Rob

      After he does Good Morning America, an Oprah and of course an evaluation on Dr Phil, to make sure he is stable enough to be a part of society.

    • Melissa in NorCal

      Nope. They euthanize them.

  • Kevin in LA

    That’s Karma and I don’t feel a bit sad about it. bleep happens..

    • notlovinLA

      I’m with you, Kevin in LA. Mr. Ochoa got what he deserved and it wasn’t even newsworthy. I hope his soul is pecked incessantly while in hell! Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Carlos

      Why SHOULD you feel sad? It was just some Mexican….right?

      • Ouroboris

        No, he was just some guy profiting on the torture, mutilation, and death of animals in the name of “sport”.

      • Jose


      • Greg West

        No Jose, It was a person that fights dumb animals for enjoyment and profit.
        Pinche pindejo

      • American


      • apo

        Just some Mexican indulging in an illegal bloodsport, who got what he deserved. Yeah. If Michael Vick or some dumb white meth junkie had his throat ripped out by a pit bull he trained to kill or die for his entertainment, I’d cheer the dog, too. It’s not a race thing, it’s a torturing animals for fun is f’ed up thing.

        Nice try dodging the issue though.

      • Cristoff

        Don’t make this about race Carlos. Kevin is just a moron that values the life of chickens over that of a human. I’m sure Kevin only eats free range chickens that are terminated in the most humane way possible… being fed delicious poisoned grain while listening to Barbara Streisand. That or he’s a dirty hippie. Either way, save your race card for those that enter the country illegally.

      • Rick

        Thanks Carlos for putting a positive ‘spin’ on a horrific story.

      • Rob


      • Robin

        Most likely a border jumping Mexican, Carlos. That means he was a felon as well.

      • patacones

        Just another stewpit, degenerate mexsickun, yes. Good work Mr. Rooster!

      • Another Another Guy

        Christoff, This is one really big dirty hippie, and I don’t like your tone!!! Why do they always blame the dirty hippies?

      • Gregorio

        What do you mean race? The last time I looked I thought Mexican was a Nationality! Stupid Libs, your racism is showing. Final Score: Pollos 1, Mexicanos 0

      • frosty

        It does not matter if he was Mexican or not. The important issue is the brutal sport he died enjoying.

    • Katya in Florida

      Actually, Carlos, it was some sick, twisted savage beast who enjoys torturing innocent animals. And if you think this is a sport, you’re just as sick and twisted and savage as the dead guy. He got exactly what he deserved. I just wish he’d got it sooner.

      • Mary

        Well said Frosty,,,,,,,, Thats the whole!

    • Phil

      Michael Vick got jail time. Oh, that’s right, it was a dog. Totally different!

      • Think about it

        @Phil–Yeah, but this guy got the death penalty. Feel better?

    • Oberon123

      I’m totally with you, Kevin. It’s isn’t about race at all, as some bums here have claimed. It’s about animal abuse. the creep got what he deserved. I’d say the same about anybody who engaged in this barbarism, regardless of nationality.

      • Think about it

        Yeah, but this guy got the death penalty. Feel better?

      • Frosty

        Agree Agree Agree!

    • Connie

      I concur! This story put a smile on my face, which is probably pretty evil, but a smile nonetheless. ;)

  • Dman

    Lets get that rooster and his entire family to our southern boarder NOW

    • Carlos

      Hey Dman, it’s spelled BORDER. A boarder is someone that you have living with you.

      • Rob

        So the chicken is living with him till he can sneak across the Arizona border

      • Ornley Gumfudgen

        If ya consider th illegals that flood across our borders that are now livin with us while we pick up th tab ta sustain em, boarder may really be an appropriate word.

      • Charles Runyon

        Ornely, Great reply!!! LOL

      • Pudinhead

        Actually, It could be a boarder that came across the border…? Hypothetically…

      • Stiv

        Yes, like you and the twenty people you live with in a three room house Carlos.

  • Mark

    If that’s not justice I don’t know what is..

    • Melissa in NorCal

      I feel that way when the bull gores the matador. Yeah!!!!

  • notlovinLA


  • tastelikechiken

    hahhaahaahaa. will the d.a. press charges against the……..chicken?

    • Rob

      is this another chicken joke.

    • Ornley Gumfudgen

      Nope, ya got it all confused, Th Chinese press chickens an Islamic terrorists make charges that will explode th chicken. Th DA is probably just lookin fer a good chicken dinner. It’s always sad when a person dies but this is sorta poetic justice that brings a smile ta yer lips when ya hear it. May God forgive us all fer bein rather jubilant over th death of one of his children even if that child was livin in error.

  • the rooster

    i love it

  • tastelikechiken

    has a composit sketch been given on the suspected……feather face?
    that lil’ clucker may be headed for the border……

  • Kelley

    he was a human being, so i won’t say he deserved it, as no one does, not even an animal.. may this teach people to be kinder to all.. on the other hand, this is a sign of some sort, a few weeks ago a man was shot by a fox he had injured with the same weapon, now this.. STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!!

    • Mikey

      I disagree. If you as a “human being” get your sick thrills from watching 2 birds with blades on their legs peck and slice each other to death…or for that matter fight pit bulls or repeatedly stab a bull to death in a ring where it has no chance then you do deserve what you get, I don’t really think that we need “human beings” like that around.

      • Chuck Curry

        Every human civilization has had animal sport at one point or another. I agree it’s a throwback, but don’t be so high and mighty. If your only positive trait is a lack of negative traits, I’m not impressed. It’s easy to criticize a different culture, but what sort of culture values a rooster more than a man? Talk about callous.

      • Steve

        Chuck is right, I could say self righteous arrogant condescending people like Mikey shouldn’t be allowed to live; but then I would like Mikey

      • Tony

        I agree with Mikey. The rooster doesn’t have a choice. It is following it’s nature, which is being manipulated when it is locked into a small space with another rooster. It doesn’t seek fame or fortune or thrills. On the other hand, the people watching and participating in the sport have a choice. And their choice is to defile innocent creatures not for food, labor, or some other utility-deriving use, but to get their sick thrills from it.

      • Oberon123

        I agree with you, Mikey. Good riddance to human rubbish.

    • Charles U. Farley

      A LOT of “human beings” deserve a LOT more than they get.

    • tastelikechiken

      i will keep eating chicken, but i never arm 1 with a knife. thats askin’ for revenge. looool

  • AJ Morgan

    Spot on Rooster!

    • Carlos

      Don’t say “spot on”.

      • Rob

        but maybe he was a spotted rooster, ya never know

      • legalgirl

        people can say what they want Carlos. You sick freak

  • Mikey

    This is something that plagues the Latino community. I’m sure there were probably some low life non Latino’s there as well, but when they over this “machismo” thing that they have and realize that these birds have feeling and suffer while they get their eye pecked out or what ever happens then the world and their community will have taken one step forward into the 21st century. Stop that stuff now!

    • Carlos

      “Latino community…” It’s like saying…That Black community needs to stop with that dog fighting. Moron.

      • apo

        Well, they do. Moron.

      • justaminutetherefella

        I know some Puerto Ricans that fight dogs. It’s not only the blacks!

        How bout the eskimos? They bludgeon baby seals… Damned eskimos!!!

    • Rob

      Well this is one bird that didn’t suffer….
      he deserves an extra hen tonight

      • tastelikechiken

        just prior to the attack upon the victim, the rooster was quoted as saying(clucking)…….””BAKABAKABAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA””!!!!!!!!!!!!
        then came the vicious attack, and after which the rooster was quoted as saying (clucking), “dont u wish u had a hamburger instead of that chicken sandwitch.” :)

  • lisa

    Oops Karma!

  • AB

    How is the rooster doing?

  • Sandra

    Funny for too many reasons and sad for the same ones. Sometimes, you get what you aren’t looking for but you get it anyway.

    Learn or die!

    • Carlos

      Huh? You may need to try that one again.

      • nevatu

        Oh….I think onc is enough.

  • mike

    sorry people the rooster got justice by KFC will be at a plate tonight or at a combo please attend the service u can get part of the soul if u get one of the offer’s.please bring ur coupon lol jajajajaj

  • Eddie

    Three cheers for the rooster!!

  • Amy Jacobson

    Ha! ha! People that attend such a cruel event like this deserve to die…yes die. A picture of this rooster should be placed in the Getty Museum.

    • Steve

      Chickens should have their maimed carcases picked apart and eaten. they shouldn’t be fighting like that, thats mean.

      • Carlos

        I’m picking apart some yard-bird carcass as we…..mmmmm….speak.

    • Chuck Curry

      We should kill Don King then!

    • Cristoff

      Right. Just like ignorant feminists should be forced to live in Muslim countries. Fair trade in my opinion. One note of caution…..I wouldn’t go blaring your bootlegged Lilith fair cd over there. That is likely punishable by death….stoning most likely.

  • krg

    I want to know why if it was an illegal event noone was arrested. That’s why this sort of stuff continues to happen, nothing is done even when they get caught. And YAY for that rooster..I hope he gets to go somewhere nice and retire now.

    • Steve

      That rooster needs to retire to my frying pan.
      Meat is murder.
      Tasty murder.

      • Carlos

        Right on right on…


    Glad the rooster won.

  • Dave

    Good for the rooster.that guy deserved it

    • Steve

      That guy won’t be fighting any more chickens where he’s going….

  • Chris

    Well, the INS probably should have deported Jose the illegal alien a long time ago. Nonetheless, I suppose the rooster made it impossible for him to illegally re-enter the country, so score one for the USA!

    • Scotty

      I’m sorry, I missed it. Where in the piece did it say that Jose was an illegal alien?

      Oh, I see.Because of his Spanish name, he MUST have been an illegal.
      Typical ignorant, racist stereotyping.

      May the rooster live a long and enjoyable life.

      • Barbara

        The article need not say Jose was an illegal. If you read between the lines, it’s clear as day to anybody who has lived in this country. Who else would bring these filthy customs to the U.S.?

        P.S. – At least half of all Mexicans are illegal, even if you don’t count their illegal anchor babies.

      • Stan

        Si se puede!

  • Nuppy Chavez


  • Reality2011

    Small loss…….Hope the Rooster survived to take out more of these bozos…!

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