POMONA (CBS) — Authorities Sunday identified a woman who died Thursday after being shot in Pomona just over a month ago.

Lisa Maria Romero, 31, died Thursday at County-USC Medical Center.

The Pomona woman was shot about 11 p.m. on Jan. 4, in the 600 block of Illinois Street, according to police and a coroner’s spokesman.

Her killer remains at large.

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Comments (3)
  1. Ed Rooney says:

    That’s a same, I think I did her once.

  2. Tim says:

    This was deliberate act..
    At least Three suspects are involved..
    Two who fire the many Rounds into the victims home from the street and the driver of the get away vehicle… These Bangers may have wrecked their vehicle trying to flee the seen just a block away.. Guns were found in the vehicle that was left after the crash a block away ..
    Thats 3ea Murders on Illinois St. and Texas.. Not including the others who have been wounded or shot at…. All a stones throw from each…
    Same area on Huntington where another recent murder occurred just weeks ago..
    What the hell is the City officials waiting for????????
    Bring in the FBI,.. Start a real Neighborhood watch program with trained armed locals to help watch for crimes on our streets..

  3. Mustafa says:

    Sadly, it gets worse from there… CBS aglleedly has helped FOTF write the script. At the root is that the Tebow tale is pure fiction exploiting sentimentality by misrepresentation of fact. Abortion was illegal in the Phillipines at the time she was pregnant with Timmay and it was illegal for an OBGYN to advise any female patient about abortion let alone advise her to have one. She never made any “choice” at all. Purely gross propaganda playing on people’s sentimentality. The added insult is CBS’ apparent violation of it’s stated policy, and according to some, if they air the FOTF/Tebow agit-prop, a violation of FCC rules. Come Monday a.m. there’d better be as many complaints to the FCC about CBS’ propaganda action as are on the petition or our protest isn’t worth the electrons. Legal action and pressure MUST be applied against CBS or this is going to get far far worse.Planned Parenthood has a nice counter ad… which of course CBS would presumably decline to air (I don’t know if PP tried or not). No need for balance when the corporate person’s all one wing, right?I’ll be officiating football (soccer) games Sunday as I have zero interest in pointy-ball. I’ve avoided the misfortune of watching large males standing about for two hours interspersed with merely ten seconds of a violent set-piece. Complete waste of space time and energy for not much of a game, IMHO. I plan to spend my Sunday evening trying not to let my son plunder all my pirate ships in a few hands of “Loot.”

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