TEMECULA (CBS) — The mother of a 9-year-old girl killed in a car accident in Temecula was behind bars Thursday on suspicion of DUI and vehicular homicide.

Karen Honeycutt, 41, of Temecula, was driving her Jeep Cherokee east on Vail Ranch Parkway just before 3 p.m. Wednesday when the vehicle hit the concrete median and smashed into a tree and concrete light pole, according to the sheriff’s department.

Her daughter, Chloe Honeycutt, was ejected and killed.

Honeycutt’s 17-year-old son was also ejected and suffered major injuries. Both children weren’t wearing seatbelts, according to the sheriff’s department.

Their 8-year-old brother had minor injuries.

Chloe and her brothers were taken to a hospital, where she was declared dead, according to the county coroner’s office.

Honeycutt could be charged with vehicular homicide, according to Riverside County sheriff’s Sgt. Mark Leggett.

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Comments (38)
  1. deen says:

    trailer trash ?

    1. Jess says:

      Thats what happens when you sit around the house all day and have nothing to do. It was not common for her to be drunk by 3pm. Many times she stopped by on Tuesday at 2 in the afternoon with a big glass of wine in her hand. If she would have been making dinner and cleaning that house every day this would not have happened. Thanks god it was just her family and not a bunch of students walking home from school 85 -90 mph she was going in a 45mph. I see it all the time by the high school I reported it to the cops and there are going to be two motorcycle cops everyday hiding on the side streets. Good luck speeders. It should have been her.

      1. MikebigBlack says:

        I agree, she was always up for good time. Especially when her hubby was at work.

    2. chris says:

      She is the one who has to live with fact she killed her own child due to ALCOHOL taking control. Im she is is hurting and now her and her whole families life just changed. It was just to late that culd of happened to any one wit a drug alcohol prob. Poeple need to lay off her.

      1. omg says:


      2. Christal says:

        You’re right. She is the one who has to live with it. Well her and the rest of her family. I’m sure the pain from that will be unexplainable. Bless her heart.

      3. chris says:

        How many of you have drivin drunk??

  2. duh says:

    The good Lord took one out of mercy. Let’s hope the state takes the others. RIP Chloe

  3. krg says:

    Wow. Just unbelievable. Those poor kids. Hope they prosecute this woman to the highest extent possible.

  4. r.s. says:

    It’s clear that no one else that commented knew this family. I do. Mrs. Honeycutt is a woman who cares about her children. I can recall times she danced with her kids happily in the living room, and invited her kids’ friends over for excellent southern cooked meals. If I ever knew anyone with southern hospitality, it is Mrs. Honeycutt. I don’t think that qualifies as being “trailer trash,” and I believe it’s disrespectful to the entire family, including the deceased, to throw that term around. She is not a drug addict, and she is not someone who neglected her family. I have never even seen her drink a beer.

    Keep your negative comments to yourselves out of respect for this family. Car accidents can happen to anybody. A mother doesn’t need to suffer any more after losing her only daughter. Rest in peace, Chloe.

    1. KMH says:

      Yes, car accidents can happen to anyone. That’s why they put seat belts in vehicles! At least 2 of the kids were not wearing. I can not imagine allowing my child to not be belted in.

      Also she was speeding (some say 80-100mph). Vail Ranch is 45mph speed limit! That is reckless to say the least.

      As for the DUI, that will have to be determined by the courts. Clearly the police had reason to suspect it was a factor.

      Regardless the reason, the mother acted totally irresponsibly and without thought for the children riding with her.

      My prayers goes out to Chloe, her brothers, and family.

    2. Fred Mertz says:

      Apparently you don’t know her, dude. She messed up big time and deserves to suffer. Live in denial all you want.

    3. mrs.Jones says:

      Please I know her and everyone knows she is a heavy drinker. Drunk on a wednesday at 3pm is common for her. Yes she loves to make food, drink and dance around after a few. But driving like that around the circle is out of control. Its a good thing she just killed one of her own. Live with it. She could have hit numerous kids at the playground over there then everyone would have been outraged. Throw the book at her. Stupid drunk killed her own daughter. May she rest in peace.

    4. Christal says:

      Really, you’ve never seen her have a drink? How well did you know her? She has drugs around her neck and her son Blake is headed in the same direction. Soooo sad. I pray they realize the wrong they’ve done to the WHOLE family instead pretend it was just an accident nobody saw coming.


      Soooo sad, you guys are all getting off topic. All this has to do with the morals and values you raise your children with and who LET THEM be around. Not your color or class. This is so sad..

      Blake the bothers oldest is headed in the mothers direction. So sad!

    5. Roberta says:

      Really, you’ve never seen her have a drink? How well did you know her? She has drugs around her neck and her son Blake is headed in the same direction. Soooo sad. I pray they realize the wrong they’ve done to the WHOLE family instead pretend it was just an accident nobody saw coming.


      Soooo sad, you guys are all getting off topic. All this has to do with the morals and values you raise your children with and who LET THEM be around. Not your color or class. This is so sad..

      Blake the bothers oldest is headed in the mothers direction.

    6. blinded says:

      you never seen her drink a beer cuz she drank everything else.
      you didnt really know her or you would have known she had a previous DUI conviction.
      talkin just so you can talk? posting just so you can post?
      do everyone a favor and shut up if you dont know what the hell youre talkin about. the woman was a party girl. just look at her myspace page.

    7. sickened by this says:

      This is for the comment left by: r.s.

      You may have known her and you may say she cared about her kids, but did she really? Driving drunk is caring for her kids? Having previous DUI’s, is caring for her kids? Really? Does that show you how she cared!?

      You better reevaluate your description of Mrs. Honeycutt. Maybe describing her like a irresponsible grown women who was blessed with having children yet didn’t appreciate the blessing of having those kids. She will have her daughter death to think about every day of her entire life and that reminder will be there every time she picks up another bottle of alcohol because you could rest assure that people like her DON’T CHANGE!!!

  5. r.s. says:

    Additionally, she was arrested under “suspicions” of a DUI (marijuana or alcohol); toxicology reports haven’t been released. She wasn’t given a breathilizer test. Clearly a case of profiling.

    1. duh says:

      Profiling? This wasn’t the call of one officer. This arrest and the release of public allegations of DUI are made after an entire TEAM of professionals have combed through the details. This includes Fire/Paramedics, initial responding officers, detectives, and the brass above all of them. DUI doesn’t necessarily mean alcohol. It could easily be some prescription meds or other things a sane person should not be operating a motor vehicle on.

      This underscores the fact that your poor decisions might harm your loved ones the most, but the fact is, it more often than not ends up destroying stranger’s lives. Both of these scenarios are tragic.

      I don’t care how good of a cook she is. How good of a hostess she is. How often she took her kids dancing, or to play soccer. I don’t care how many diapers she changed, or how many runny noses she wiped. She failed her child when it really count, and being a parent requires you to NEVER take your eye off the ball. With all due respect for you ‘knowing her and the family’, there are some things you can never know until they are revealed. All good deeds can be wiped away in an instant with one poor one.

    2. Fred Mertz says:

      Ummm, are you for real?

  6. D. Fox says:

    I agree with r.s. Folks shouldn’t be so quick to judge. The only thing that is known for certain at this time is that this is a tragic situation with no winners. I don’t know this family, but I do know forgiveness and heartbreak. It seems that this mother will most likely spend the rest of her life in extreme hearbreak and, if she was in fact driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, she will surely be in need of some forgiveness. My heart is breaking for this entire family.


  7. C.A. says:

    She should have thought of that before she put them in her car, drunk. I am a mother, and there is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do to protect my children. Her southern hospitality sure didn’t stop her from making a bad choice, one that cost her only daughters life. We are not disrespecting her or her family, we are only voicing our opinion. This is something that she will have to carry with her for the rest of her life. If she was drinking and driving and picking up her beloved children, and you have never seen her with even a beer. Well then you didn’t know her well.

    You say that a mother doesn’t need to suffer any more that she has after losing her her only daughter? Um, let us recap… SHE killed her, SHE should suffer, I hope that it keeps her up at night, I hope that it prevents her from loving herself, I hope that she is sad ever waking hour, and that she has to cry herself to sleep at night.

    A parent should never have to out live their child, let alone be the one one responsible for doing so.

  8. Or says:

    It’s a very sad situation. I missed the accident by ten minutes because I took my time to pick up middle school daughter . When I was directed not to go to the right on vail ranch I was in shock to see four lanes completely closed. I prayed at that moment but my inner feeling inside said it’s a bad thing when all lanes are closed. What I feared was that someone might have hit a child crossing the street. I live in the middle of this golf course area and yes speeding is a problem. It’s just so sad that a innocent life is gone. Tomorrow my child will wear green to honor Chloe at her school. My condolences go to the family of Chloe . May she rest in peace now.

  9. saddened says:

    So unbelievably sad!!! I can guarantee you there is no punishment on this earth that will compare with what she will have to live with for the rest of her life.

  10. Hector says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking! I cannot imagine being in that mothers position and having to live my life knowing that I was responsible for hurting my children. I know Chloe is in a better place now where no one else can hurt her. I hope she felt no pain.



  11. Ed Rooney says:

    Hey- all you dopey people supporting this woman. Read the follow up article which states she had no licnese due to a previous DUI.
    Trailer park trash all the way. Nice going lady.

    Hey r.s. guess you don’t know her well at all do ya? Never even saw her drink a berr huh? Yeah, you two are close aren’t you?

  12. Heather Gray says:

    Based on the evidence from the police report, together with the fact this woman had prior history of substance abuse issues, I feel it’s safe to assume this is another alcohol related incident for Ms. Honeycutt. Absolutely no excuse for the poor judgement she exhibited on this day by a) not insisting the children have a seatbelt on before moving the vehicle and b) becoming under the influence before driving. I hope she feels horrible, because this is real, it is horrendous and it is absolutely inexcusable!

  13. Ethel says:

    This isn’t a case of profiling, and to those “Keeping up with the Joneses” type neighbors, you don’t know her at all. I’m sad justice finally came at the expensive of Chloe’s life, but I refuse to believe any garbage. I’ve been the beaten fly on the wall for the past four years of this mother’s destruction against her children. I’m frankly glad this sorry excuse for a woman is finally put away. These children endured abuse, beatings, hard beatings enough for one of her sons to finally leave the family and move upstate. She’s an alcoholic, drug-addicted woman who just happened to be able to pass off the facade of an “apparently loving” mother to those of you stupid enough to fall into a drug-addict’s trap.

    Good riddance. It’s tragic, but I’m finally glad this horrendous woman is put away. God let Chloe rest in peace.

    1. l.d. says:

      Those are some serious charges. I hope you reprted it to CPS.

  14. ava says:

    i just heard the news about my best friend chole and found this online. i’ll miss her and am so sad she is gone….ava maxwell

  15. Lorna says:

    So sad to say that there are so many people who just should not be driving. Courts suspend driver’s licenses for a reason. More often then not, these are the individuals who continue to drive. If you were to sit in a DUI courtroom and witness the number of repeat offenders and the blood alcohol level, it will make you afraid to drive. I know it SURELY MADE ME AFRAID. May Chloe rest in peace. AND, the LORD OUR FATHER provide comfort to this family.

  16. L Brown says:

    I don’t know the family but I am definitely outraged by this. Parents are suppose to protect their children not throw them in harms way. An innocent life was taken as a result of this senseless act and people have the nerve to defend the mothers actions. UNBELIEVABLE. I do believe in forgiveness but one must admit their mistakes then they are able to ask for forgiveness. A small part of me feels sorry for her because once that buzz comes down and the reality of what she did settles in she will live in her own personal hell from the guilt. I lost a friend New Years Eve at the hands of a drunk driver and its stupid, senseless and most importantly PREVENTABLE. Rest in Peace Chloe and to the woman that stayed with her until help arrived….your actions are so commendable. I think you are a great person and may God be with you as well because that had to be a hard thing to witness.

  17. J says:

    Does anyone know the funeral arrangements for Chloe. I know she was very loved and a large amount of people who want to come pay their respects. Chloe was kind and full of love, loved her brothers, and always willing to help. This is very tragic.

  18. Ginger says:

    To Ethel above who said that the kids were abused before, so if you knew why didn’t you report to Child Protective Services?
    I think we should all backoff for a minute here. It is understandable that the mother of the victim should be condemned because she was driving recklessly and may be under the influence. Also, apparently not one of us here really knew the family from the inside. A person who is alcoholic have other issues that lead this person to become an alocholic. It could be a magnitude of factors, for instance, childhood abuse, parents or a parent was also an alcoholic, emotional or other psychological issues. It is also true that it takes a lot of support from friends and family to take that step to seek medical help to get well.
    The bottom line is that, I have seen so many drivers speeding in every street corner here in Temecula. Especially during the “drop off and pick up” rush hours. Some parents drop off their children in the middle of the street, others make illegal uturns, others enter an exit-only way, and above all, drivers beat the red light on that intersection of Vailranch and Redhawk in that Golf Course intersection. Please, let us be considerate and respect other drivers when we are on the road. Leave early so you would not put other drivers and their passengers in harm’s way. If you are late, let it be and call your work or school that you are late.
    Accidents do happen but are preventable. We need to be responsible and respectable drivers at all times.
    Peace everyone…

  19. kelly says:

    it was bad that she was speeding in the school zone,however, it has been confirmed that she was under the influence of ALCOHOL.
    forgiveness is a great thing to give someone who unintentionally did wrong things. however, this mom INTENTIONALLY DRANK ALCOHOL KNOWING THAT SHE HAS TO GO PICK HER KIDS UP AND DECIDED TO SPEED IN A ZONE FULL OF KIDS, so how can we forgive her? if she were to run over your loved ones or kids with those same reasons, would u forgive her? if so, god blessed your heart cus i would run over her in a heartbeat!

  20. Kelly says:

    I hope she gets max sentences and rots in jail! Killing her own daughter for drunk driving has no perdob. Have no mercy on her!!! I had 5 family members killed by a drunk driver speeding at 81mph in a 35 zone! With a alcohol level close to 3 times the legal limit!!!! He should of had no mercy and he still only got 15 years! Hope the law makes a right choice and puts her behind bars for life!

  21. pmh says:

    Alcoholism has nothing to do with love. You are ignorant to think she got in the car that day to hurt and kill her children you are ignorant to think if she loved her children she woulnt have driven drunk…. get educated all of you with your silly un-educated judgements you are the problem. It’s people like you who live in the problem instead of the solution who are the haters. too seriously believe that she is a bad woman. She is a very sick woman who needs help. God help any and all of you if you have a drug addict or alcoholic in your family or life. She will live with this the rest of her life jail or not she will never be the same and its not because she didnt love her daughter. She needs prayers not your hate. Pray for some compassion and understanding. Thank god you are not the people I have to turn to with any problems.

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