LOS ANGELES (AP) — University of Southern California students are being urged to stay away from rave dance parties.

USC president C.L. Max Nikias says students shouldn’t attend raves, which are increasingly prevalent in Los Angeles, because of the dangers of the illegal drug Ecstasy, which is commonly used at raves.

Students say they think the president’s warnings are appropriate.

The Los Angeles Times says Nikias warned about raves in an e-mail sent to students on Wednesday.

The Together as One rave on New Year’s Eve at the Los Angeles Sports Arena near USC attracted 45,000 people. Seventeen people fell ill and were taken to hospitals and there were 12 felony arrests and 22 misdemeanor arrests.

At last summer’s Electric Daisy Carnival rave at the Coliseum, 15-year-old Sasha Rodriguez overdosed on Ecstasy and died.

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Comments (6)
  1. jet says:

    Geez wonder if these same idiots were around during the hippy haight ashbury days…

    1. Will Tulsa says:

      they were, but Ecstasy wasn’t. why are you getting upset because of a warning? Most kids will ignore it anyway.

  2. Roger Sanchez says:

    Ecstasy might not have been but acid was.

  3. BoredOfThesePeople says:

    Yeah, maybe they should also avoid playing sports and driving cars. Those things certainly kill a lot of kids every year.

    Are there still junkfood vending machines on campus? I’d bet diabetes and heart failure kill more kids in one month than every rave every combined.

  4. PrezOfWhat? says:

    Six people were murdered, and 20 others shot at a political rally recently. Should we outlaw political rallies?

  5. HerWeGoAgain says:

    10 people have died at Disneyland. 1 at a rave.

    Maybe this guy needs to spend his time on the job more effectively, and keep out of his students private lives.

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