(CBS) — Filmmaker Peter Jay Brown stopped by KCAL9 with a preview of his new documentary “Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist,” which chronicles the Sea Shepherd (from the show Whale Wars). The film will debut on 2/02 at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

For more info, visit the film’s official website as well as the Santa Barbara Film Festival website.

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  1. Autumn Rain says:

    This picture needs no caption… just a call to action! Looking at it makes tears come to my eyes. Someday soon we will not be able to see let alone hold these precious creatures. People need to wake the hell up and stop killing the world!

  2. losangeleswalk says:

    Action People NOW! Stop your Material way of life and be more involved in your consumption in every day. Say no to Made in China and other, buy local !!! Avoid the plastic and wrapping! What you do in your supermarket kill people and animal and scenery on the other side of the earth and even home!

    BE MORE RESPECTFULL FOR YOU AND KIDS TOO, your health and home is important

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